Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ace of Swords

 The Ace is most certainly a double-edged sword, leading us to clarity in thinking, while also having the power to sever us from emotion.  The purpose of the passage through the suit of Swords is to bring balance to the war between thought and emotion, intellect and intution (Atu VIII shows the figure balanced on the Ace of Swords).  In this seed card we experience the onrush of clear thinking; we're thinking in a new way or discovering new options. This mighty wind can be a breath of fresh air or a storm scattering mental detritus, but either way, our interior landscape is transformed.  In the Ace we have the unformed opportunity of Pure Thought.  Piercing the crown (chakra) we are connected to the Divine Mind and now we can access and internalize wisdom and truth.    The irony is that in order to get top marks for this class on the power of thought, we must exercise non-thought, or intellectual detachment and emotional neutrality, while maintining our focus so as to actualize the wisdom and clarity we attain. This card can signify an epiphany, the "aha!" or "Eureka!" moment which gives us an answer we have been searching for, on an issue we have been perrhaps overthinking. One thought, one solution, one connection . . . sometimes that is all that is needed.

from the original website:

Ace of Swords.
"The 'aha' moment of creative inspiration, when the idea/memory/solution you wanted rises from the subconscious to pierce consciousness."

"sunshine after the rain. hope. the dark clouds are lifting. better times ahead (1 week/month/year). achievement of goals after a time of trouble."

"Indeed my beloved entity, here I find the source of all thoughts that play upon my reality. In terms of creativity, I know that when I have thoughts that divde my reality in two (weapon), that the result is a reality that will soon birth a storm upon it. Indeed, when the source of the thought is that of will power at Kether, or what I call Higher self at the source first point in life, I know that  I will lead my reality into a brightness of light-bound thought in the element of love.  and there is a unity upon the used-to-be battle feild of the sword weapon, (thoughts).  'Man the sword' is the thought, my entity, that leads you out of the battle firld. and you are crowned consicous leader out of the will of "I am That I Am." And it is a raging cry of victory, because you are the source of the thought in your esence... And you are indeed the creator at Kether..the kether of wind,air, thought.you emerge victorious, you have led your reality as it is, out of the battle field of the suffering , into the open field of joy. and the crown around the sword? this is the crown of the source of the thought, it is You. And it is you that you must lead out of this battle of thoughts destructive into the thoughts of joy-creative-leadership..YOU are the source of the thoughts and what they create. And all create consciusly or unconsciously.. (I chose consciously 2 years ago. And have emerged from my battle field.. Into the unlimited field of creative thought..And I know I'm the source.. and it is why I am happy and have recived the crown around the sword. I know what thought is and i am the OUTRAGEOUS source and leader of it).  No longer a destructive weapon but a sword of creative power, called Thought.."
David Cambridge

"Mental Clarity, Sharp Intellect, Focused Will and Intent"
- Starr

"Ace of Swords Strikes me as the righteous Weapon drawn to the power of the light; Armed for the good fight...and all of eternity will feel its mighty blow as far as seven generations allow...
And it's a Good Thing, somehow....?!!
Moving ahead."

"the highest purity. kether. even more so than the other aces. it in some ways represents the great work completed with the rising sun probably meaning crowleys 'solarization of the consciousness' or goal of the current aeon. it is the first winds of manifestation, the first reaction to put form into the void. it could mean a first true and permanent basis for beliefs or thoughts of some particular thing in ones life, from which all other future thoughts and beliefs will be forever structured around."
samuel james theil

"A forced beginning. Such as job layoff or a seperation.
A new beginning Beond our control."

"Weapon of life. Having the rod of life in your hands , being able to move foward, with power and conviction. Knowing you can not lose as you have the magic sword."
Bernie Ryan

"This is the root power of air, a great force which can be used for good or for evil. The element of air governs the three air signs; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Gemini has a gift in integrating opposing elements, and for enabling things to co-exist in a harmonious way. Libra has a mind which is balanced, direct, and all encompassing. Aquarius is a zodiac which is adaptable, mutable, creatively inspired and involved.

All these powers can be called upon in creating the great mind-power in the Ace of Swords. It is a complete awareness and consciousness that can be drawn upon over the next week, month, or year (no.1). This power is a great aid to the cards, The Magus (I) and Fortune (X). If these cards come up in a reading, it can indicate a need to turn towards these powers in order to combat and end decisively any problematic areas of your life. Adversely, the Ace of Swords can show a severe mental block or obstacle in regards to the query -e.g. writers block. This card makes me want to exclaim, "Yeesss!!" or, "Eureka!!" -it is finally seeing the light of day about a situation. Getting a great idea. It shows an intellect which is original, -a writer, editor, inventor. The dark clouds of self doubt and confusion disperse as the transformative snake coils around the handle of Excalibur to wield and direct its will with clarity (like Libra). Incidentally, it is "Will" which is written in Ancient Greek along the length of the sword. The green colour of the Sword symbolizes the fresh, perception -absent of any preconceived ideas- that is required to access the knowledge of the Creator. The water upon which the sun rises reflects a deep, mediative stillness, and is a symbol of Aquarius. The Sun emanates an energy as pure as crystals and reminds me of the "Diamond Consciousness" of Eastern Philosophy. (One of the aspects of the XIX Sun card is that of the Gemini twins dancing in the green fields).

When these three components are working together (the three balls at the base of the sword?) we have opened the door to the Creator. This is represented by the sword piercing the crown at the top. This is a reference again to Eastern Mysticism and the Crown Chakra called, the "Thousand Petaled Lotus" (Sahasrara-Padma). This Chakra is the gateway to higher levels of perception which is perhaps linked medically with the Pituitary hormone gland in the middle of the head. Incidentally, the Hopi Indians of America also have a name for this center -the "kopavi" or "Open Door" which was also a means of communicating with a greater Source. (In their creation myth, this soft spot of the aura was open in man during the first world but hardened upon later evolution and now normally opens only when man is faced with his death)."

"With cards interpreting fertility/pregnancy this can indicate a c/section or minor complications."

"Aces are beginings, and swords are the mental realm. You are creating, conjuring, or starting something from will.
A highly magical card acording to Crowley, you are willing something into existence. Much caution is necessary here, for extreme suffering and challenging karma befalls the fool who plays with the fire of an unenlightened mind. Evidence of an enlightened mind will be found amongst cards that surround the Ace of Swords. A decision accompanied by this energy should not be made too quickly. Quiet the mind first, gather more facts, and work through any patience issues."
Robert S.

"Clear picture of question being asked.
Strong alignment.
Mental clarity.
Knowing what you want. Clear goals."

"Unavoidable truth. Truth that is bluntly spoken or is just hanging in the air...no way around it."