Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ace of Swords

 The Ace is most certainly a double-edged sword, leading us to clarity in thinking, while also having the power to sever us from emotion.  The purpose of the passage through the suit of Swords is to bring balance to the war between thought and emotion, intellect and intution (Atu VIII shows the figure balanced on the Ace of Swords).  In this seed card we experience the onrush of clear thinking; we're thinking in a new way or discovering new options. This mighty wind can be a breath of fresh air or a storm scattering mental detritus, but either way, our interior landscape is transformed.  In the Ace we have the unformed opportunity of Pure Thought.  Piercing the crown (chakra) we are connected to the Divine Mind and now we can access and internalize wisdom and truth.    The irony is that in order to get top marks for this class on the power of thought, we must exercise non-thought, or intellectual detachment and emotional neutrality, while maintining our focus so as to actualize the wisdom and clarity we attain. This card can signify an epiphany, the "aha!" or "Eureka!" moment which gives us an answer we have been searching for, on an issue we have been perrhaps overthinking. One thought, one solution, one connection . . . sometimes that is all that is needed.

from the original website:

Ace of Swords.
"The 'aha' moment of creative inspiration, when the idea/memory/solution you wanted rises from the subconscious to pierce consciousness."

"sunshine after the rain. hope. the dark clouds are lifting. better times ahead (1 week/month/year). achievement of goals after a time of trouble."

"Indeed my beloved entity, here I find the source of all thoughts that play upon my reality. In terms of creativity, I know that when I have thoughts that divde my reality in two (weapon), that the result is a reality that will soon birth a storm upon it. Indeed, when the source of the thought is that of will power at Kether, or what I call Higher self at the source first point in life, I know that  I will lead my reality into a brightness of light-bound thought in the element of love.  and there is a unity upon the used-to-be battle feild of the sword weapon, (thoughts).  'Man the sword' is the thought, my entity, that leads you out of the battle firld. and you are crowned consicous leader out of the will of "I am That I Am." And it is a raging cry of victory, because you are the source of the thought in your esence... And you are indeed the creator at Kether..the kether of wind,air, thought.you emerge victorious, you have led your reality as it is, out of the battle field of the suffering , into the open field of joy. and the crown around the sword? this is the crown of the source of the thought, it is You. And it is you that you must lead out of this battle of thoughts destructive into the thoughts of joy-creative-leadership..YOU are the source of the thoughts and what they create. And all create consciusly or unconsciously.. (I chose consciously 2 years ago. And have emerged from my battle field.. Into the unlimited field of creative thought..And I know I'm the source.. and it is why I am happy and have recived the crown around the sword. I know what thought is and i am the OUTRAGEOUS source and leader of it).  No longer a destructive weapon but a sword of creative power, called Thought.."
David Cambridge

"Mental Clarity, Sharp Intellect, Focused Will and Intent"
- Starr

"Ace of Swords Strikes me as the righteous Weapon drawn to the power of the light; Armed for the good fight...and all of eternity will feel its mighty blow as far as seven generations allow...
And it's a Good Thing, somehow....?!!
Moving ahead."

"the highest purity. kether. even more so than the other aces. it in some ways represents the great work completed with the rising sun probably meaning crowleys 'solarization of the consciousness' or goal of the current aeon. it is the first winds of manifestation, the first reaction to put form into the void. it could mean a first true and permanent basis for beliefs or thoughts of some particular thing in ones life, from which all other future thoughts and beliefs will be forever structured around."
samuel james theil

"A forced beginning. Such as job layoff or a seperation.
A new beginning Beond our control."

"Weapon of life. Having the rod of life in your hands , being able to move foward, with power and conviction. Knowing you can not lose as you have the magic sword."
Bernie Ryan

"This is the root power of air, a great force which can be used for good or for evil. The element of air governs the three air signs; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Gemini has a gift in integrating opposing elements, and for enabling things to co-exist in a harmonious way. Libra has a mind which is balanced, direct, and all encompassing. Aquarius is a zodiac which is adaptable, mutable, creatively inspired and involved.

All these powers can be called upon in creating the great mind-power in the Ace of Swords. It is a complete awareness and consciousness that can be drawn upon over the next week, month, or year (no.1). This power is a great aid to the cards, The Magus (I) and Fortune (X). If these cards come up in a reading, it can indicate a need to turn towards these powers in order to combat and end decisively any problematic areas of your life. Adversely, the Ace of Swords can show a severe mental block or obstacle in regards to the query -e.g. writers block. This card makes me want to exclaim, "Yeesss!!" or, "Eureka!!" -it is finally seeing the light of day about a situation. Getting a great idea. It shows an intellect which is original, -a writer, editor, inventor. The dark clouds of self doubt and confusion disperse as the transformative snake coils around the handle of Excalibur to wield and direct its will with clarity (like Libra). Incidentally, it is "Will" which is written in Ancient Greek along the length of the sword. The green colour of the Sword symbolizes the fresh, perception -absent of any preconceived ideas- that is required to access the knowledge of the Creator. The water upon which the sun rises reflects a deep, mediative stillness, and is a symbol of Aquarius. The Sun emanates an energy as pure as crystals and reminds me of the "Diamond Consciousness" of Eastern Philosophy. (One of the aspects of the XIX Sun card is that of the Gemini twins dancing in the green fields).

When these three components are working together (the three balls at the base of the sword?) we have opened the door to the Creator. This is represented by the sword piercing the crown at the top. This is a reference again to Eastern Mysticism and the Crown Chakra called, the "Thousand Petaled Lotus" (Sahasrara-Padma). This Chakra is the gateway to higher levels of perception which is perhaps linked medically with the Pituitary hormone gland in the middle of the head. Incidentally, the Hopi Indians of America also have a name for this center -the "kopavi" or "Open Door" which was also a means of communicating with a greater Source. (In their creation myth, this soft spot of the aura was open in man during the first world but hardened upon later evolution and now normally opens only when man is faced with his death)."

"With cards interpreting fertility/pregnancy this can indicate a c/section or minor complications."

"Aces are beginings, and swords are the mental realm. You are creating, conjuring, or starting something from will.
A highly magical card acording to Crowley, you are willing something into existence. Much caution is necessary here, for extreme suffering and challenging karma befalls the fool who plays with the fire of an unenlightened mind. Evidence of an enlightened mind will be found amongst cards that surround the Ace of Swords. A decision accompanied by this energy should not be made too quickly. Quiet the mind first, gather more facts, and work through any patience issues."
Robert S.

"Clear picture of question being asked.
Strong alignment.
Mental clarity.
Knowing what you want. Clear goals."

"Unavoidable truth. Truth that is bluntly spoken or is just hanging in the air...no way around it."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knight of Cups

Knight (aka King) of Cups

Here we have the open-hearted Divine Masculine energy, the new paradigm warrior.  This card represents an emotionally mature man, at ease with his heart energy, dedicated to healing and service.  He is peaceful and gentle in his exchanges with others, dedicated to the bringing his best self to hearth and home (Cancer's crab in the Holy Grail).  As Fire of Water, he has experienced the intensity of the range of human emotion, has taken his share of wounds, and has realized his own growth and healing is where he must center in order to be of service.  From this place of self-acceptance and self-love, he can give freely, without expectation, and prove the trustworthiness that is his innate character.  The shadow side of this energy is one who has stayed stuck in a wound, who continues to probe an experience obsessively and waits for others to do the work to heal him, or drowns his sorrows in drink (in his cups, so to speak).  However, even in the shadow energy, he has his wings, and they can take him through the emotional travail to the place of compassion, for both self and others, that he desires.

from the original website: 

Knight of Cups.
"The Knight Of Cups represents a powerful masculine figure who is romantic and sensitive, yet in charge and on top of things. He is subtle, polite and caring. He is full of chivalry and a complete gentleman where women are concerned. He is family orientated, friendly and social. He appears to be a knight in light armor. As a love interest his love seems timeless, as if you have loved forever. The Knight Of Cups works with nature and overlooks his vast land and throne.He is refined and usually delegates his dirty work to others. At times he can be hot and cold with his affections to the extreme. He portrays a childlike demeaner yet remains truly respected.He is a great story teller and overall a trusted lover,friend, or associate.The Knight of Cups is associated with the white rose which symbolizes purity and spiritual love. Also pansy flowers and palms.This card is connected to the lotus flower which symbolizes purity of heart."
rebeka soluri

"The peacock thru a show of vanity of tail display chooses to remain earthbound. The "Knight" (Fire of Water) uses his energy to rise above the mundane, and lift his chalice to a higher purpose. The Cancer Crab is elevated to spiritual pure love and nurturing. He moves quickly with purpose."
Stephen Tundi

"He is THE example of Unguarded. He knows that he is true to himself and others emotionally, and has the most open heart of any of the male court cards in the deck. He looks as though he is surfing in the picture, surfing the wave of life,(his horse is the surfboard.) He is not afraid of being seen, or of what others will say about him, because he knows himself through letting down his guard. He has found his True Self. He is honest and loyal. He is powerfully nurturing. He shows the true power in vulnerability."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Trustworthy platonic friend.
Healer. Sensative. Intuitive.
Moves forward when urged to.
Trust this person."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups.
This card embraces the energy of the Divine Femine, a counterpart to the both the High Priestess (Atu II) and the Empress (Atu III).  In her higher aspects, she embraces and exudes all of the emotional realm, and has found her place of contentment.  Like the Priestess, she remains behind the veil, allowing others to learn their own truths while, like the Empress, she is supportive and compassionate in that allowing.  She can seem mysterious, but this is more of her magic; by allowing others to contemplate her mysteries, she brings them to a higher understanding of their own emotional truths.  The shadow side of the Water Queen is a tendency to lean on illusion rather than being at ease in one's own truth, and in the lowest aspects, she hides in order to protect herself, using shadow games and emotional manipulation to conceal her true motives.  Her passivity can be a strength, if she is coming from strength, but from the weaker aspects, it becomes passive agressiveness, the game of pretending you feel one way in order to disguise that you really feel another.  She has truth to share, but first must acknowledge it within herself.

from the original website:

Queen of Cups.

"Most people see only what they want to see with this lady...she can be so empathhic, so passive....she is really just dreams & reflections & people get angry & dissapointed in her when she reveals herself to be an ordinary woman. Most people prefer her to remain a fantasy. This is not all the truth of the Queen of Cups, just one of them that seems prevalent to me at this time."
corrina elliott

"The Queen of Cups represents the watery part of water. She rules the 21st degree of Gemini to the 20th degree of Cancer. She is an image of extreme purity and beauty. Her throne is seated upon the still waters, making her very in touch with her feelings. She holds a shell-like Cup from which issues a crayfish (similar to The Moon in the Major Arcana), which represents fears coming to the surface of the concious mind, yet the stork is a symbol of emotional balance. She holds in her other hand a lotus blossom, symbol of purity. She is robed in an endless veil of light, which makes her image appear shrouded. The Queen is so radiant, you can hardly see her. Her reflection is as clear as her physical body. What is felt and experienced internally is also mirrored externally. "As within, so without". This card as a person would represent a fair haired and fair skinned caring and sensual woman. She is full of generosity and kindness. A mother type. She is also very sensitive and can seem to be in a world of her own at times. She may be a little hard to reach, because she is so drowned in her own emotions. She is a mysterious person who has healing ability and psychic powers. This card has links to the water sings of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Water is the most healing element, so this card can represent taking a good look at yourself (the reflection), and once you can see yourself clearly in life's mirror, you can change anything. This is the drowned world."
Andy Houghton

"Overwhelmingly sensitive.
Drowning in emotion.
Has trouble expressing herself.
Slow to speak. Psychic. Intuitive.
Needs to get emotions out. Should or does keep journal or diaries.
Could represent a woman in the backround.
Question another woman or meddling mom-in-law."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prince of Cups

 There is a lot of commentary below describing this card's shadow side, and I suspect many have fallen prey to the Water Prince's emotional scheming and manipulation.  Those aspects of the Scorpio energy depicted here are real and true, but not the totality of this person/card/energy.  This card's shadow also refers to the Neptune Path, the realm of emotional avoidance through drugs, dreams and denial.  Another aspect of that energy is the person who feels things so deeply that he cannot contain or control the effects of those intense emotions, and thus looks to suppress or numb them.  He also projects them, in his immaturity,  and often does not even see that, so focused is he on the Cup.  In the image, he skims the surface waters of life, with a great cloud of mist covering his tracks, suggesting that he may appear shallow or choose that appearance for personal concealment.  The light side of this card is an emotionally sensitive individual, who feels passionately and deeply the full spectrum of emotions, not the least of which are sexual.  He is a creative and inventive lover, one who is capable of bringing deep emotion to all encounters.  He is the creator and pursuer of dreams, a passionate and open expressor of heart's desires.  He is in tune with his own creativity, and while still self-absorbed emotionally, can ride through and beyond those feelings to give birth to his visions, swiftly skimming beyond perceived obstacles.  The energy of Air over Water, this card also indicates flying from continent to continent, taking that big silver bird across the ocean, usually on a journey geared toward the pursuit of happiness, or to passionately follow a dream.

from the original website: 

Prince of Cups.
"When this card is not representing a particular person, it stands for all the illusion that this prince is capable of or falls prey to. It can serve as a warning against falling into dreamlike, romantic illusions, or can serve to show that such illusions exist in the present situation, for better or worse. Knowing they're there is the first step to knowing whether they should remain. Just as this Prince is the young, unevolved form of the Knight, so too, the illusions in the situation can serve to increase our individual awareness, and lead to greater growth."
Annie Kane

"The Prince is garbed in an exoskeleton that represents the emotional barrier he places between himself and even his closest associates; he is further armoured with an eagle-mounted helm, which emphasises his intellectual and leadership characteristics. His attention is focused on his left hand where he holds a cup (the Graal), from which a coiled serpent issues. This is an allegory to his vast (pro)creative energies. The lotus flower in his right hand signifies the water sign and his sensual nature.

The Princes represented by this card are extremely complicated, contradictory persons possessed of an intense love of knowledge and power. They are ambitious and prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They form opinions very quickly (because of their keen insight) and change opinions very slowly (because of their great arrogance). They are loyal and honourable but only to their own ideas of what is right and wrong; they would give their lives for a friend but beware abusing that trust! In love, they are as in all other occupations: intense. These persons are frequently possessed of remarkable intuitive faculties, and are commonly drawn to a study of the occult.

In it's negative aspect the card signifies the corruption of these qualities. A person thus represented may be given to cruelty and abuse of those in their power; excessively jealous and vindictive."

"This prince can be ruled by his emotions. He may have some maturing to do, (depending on the spread.) He does indeed follow his passions to the extreme, somewhat like an teenager. However, his heart is full of inspiration and deep, deep feeling. He feels so deeply at times that his emotions overide everything else is his life! He can see through things though, like compliments that are only said for manipulitive purposes, as well as, bull-*#%& politics, and politicians. The mastery that this Prince stands for is: facing his desires, and knowing when it's time to let go of them."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Male that uses words/mental abilities that cloud the emotional issues. Deeply sensitive yet emotionally immature. Scared of revealing his vulnerabilities to some,as they may use/manipulate it against him. This stems from knowing he could manipulate others with their revealed vulnerabilities. Projects his shadow/emotionally undeveloped. Trust issues".

"This card has come forth for me as my personal card 5 times out of 5. I therefore use my personal interpretation of myself as the basis for the interpretation of the card. (Note: I found the other interpretations of this card interesting, in that they were very similar to derogatory comments aimed at me by my detractors.)
Prince of Cups:
High intellegence, arrogance and intuitional powers. Great personal power. Higher than average psychic abilities. Objective to a fault. Sensitive to critisism. Teacher, benefactor. Blunt, superior, cover puller. Critical of those closest to him. Great friend, terrible enemy. Superior rationalizer, creative in theorizing, masterful in denial. Accountable for his own nature, though unrepentant of same. Extremely self-aware, yet unable to change. Water person. Earthy. Old soul. Slides easily into darkness to know his enemy. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of his law. See other interpretations for the flip side of this coin".

"Be careful of this prince is right. This is a person whose thirst for knowledge is equaled only by his lust for power. Only after years of knowing this person will you know whether they are generally interested in your company or if you serve a purpose in some design of theirs. Be careful of mind games, since some of these will make you a guinea pig in their search for what makes people tick. Great friend--bad enemy, might seem to accomplish goals simply by raw power of their will. Don't ask them a question if you are insecure about the answer...they do not mince words."

"Man learning to take control of emotions.
Emotional transformation. Blames everyone.
Emotional button pusher.
Discoverer of his own blame. (Phoenix)
Takes responsibility of his life. (Eagle)
Sensual, loving, very intuitive. Reads aura's.
Can be possesive & vindictive.
Can be controlling and manipulative.
Be careful of this Prince."

Friday, April 15, 2011

Princess of Cups

This card represents a youthful, flowing emotional energy.  She has not yet attained the mastery of the Queen, and therefore needs assistance and balance to remain securely on her path.  While the energies surrounding her can be supportive (fish, swan, lotus, etc), she has her hands full and may be trying to do too much.  The tortoise in her cup represents longevity, and may symbolize past relationships, past lives or any other "baggage" she may be carrying, which she feels necessary, but she might balance better without it.  However the other energies around her can be liberating if she allows them to, finding her support in mutually dependent relationships, rather than co-dependent, needy parings. She is infused with all she needs to grow emotionally, the jewels on her dress represent gifts yet unclaimed.  As she grows into emotional calmness and a secure self-image, she will be able to express these gifts without fear they will not be well received.  The shadow side of this card is a sense of emotional manipulation, stemming from a lack of self-belief, from not understanding the nature of her good (and her goodness).  By releasing herself from the need to please others, she finds her own emotional fullness, balance and strength.

Note: see Andy's post below for a very comprehensive understanding of this card.  I don't know where he draws his inspiration from (i.e., the image references) but it rings true and it is point of view I've not seen before.  

from the original website: 

Princess of Cups
"A young one prone to deception (ill dignified)A young one willing to recieve and use good counsel (dignified)"

"This is a lovely card.I know that it has the association of snow, & indeed I've found that it often predicts a literal snowfall...but I also have the association of snowflakes, & how each is unique. For me, this card reminds us to celebtrate & love our own uniqueness, & draw it out. Another asssociation is tha ask the question, what, or perhaps who, was the the first thing I ever loved? This question is often extremly relevant at the time of the reading, & can point the querant in the right direction."
corrina elliott

"The Princess of Cups represents the earthy part of water. She is a dancing figure, robed in a flowing pink garment. This is a truly spititual card. Above her head is a swan with open wings. The symbolism of this swan is connected to the swan in oriental philosophy, which is a representation of the mystical mantra 'AUM', which is the sound of creation and the universe. She holds up a shell-like Cup, from which issues a tortoise. Again, this is the tortoise which in Hindu philosophy supports the elephant on whose back is the universe. The Princess is stood in the foaming sea, and behind her swims a dolphin, which symbolises the power of creation. She allows her lotus blossom to go free into the waves, a symbol of the trusting and open heart. Basically, this is a card of new beginings and letting go.
As a person, this princess would have fair to medium brown hair and pale eyes (blue/green). This could be a person of either sex, who is at peace within themselves. She is loving and spiritually aware. This person has strong artistic and creative talents. Crowley states that she is "All sweetness, all voluptuousness, gentleness and kindness".
As a situation, the Princess of Cups is telling you to become more spiritually aware. You may have psychic or healing gifts that need expression. This is a card of creation, and can signify the birth of a child, or perhaps just the birth of new talents and ideas. It is also a time to open up emotionally, and let love into your life. Past hurts can now heal. You may find yourself drawn to the sea in some way, perhaps through travel. The sea is a very healing element.
The Princess of Cups represents all the water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer). People born under these signs can help you open up emotionally, or these time frames could be of significance for the above interpertations."

"Gentle woman discovering self confidence.
Loving. Sensitive. Learning to put down boundries.
Compromise. Shell is open to the world.
Nieve-growing & learning. Young at heart."

"You dance the dance of the spiral. Your emotions are in harmony. Your spiritual awareness is the reason for the balance you feel. All around you is related. The creatures of the air, land, and water, whether plant or animal. Your realization of this helps you keep thing in perspective. Fire is represented by the gold emblems on the dancers robe. The folds of the robe envelope all which are related. You use your intelligence to maintain the balance of your emotional harmony."
Connie MacAlpin

Thursday, April 14, 2011

10 of Cups

10 of Cups - Satiety

 The name of this card is a word not used much these days, and I confess, I did not even know how to pronounce it when I first came to these cards. So I will start with the definition of SATIETY (suh-TY-eh-tee):  1 -  the quality or state of being fed or gratified to or beyond capacity : surfeit, fullness; 2 -  the revulsion or disgust caused by overindulgence or excess.

These definitions from Merriam-Webster online dictionary contain both the light and shadow aspects of this card.  In the ten, we reach the pinnacle of the emotional experience. Here we find joy in giving, in sharing, in experiencing, love for self, our family, our friends, the world.  In expressing that joy, we are full to overflowing and the Mars energy projects our feelings forward through the Piscesan emotional maturity.  Our cups really do runneth over with joy, so full we cannot contain it all.   Yet, there's that shadow side, and often in acheiving one stage of emotional satisfaction, we crave the experience of wanting more, more, more.  Or we feel we haven't had enough, that we have been shortchanged emotionally and so look outside ourselves and our source connection for something to fill us.  Then our experience becomes a gaping maw, consuming and subsuming everything to fill that emotional void. Then there's  the experience of having gotten it all, then resting on our laurels, so to speak, moving from the Mars energy's dynamic expression, to the Piscean indolence, and letting contentment turn to complacency. The ten is always the first step on the next level, so take this blessing and move upward and outward with it!

from the original website:

10 of Cups, Satiety.
"In spite of all good aspects of fullfillment I see this card as a final stage of our wishes. We have what we want, now it became boring. Because of the stagnation we want something new. The name of the card - "satiety" tells us that we have had it. It is enough."

"Sharing love and joy with spouse and children. Seeing the rainbow. Recognizing the glory. This is a card of having it all."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Togetherness. Happiness. Fullfillment."
Barbara Buchanan

"Love surrounds and fills you. The situation requires no grand display. Be sure in the love you are recieving and the love that fills you. When you are sure, the love will flow out from you to be seen by all."

"Mars in Pisces.
Filled. Full. Comfort zone.
So content you will not move forward.
Other side of card is obsession.
Opportunity to balance and focus.
Use obsession--don't let it use you.
Realization is remedy for this card."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

9 of Cups

 9 of Cups - Happiness

Ah, finally!  Here is the card of happiness in all forms, on all levels.  This magnificent card is the balanced, flowing expression of all that golden white light which pours forth happiness to all it connects with.  This card was known by the gypsies as the "Wish Card" (9 of hearts in regular playing cards) and it is the authentic expression of the heart's desire, and thus generates the fulfillment of that heart expression (wish).  Jupiter calls us to expand our hearts and Pisces calls us to express that universally and unconditionally.  Another way to look at this energy is through the lens of the Law of Attraction: that which is like unto itself is drawn.  As we express our happiness to the outer world, it can't help but reflect back to us more and more of the same.  Here is the hope we have been waiting for, and like Dorothy in Oz, we had it all along.  This is a manifesting card, bringing happiness on all levels. Enjoy it, bask in it, but above all, share it.

from the original website: 

9 of Cups, Happiness.
"Accursed harbinger of sensual delight with the power to blind the reckless lover. If a poetess sends you a poem, now lost, on each of these nine hearts, Beware!"
disappointed artist

"Being still, but aware of the movement of energy around and through the client. Giving out and overflow of the fullness of ones own power. Still implies that the client is still relying on externals and constructed thought pattern to bring about the much needed emotional response of happiness. the alignment of the constuct with the universal flow of things. Going with it. Manifestation into this incarnation from thought form and astral influences. Much giving in happiness. the joy of just doing it. Healing."
Markus Rowbotham

"Jupiter in Pisces.
Wishes come true.
Good, good things coming in 9 months.
Dreamer giving dreams."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8 of Cups

 8 of Cups, Indolence.

Here we have the dark before the dawn.  Not quite the "Dark night of the soul" of Atu XVIII - The  Moon, but more of the weariness of having been in a dark place for a long time and not seeing the sun breaking on the horizon. This is a card of emotional restriction, usually self-created, a fear of faith, if you will.  This energy is afraid to hope, afraid to feel.  The emotional stagnancy of depression is indicated here as well.  The indolence of not having hope or faith in anything beyond the current situation, and therefore not moving in any direction.  However, this card is the harbinger of hope, as the sun is starting to peek on the far horizon.  The cure for this state is knowing that "this too, will pass" . . . and that is always true, no matter whether what we are experiencing is something we judge as "good" or not.   By sailing on through the night, the new world of Happiness (9 Cups) awaits.

from the original website: 

"the card of the psychic vampire: a situation of emotional drain. the emotions are trapped in the lower cups/self and never make it to the Higher. also extreme denial of emotions."

"Sadness. Depression. Tears. Problems with fertility."

"From the labour of the sun."
Alan E O'Brien

"To me the eight of cups (hod in yetzirah for you qabalists) represents the time in life when it becomes a necessity to experiece an emotional death. I see the cups (which represent emotion) as being a linear journey from 1 to 10 and thus the eight represents the realization that the fantasies of the seven of cups were false... However this must suck, it also pays to remember that the eight also leads to the nine of cups, the TRUE realization of love and happiness..."
Luke Bradley

"Saturn in Pisces.
Dream restrictor.
Doing something to excess.
What are you doing to excess?
Being excessive to avoid something.
Card of the Alcholic/Drug Addict/Gambler/Overeater 8 of disks is remedy for this card."

Storm clouds are hovering. There is a storm in the distance. It looks like some of it passed fairly recently. Some of the emotions were guarded against the storm, while some were not. There are puddles of different size and depth on the pathway to contentment. Be careful. The emotions which were caught in the storm are spilling over and affecting other emotional aspects of life. The center of the emotion is well guarded but in the middle of the chaotic emotional roller coaster and therefore the emotional stability is precarious at best.
Connie MacAlpin (khasmyr@pacbell.net)

Monday, April 11, 2011

7 of Cups

This card shows an emotional swamp, a lethargic, stagnant emotional state.  The name, "Debauch" refers to hedonistic abandonment, excessive pleasure taken to extremes.  It also refers alchol and drugs used excessively for escape.  The Scorpio energies go deep into the bowels of our experience and while Venus appears to offer solace, she is a beguiling seductress here, leading us to an unproductive dream state, much like an opiate haze where nothing is clear, honest or real.  This card also reveals toxic emotions, patterns of self-avoidance, patterns of accepting or embracing toxic relationships, patterns of escaping the pain of those things through whatever means "feels good".  It represents, as noted below, the turning inward of the experience of the 6 of Cups, pleasure hoarded rather than shared.  In the Sample Reading posted in March, this card came up in reference to health issues, and as such refers to sluggishness of the fluid systems of the body.  It can be a call to purify diet, change habits, release addictions, (physical or emotional) which may subsume you like quicksand.  Don't stay stuck here!

from the original website: 

7 of Cups, Debauch.

"Often, this card will represent getting swallowed up in a swamp of emotions, either one's own or that of another(s). Of course, it is we ourselves who permit that to happen.
There is often a reminder in the Seven of Cups to remember to discern fantasy from reality so that we don't drown in the illusory muck."
James Wells

"This card represents (in my opinion) the overdoing of Pleasure (the previous card) Enjoyment in too many things makes you lose sight of your moral standards. It's just like partying: It's great till you have too much of it. Thus, too much pleasure brings corruption and debauchery."

"This card seems to be thematic of our particular stage of social evolution as Americans. Could be renamed "American Excess". Is a very postitive card for us, sort of a prelude to the black earth phase. Delicious debauchery indeed!"
Rian Fike

"This is the card of addiction. The 7 of Cups speaks to the hollowness of self from which we flee. It reminds us that denial increases denial. This is the dead end road, the empty cup, stagnation, deprivation and ultimate loss. This card represents the "lead role in a cage," the attempt to find fulfillment in something which is essentially narrow and restricted. This card signifies lies and betrayal as an attempt to thwart one's deepest convictions. It is a fear card, not a rage card. It is reversal and stuckness, truly one of the ugliest cards in the Thoth deck."

"Venus in Scorpio.
Emotional attachment to something that cannot be.
Sorrow. Pity for oneself.
Lack of emotional fulfillment.
Time element divisable by 7."

Friday, April 8, 2011

6 of Cups

 6 of Cups, Pleasure.

Ah, the sweet bliss of ecstasy; pleasure in all forms.  This card is an appreciation of all that is good in life.  No matter how stormy the sea behind it, finding pleasurable things and appreciating them is the key to keeping those cups of happiness full.  The shadow side of this card is using pleasure as a means of escape, but in the act of celebrating life and all its pleasures, we get a taste of "heaven on earth". From that place of emotional appreciation, we become creators of all that is pleasuarable.  This is the card connected to sexual pleasures, the Sun (giver of life) in Scorpio (the sign of death, regeneration and rebirth) encourages us to engage in all acts of love, to ourselves, to another, in the physical expression of emotional bliss.  Feelings and emotions are in the driver's seat here, follow them to your bliss.

from the original website: 

'"Releasing childhood patterns or memories which tie you down. Appriciating. Joyous for no reason. Children."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Emotional instinct sets ground to the feeling drawn to look back...lost in pictures of memories perhaps may be better if consciously were better unthought of. The pomegranet is a strange fruit. Delicious but messy and I could never get those stains out."

"6=the number of man 31 = nuit which is the outer part of the circle in the center is nuit the key to hadat is love. the beginning of the desercration of anilation has begun, only love can release the father from the sea of darkness , the time has come for love and joy to again rule the universe. as it did before our father was betrayed. it the beginning there was pease and love all creatures enjoyed the freedoms of the gods then it came to pass that Jellousy entered the house of thoth and cast our lord from his rightful place in heaven , they were all placed into the Black whole of darkness which there is no escape, enen in darkness our lord ruled and Jahova which was inlove with the God of Light couldn't stand to be placed second for our father loved us with all his heart and all his soul and all his might. so he cursed each one of us placeing restrictions, causing desease famon and floods, claming to be God, and even tryed to destroy man by flood, but the key to the pits of hell is Love. " to Love me is better than all things", and any one that is not of the body , may they die a slow and painfull death, they shall be the slaves do with them as you will. I see the destruction of the christian church by love, take unto you that of the christian faith and have them say unto you they love you heart body and soul when they do this there soul now belongs to you . destroy, destroy, the family structure take there husbands and there wives unto you take them of there own will. for a husband or wife is good but a man of the cloth I say is better. have them fallin love enough to give up all things for you. then leave them with no hope. but do this in love for the Beast.
The rages of sin is restriction "the only sin is to restrict ones will, the key is nu and the lock is love, pleasure, sex, drugs do all but do it for him that is to come"
Moon Willow

"This card represents emotional centeredness, the place from which one can radiate passion and intensity out into the world. It is the card of tantric sexuality, and represents an unfolding that is challenging but oh so richly rewarding in spite of sexual guilt. As a crossing card or reversed, this card can represent a judgement upon ones sexual inclinations, a need to come out of the closet and to transform our frustration into passionate self expression, a need to do what we want, to live with desire."

"Sun in Scorpio.
Successful handling of emotions.
Wedding event.
Deeper love of self.
Transformation card. Friends can become lovers or lovers can become friends.
More emotional pleasure in your life.
Successful choices in love."

"These beautiful cups with it's flowing water represent the pleasure it is being emotional connected to others. Enjoy and appreciate this pleasure!
The card also holds a warning: Don't forget to share your pleasure with others involved. Right now the water is fresh and the well is full, but if you don't give back the well will dry out and the water in the cups will be rotten."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 of Cups

5 of Cups, Disappointment

We have allowed the well run to dry.  Our expectations for love weren't met, and it's turned our hearts downard, made our cups fragile, breakable.  The energy of Mars is the energy of the ego, of fighting, of aggression, of selfishness.  In Scorpio, this energy comes to the surface, as "what about ME?  What about MY feelings? What did I do to deserve this?" All of our underlying fears about love are brought to the surface, including our partner mirroring the parts of ourselves we find unloveable.  The elements of victim consciousness come to the fore here, also having been victimized. Of course we have expectations of our lovers and love relationships, to treat us kindly, to put us in a place of importance, to value and respect us.  But here we see the outcome of having not learned the lessons of the 4, where Love must flow through ourselves first before we have what we need to share with others. Likewise in order to receive love from another, we must first carve that space in our hearts by loving ourselves.

from the original website:

5 of Cups. Disappointment.
"You can't always get what you want.
You can't always get what you want.
You can't always get what you want.
But if try sometimes, you'll find
You get what you need!
(with credit to Jagger/Richards!)"
Gary Oppenhuis

"This is NOT the card to be insensitive about with querent. If they seem lighthearted about it, then we can be, but usually this card is a deep sorrow, not one that can just be brushed off. Often, the sorrow needs to be felt in order for querent to move beyond it. We must be careful to be in tune with the pain that surrounds this card."
Lisa Lovejoy

"The sadness associated with with "loss of pleasure." The material universe (represented by the pentagram) surmounting the aspiration of the soul, represented by the 5th point or apex of the pentagram which, in this case, is pointing downward. The astrological correspondence of the card gives the reader mental associations of intense energy and combustability (Mars) applied to a fixed quality of water (Scorpio). In mundane interpretations, the question could be related to excess energy or force toward a particular emotional want or perceived need. It is time to let go of material attachments or 'fixations' (Scorpio) and go with the flow of life more (nature of water)."

"Agony is born of desire, that's what you get for wanting"
Troy Salazar

"Mars in Scorpio.
Disappointment because expectations were not met.
Putting attention on empty instead of full.
Not getting what or all you expected.
If your attention is moved to the positive, then disappointment will be overcome.
No pain without attachment."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 of Cups

4 of Cups, Luxury

Here we have the luxury of emotional self-containment. The source flows equally into each set of cups, and downward to the rest. The sign of Cancer resonates to heart and home, and this card is an image of family, the fully-connected parents feeding the emotional centers of the children.  The Moon's intution shows us that we are responsible for our own happiness, and inwardly we know our own connection to the source is what gives us the emotional wherewithal to share with others.  Intuitively we know this, yet we in our humanness often wallow in the luxury of the false belief that happiness and fulfillment can come from another.  This card prompts questions about your own emotional connection, independent of those around you.  Are you giving enough to yourself?

from the original website: 

4 of Cups, Luxury.
"The sky is blackened and sea is ruffled. You are being given something but you don't see it or don't care to see it. Emotions are muddied.
Taken altogether, material discontent due to your ignornace or muddied emotional state."

"The emotions are in a very boring place.
There is not pasion.
A relationship based in a formal statement.
Where is the truth of your feelings?."
Frater Olam

"I find myself becomming too attached to a man who is still married, they live apart because of the problems they have. Then i read my own interpretation of this card hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."
joani parker

"What is being offered to you that you are not seeing?
Have you given up on finding comfort?
Do you feel you deserve comfort?
Could you let go of feeling sorry for yourself?
Can you find the luxury that already surrounds you internally and externally?
Are you ignoring your own needs?
Are you denying yourself your own space?
Are you taking time for just yourself?"
Lisa Lovejoy

"Wanting pleasure at any cost, love, seen only as physical gratification. Superficial emotional life, no reality, the pleasure proves to be fleeting and causes, eventually more loss of one's moral fiber. Unable to value the true, the external matters most. You need to strive for something of real substance."
Joani Parker

"Moon in Cancer.
Taking control of your life by having freedom.
Giving your partner the emotional luxury of freedom of self expression. Saying what one needs to say without fear.
People who are whole unto themselves.
Could involve family or property."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 of Cups

 3 of Cups, Abundance.

Here we have an evolution of the energy of the two, enhanced by their connection to Spirit.  The energy of the Ace flows down into the two, giving them such abundant joy that it must go forth into the world.  This card speaks to communion with and communication with Source, and expressing that connection with the beloved, and with loved ones all around.  This is a drawing down of love for its expression in all good things, overflowing in good measure.  It is a reminder to keep the connection to Spirit paramount in relationships, to express the highest love one is capable. The triangle is the most stable geometric form, and the trinity is expressed here as well.  By communicating (Mercury) the fullest expression of love to those around you (Cancer) all manner of abundance is attracted to you.  The manifestation of material abundance starts in the emotional center.  You must feel it to believe it, believe it to see it.

from the original website: 

"3 cups made of vibrant and succulent fruit. Each cup overflows with nectar which returns to the source. Each cup is a part of that which feeds and supports it. One whole eternally viable cycle, self-sustaining if you only take what is offered. You reap the harvest of that which you sow. Note: Strength of 4 to support, Strength of 4 to feed, Yet you are rewarded by three. Do not take more than you are offered/rewarded or the balance of the cycle will cease to exist. To cut the stems upsets the balance, to drain the pool upsets the flow. Only plucking the cups from their place will allow the fruit to grow again. This card represents, (to me), the reward, the pleasure of the harvest. It is the time to sample the fruits of your labour, but care must be taken to see that it continues. The greedy, and careless could destroy any future yields."

"This is a wonderful card of a flowing and outpouring of emotion, acceptence and communication. Especially in domestic or family affairs.
If poorly placed or ill-dignified, may warn against reading too much into or becoming too involved in a situation or circumstances that have not fully matured."

"Mercury in Cancer.
Communication with people you love.
Communication that comes back to you in a nurturing way.
Talk you give to others and it comes back to you via letter or telephone."

"This is a very rare, valuable and highly spiritual kind of love.
The 3 cups can symbolize 3 people that are very special to you."

Monday, April 4, 2011

2 of Cups

2 of cups - Love

Ah, the love card, who's appearance in any reading brings a smile to the heart.  This is the love between two people, generally referencing a partner/relationship, but can apply to any bonded pair, including parent-child, siblings, friends.  This is a harmonious card, full of freely flowing emotion, represented by beautiful, clear water.  This card's influence is to keep those energies balanced and clear, to confirm the love of another, to indicate success in matters of the heart.  The caution is not to become so "other-absorbed," that one demands all their emotion for themselves, creating jealousy and envy, or at worst, obsession.  Two is the most difficult number in many ways, because a relationship between two is intense, no buffer, no barrier, nothing to add stability.  However, this is also the love that charges the heart, emboldens the spirit, and fills one with joy overflowing.  Let this sunny day of the heart shine forth to all around you.

from the original website:  

 2 of Cups, Love.

sallie cole

"Physical attraction, not necessarily serious relationship, (like Lovers card). Can be though. Cooperation, Agreement, Doing something out of love for the other person. Tied into someone. Falling in love. Renewing love. Appreciating the other. Being the other,being the love (tantra)."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Meeting the Inner" H61, Inner Truth, "I will share my wine (truth) with you." At some point you must move from the Subject Truths you possess to the Universal or Outer or Objective Truths. You have to come to terms with Human Nature in all its aspects. This is the path of Love (affection, benevolence, goodwill). When you can look and see what you look at, and each distinction is part of the whole, you have this truth."

"Venus in Cancer.
Emotional fulfillment with love of self.
Love of something.
Women & children. Public, property.
Love of expression. Self love."

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ace of Cups

Here is the seed of the energy of Divine Love.  Our cup runneth over with fullness from Source. As above, so below, and the mirrored image here shows the structure of the dynamic of Love flowing through our vessel into a reflecting pool of joy.  On the other side, we understand all the aspects of love, there is no confusion, no hesitation, just an outreaching web of connectedness that radiates Love from Source.  Here, on the earthly plane, it's a puddle, flowing, spilling, bubbling, and brings to us all those aspects of love in an uncontrolled, unrestrained manner.  While it's true that love can leave us vulnerable, activating wounds of separation and reinforcing that illusion, Love is a healing balm, whether through joy or tears.  The waters flowing unrestrained allow us to be purged of all our old hurts, to be filled to the brim and beyond with Love's fullness in all aspects.  YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE LOVE.

from the original website:

 Ace of Cups.
"The strands of conscience are spun and woven in symetrical clarifying web of insight reaching the depths of the sea to the hieghts above. Just as the vibration of the fluttering of a caught insect inside the spiders web so is the string direct between heart and universe. Bringing through this direct connection cool refreshing water and a clear reflection."

"This card represents the activation of the chakra that exsists above the crown chakra in one of the many energetic auric bodies. This chakra is the connection of that auric body to the universe in a personal manner. Many of the energetic chakras allow us to experience the impersonal power of the universe but this one embraces or cradles,(like the ocean is cradled in its bed) our essense to the greater oneness to empower us in a gentle carressing nurturing manner. The experience is subtile , like the water lapping on a shoreline, but far reaching, dynamic, and very powerful. A very personal experience of a nurturing pure love between the Greater Oneness and mankind. The begining of the establishment of the true self within an individual and the far reaching consequences on a universal level."
Markus Rowbotham

"This card, when drawn symbolizes the perfect day."
Amelia Mameenook

"The beginning of the water element and of emotions... especially of love and happy-giddy stuff."

"Pure force of Water. I invoked water at Allegany State Park last night at Red House Lake under a clear, moonless sky. It led to the meditation of my body as a continually changing center of waterpower, just as the lake is. The card shows the Grail as a solid vessel, but the base is continuous, i.e. its foundation is out of sight(unknowable).

If the experience of Life is One Organic Event, Water is the key to understanding how we partake of the existence of all things, since we, like all things, are whirlpools of existence."
Rich Gardner

"Receiving divine blessings in abundance, flowing from the source, _through_ the chalice. Be open to receive these blessings, and pass them to others. That unconditional love that comes to you should go out to others from you. What is above is reflected in what's below, so reflect what you've been given. This is the image of the Holy Grail."
Annie Kane

"The Trusting Heart. Allowing things to unfold naturally. My cup runeth over with love and emotions. You will be blessed with love and happiness within the year. Falling deeply in love. Pregnancy, fertile. Unconditional love."
Lisa Lovejoy

"The beginning of a new time of open-hearted connection, with others, and within the self. Blossoming of creative and emotional aspects of personality. Love will win out, and the querant will be open to the healing, nourishing influences of love. "Give peace a chance!" Fertility -- physical (and creative), emotional, and spiritual."

"Good positive energy.
Number one.
An ace.
terri lynn krul

"Clarity of heart.
No money worries.
Concerns emotional fulfillment."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sample Reading

I have been asked to do more with readings and layouts here, so for the first post of this kind, I am sharing a distance reading I did yesterday for someone I don't know personally.  I post this in part to define my reading style, in part to give a sense of what the tarot can offer.  I used the Celtic Cross layout, which is the one I use most, and will be writing more on that layout and the relationships of the positions at a later date.  The 1,600+ words of this reading were enough for one day.  

"Dear (name removed for privacy),

First off, let me say, that due to an unintended hiatus, I didn't get this done before Mercury went into storm, (and this is a storm, indeed, astro weather's raging, lol)  so, given the static in the lines when Mercury does his dance, please take this with a large grain of salt, because I"m not going to censor or soft pedal anything I got, in hopes that somewhere in here is some clarity for you.

As I centered for the reading, recalling you mentioned health,  I saw three cards in my mind, 5 wands, 10 swords, and 7 cups, and I cleared them, asking not to have any preconceived notions coming in to the reading but to give as clear and healing a message as I could.  I was most surprised to see two of them in the reading itself.  Another strange thing about this reading (which has never happened before) was as I was working with position 7 (inner) my right arm got extremely weak, it became difficult to hold my pen, and the pain seemed to radiate out from my shoulder.  When I returned to that card for a final message, the pain disappeared. 

I used the celtic cross spread, and since some people do their order differently, here's the list at the outset, with interpretation to follow:

1) Situation : XIII - Death
2) Covers or crosses: 8 Swords - Interference
3) Above: 5 Wands - Strife
4) Below: 7 Cups - Debauch
5) Behind: XI - The Hermit
6) Before: VIII - Adjustment
7) Inner - IV - The Emperor
8) Outer: Queen of Disks
9) Hopes and Fears: 8 Cups - Indolence
10) Outcome: 2 Disks - Change

The very first thought I had upon turning the first two cards (XIII – Death and the 8 of Swords), is "a possible exit point, two ways to go" also the aspects of that card as "inevitable transformation" but I wrote "transition" so I get the suggestion here that you may have scheduled a health crisis exit point in case you were ready, but you also have the chance to heal and transform instead of/because of/through it and that choice is up to you.  But that is certainly the most extreme sense in which to read this.  Whether manifest in the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, or the etheric body, there is a definite "transition" from an old, unfulfilling way of being, to a clearer, healthier one.  I get that this is the last "challenge" like this in your path (all things as they are now) so this clearing/change will definitely create a "rebirth" of sorts.  The Gemini aspect of the 8 of Swords prompted me to question where Gemini is in your chart, (which is odd, since I'm not an astrologer, but was told it would have meaning for you).  Also, let's not lose the twin aspect of Gemini here, and while you are looking at your own health, your partner factors in here as well. He mirrors your own "stuff" so he either "covers" or "crosses" you, but because the card embodies Jupiter in Gemini, either way, it's an opportunity.  Again, you get to choose how you experience it.

In above and below, we see the crux of the matter, an energy block stemming from resistance.  The energy of the 5 of Wands deals with a stubbornness about thinking things can only work one way, sort of a "my way is the only way" energy, which clogs the solar plexus with anger and resentment if our "reality" is thwarted, or with fear that we won't like another option, "what will I do without this . . . (thought pattern)? The message I got was "resistance to wellness" and when combined with the 7 of cups, speaks of an addiction to toxic emotions, residual patterns that persist, like a lingering cough long after we think we should have cleared this up.  (Also I should note that physical symptoms of the 5 of Wands in the above position could indicate tension, blockages, and so a caution about headaches, migraines, aneurisms and stroke is advised. Likewise with the 7 of Cups, the physical indications could be toxicity or infections in the blood stream, kidneys, liver, female organs.  The two combined could indicate kidney or gall bladder stones or blood clots.  I must note here that NONE of this came through in the reading, but rather upon awakening the next day, I was told to include this information in the interest of “full disclosure”  for the blog post, and to advise any who resonate to that information to seek medical assistance.)

The fact that this is a designated point in your blueprint came in the major arcana being spread across the positions 5,1,6 in the layout. Behind you IX - The Hermit, before you VIII - Adjustment, on either side of XIII - Death.  No going around this one, I'm afraid, only way out is through.  Atu IX - The Hermit spoke of unfinished business from the past, especially emotions/beliefs about wellness, deserving, past patterns resurfacing and unfinished business of closure on the past and coming to balance in the now.  That the VIII – Adjustment card comes before IX – The Hermit in the deck, but after it in the reading pointed out the retrograde(s) we are in.  The message I got was "Use the double retrograde (Mercury in Aries concurrent with Saturn in Libra) to clean up old business, shift emotional patterns and voices from the past, childhood.  How do you fill in "I AM ______" (this is also a caution to be sure you don't reinforce any health concerns by invoking the I AM in  statements such as "I am so tired", I am so sick of , ,  " etc.)  The energy of VIII – Adjustment here is to bring to balance the 8 energy (of the swords - and later of cups) thoughts and feelings, harmoniously balanced, without judgment on thens or nows or yet-to-bes,  The two 8s, one representing Jupiter energy and the other representing Saturn energy speak of the opposition happening right now between those two giants, and so for the next week or so, you will feel the pulls and see how they can balance each other  So this section of the layout says you are in a process of coming into perfect balance, but the ups and downs are a right nightmare, and so you resist the shift and react from old emotional patterns,  However you have the opportunity to choose how to balance these energies and clear this block/resistance once and for all, which will manifest as wellness on all levels.

The Inner postion’s IV - Emperor speaks to a rigidity of not wanting to act, of holding the rod too tightly. This energy refers back to the 5 of wands’ sense of resistance.  Also this is Aries, which, referencing the retrogrades, speaks to this particular season as being most beneficial for you to work on an inner level.  When I turned this card, and saw the dominant male energy (so contrary to what you're trying to accomplish in the VIII balance: The Emperor’s Aries/Adjustment’s Libra), I got the impression that there is some Father energy here, such as a pattern, physical or emotional, that you have inherited from the paternal side of your family, (and here is where my right arm went limp) so there might be some bursitis, arthritis or the like (in him, you, both?).  Also I got the energy of your husband here, in that he is the Divine Masculine in your life, and therefore serves as that mirror, reflecting patterns from males in your past (until you've cleared them).  Likewise, the energetic reflection of your pain appears in him, so any work you do on an inner level will protect and heal him as well.  After the reading when I went back to see if there was anything further, I got "resistance to treatment" in reference to this card, and then the pain stopped. The message I got was if there is a condition for which there is a medical remedy, particularly regarding pain, that taking it is well-advised, as easing pain will allow for the thoughts to shift where true healing can occur.

The Outer position’s Queen of Disks showed her shadow side to me, and spoke of repeating patterns of the past by looking back and seeing "the way it was is the way it will be' and not seeing the true abundance of NOW. Staying in the energies of "is that all there is?", the thoughts of  "that's the only way it can be" etc, (again resonating the 5 of Wands) keeps one from seeing wellness and wholeness in the present.  The image of this great horned woman reminds me that the horns serve as antennae and asks "to what are your antennae tuned?"  Another aspect of her shadow is fear of overreaching, of hoping for too much, knowing in the negative sense that "this, too, will pass" -  but likewise, this too, will pass.

Hopes and fears 8 of Cups echoes these fears, that this dark night will never end, but the image here shows a new dawn on the horizon and the reminder that each new day offers hope.  The energy of the 8 here is the deep emotions of Pisces bound by Saturn (who is also the ruler of the 5 of wands), and the Capricorn energy of the Queen of Disks.   Again, the sky’s current Saturn-Jupiter opposition holds out the opportunity for these energies to shift ( and as you know from Roman/Greek mythology, Jupiter wins). 

And here he does, huzzah for Jupiter!  The Outcome card is the 2 of Disks which is Jupiter in Capricorn, and is called "change'   Here we see beneficent change in the material, physical world, and where once was darkness, now turns to the light. Like the vernal equinox, the balance is shifting to the lighter side of things, and the "this, too, will pass" is an offer of hope.  Jupiter is also the ruling card in the 8 of swords, offering the opportunity to take a new road, to think a new thought, to turn a new leaf.  Shifting the energy to find that VIII - Adjustment balance keeps you poised in equanimity, which will reflect in wholeness on all levels.  However, once past, remember this period (only) as a time you don't want to return to, according to the guides. Staying in now keeps your balance intact and your energy flowing openly and clearly."

 While anyone who uses tarot or follows this blog will know there are many ways to interpret these particular cards in these particular positions, a great part of what I got felt "guided" to me and so, while I could "add" to this from the intellectual database or spin it a little more brightly, I feel that as a reader, it is my duty to "give it as I get it" and add as little of "my" energy to the mix as possible.  

Also, I would like to thank my daughter Julia for having the tech skills and desire to create the image of the layout, and for assisting me in proofreading the document for typos.  By the time I had written it all out, I could barely see it clearly, in part because as mentioned above, it was guided rather than "thought out" and in part because as a writer, I am aware that I become "text-blind" (meaning we think it says what we think it says, when in fact, it may say something else).  

I would also like to publicly thank the person I read for who has allowed me to post this reading.  May the brightest of blessings shine forth in your life, now and always. 

point of note: while I do offer paid readings privately, I do not do it here because of copyright infringement issues.  The reading I've posted here is $100 if done in writing, $50 if done on skype, $30 if done in person.  If you are interested in contacting me for a private reading, please email me at tarot(dot)inspiration(at)gmail(dot) com.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Knight of Wands

There is no battle, no obstacle, no trial so daunting that this energy cannot overcome.  This reminds me of the  US Postal Carriers motto "neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor dark of night shall keep us from making our appointed rounds" and that is certainly true of the Knight of Wands.  He is the energy King and will not be deterred, daunted or defeated. That said, this card's appearance is not a guarantee of success in and of itself;  this is a hard-won battle, a well-earned victory.  What this card should inspire is the self confidence and courage to undertake any task, knowing that the Will and Energy are there to see it through to completion.

from the original website:

Knight of Wands.
"Triangle within triangle, Fire of Fire...A proud, trustworthy man. Action speaks louder than words. Action indeed, time and again; but there might be a slight indication of failure if success is not accomplished at face value...generally indicates someone whose soul clings to Art, and especially musick--a lot of times Sagittarius...(nov.21- dec.20)"

"You have to burn all the useless old stuff, before you can move on. People will hate you for doing this, but in the end, it'll be the best for everybody. Nothing new can grow, if you live in the past. Speed, energy, strenght!"
Alli Mäntymäki

"One hard mother , who will kick butt."

"The pale rider.  Doom.  Retribution before the final judgement The fiery charger of spirit born into matter.The Rain King in the shadow of the storm. Black lightning and white thunder. The pheonix sailing the winds of havoc. A ghost rider in the final necropolis; Gotham. The Fenris Wolf."
Ezra Andersen

"When you really need to get something done, to meet a challenge, launch a dream, or just live life to the fullest, you want to have this warrior for an ally. Cut the crap! Let's get down to it. The quickener. The "fire it up" master of getting the job done. And, He wont put up with falseness, deceit, or Bull**** from anyone. Truly, he is the Fire of all fire. If you have to go out and face the muck and the Maya, or if your into some deep shadow work, summon the Knight of wands, and keep him at your right hand constantly until you've hit your mark."
James Schlesselman

"Aggressive man.
Does not let go.
Creative. Passionate. Hot headed!
Will not let go until he gets what he wants."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Queen of Wands

 Here we see mastery of the feminine creative power.  Unlike the Princess who bursts forth and seeks her expression, the Queen stands in her own light and her good forms all around her.  Her energy is fully centered on her acceptance of her light, her expression of her power lies in Being.  I can do no better in describing this powerful being than to quote Marianne Willamson, who defines the passage from the past to power in eloquent words, quoted by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepeset fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God,. Your playing small doesn't serve the woirld,  There's nothing enlightend about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you,  We are meant to shine, as children to, We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us, It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we're liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others".  These words, from A Return to Love, changed my life.  They began my personal transformation from a being of fear to a being of light. I offer them here, not only as an apt description of the energy of this card, but as an invitation to embrace this power within you and stand in your own light, as does the Queen of Wands.

from the original website:

Queen of Wands.
"This card representing either an actual being or the way of being at the particular frame existing is *water of fire*. Therefore at once a flame of raging fire simmering down to a more calmer reflection of the cooling water it combines. This transformed person strong and fearless shows wisdom through hardship in the crown she bears and I believe the coat is different which the cat used to wear. Certainly an active yet reflective individual"
Brigita B

"Let's not forget that this lady has discovered her integrity through a great period of personal growth. She has broken through her past to discover her inner glory. I read somewhere that she was originally a dark haired woman, dressed in black, escorted by a black panther. As she grew in her transformation (sorry, forgot if there was a particular reason that she did) she stopped the transformation of the panther into a lion by pinching its head, thus leaving the dark spots of the leopard to remind her of where and who she'd been. She is the fulfilled manifestation of personal power, a woman who has embraced her destiny by accepting her past. When reading for women, I frequently call this the "you go, girl!" card. For men, this card, more than the other "female" cards, represents the "anima", the fulfillment and acceptance of the feminine nature and its complimentary power. In all cases, however, this card speaks of a completed growth process that is very much rooted in acceptance of the past."

"Passionate woman, sometimes a fire sign, possibly under the protection of sekhmet. Strong with strong opinions and desires. Can be a wonderful companion unless angered. Protective of her family, her love."
F. Joan Parker

"Woman who will NOT compromise herself for anyone.
Passionate and enlightened.
One who knows their integrity and will not do anything to compromise this!!
Negative side is aggresive."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prince of Wands

"Here I come to save the day . . . . " The theme from the cartoon Mighty Mouse always rings through my head with this card, as he breaks through the flames a self-proclaimed "hero".  The impulsive, impetuous, dynamic energy unleashed in the princess turns from serving self to serving others yet it's still all for "show".  The shadow side of the Emperor is seen here, he who serves to rule.  The Prince wants to do well, be "all he can be' but is still emotionally immature enough to bask in his own glory.  This energy, uncontrolled, can lead us into high-minded impulses, the "hey, why not?" that prefaces some of our most misguided efforts.  Channeled properly, the power to break through obstacles in an open, willing manner, is powerful indeed.

from the original website:

 Prince of Wands.
"This card to me is connected with physical activity, creative energy, and an extrovert quality. This is a man with an athletic physique. He is a little exotic to look at but has a very attractive face. He has firey red hair."

"Brilliant star-like person. Fiery, aggressive, intellectual, impulsive, full of anxious energy. Can also be ambivalent, manipulative, and unable to persevere with emotional issues. Represents the "puer aeternus" (eternal child of light). Forming stage of "right action"; if well dignified may proceed to mature Knight archetype."

"This guy drives a red car or truck and he is real proud of it....external appearances important to him...not too concerned with what is inside of himself, uses "stuff", including women, to punch his ticket. Not interested in self examination..toys are used to keep from feeling."
joani parker

"Little boy or Tom boy.
Moving forward.
Expanded view of the world."

"The Prince of wands--the airy part of fire. Actively intellectual, though not active on the physical plain. Knowledge for knowledge's sake--the universe exists to be understood. Though an "idea" man he works behind the scenes. Of strong convictions but subtle in implementaion. Can signify rational debates, mischeivous behaviour (though usualy light-hearted), manipulation-but usualy not for personal gain. Badly inluenced can mean random cruelty, nihlism, stalking."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Princess of Wands

The first expression of vital energy, bursting forth, open and free. An impuslive, impetuous energy, knowing no limits, no restrictions, oblivious to risk. This energy bursts into creative manfestation and the flames lift higher and higher. Be watchful, the conflagration may be more than you can control.

from the original website: 

 Princess of Wands.
"1, Two , three...fair woman, walk with me; ancient eyes , with fire ablaze, walk with me...the voice man said: Turn , take the curve, virtue is in the bend, not heaven sent...Serpentine tree, make me scream, my will floating in Karmic conval-essence. Musk and franf-incense I burn to-night, to destroy all monsters , their heads filled with one Koin, and one cent...If rumour 'd only exist. -James Chance was out on a limb, so was John Coltrane(even before his birth...). I refuse to lose, to work my will, that's what I choose,consciously, with a gentle but persuasive promulgation of the thrill... ..... ..."

"A fiery young woman. Find her, and hold on tight. Methinks you are in for a surprise; if you fancy yourself adventurous, you will find delight and be satiated"
Babs Wilkes

"Round and glowing warm from inner light, the diamond wand she holds into the ground draws up the nourishment to sustain her and the newborn world that is developing within. The Princess of Wands knows where to go and find sustenance for life. She is guided by the Great Mother Herself, Nature."
Doris Patton

"Practical use of intuition. Making something happen at all costs"

"She is being swept up in a wave of her own passion. Usually a woman on a carnal adventure, exploring her sexuality and force of her desires (creativity too). Judgement is out the window and there may be consequences to her impulses, but she needs to follow them so she can learn, and there will certainly be some exciting times ahead. Whenever I draw this card I think oh boy i'm about to lose control."

"A savage garden ,the Princess of Wands is to bestow upon U...Ill-dignified, she may/may not be , over-voluptuous and self-asserting..."
Mortimer Blake

"Blazing through any obstacles with courage and inspired strength. Total liberation."
Lisa Lovejoy

"She is dragging the tiger into being, she has caught a tiger by the tail and is dragging it roaring and spitting into the world. And if we look, we see that she is not aware of this, really she couldn't care less what is coming into the world...all she cares for is the idea of a blazing tiger, above her, to which she aspires, like motes caught in the upward spiral of a bonfire...but can you tell which tiger is which?"

"Little girl.
Being caught between a rock and hard place.
Having courage.
To go forward requires courgage to get to where you need to be or not be."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 of Wands

 Here the restriction we created in the 5 has manifest in the outer world, creating a situation that binds us.  Now we must not only resolve the root problem but also fix the outer reflection of it.  Here is a barrier which prevents us from going forth, for our own learning, or perhaps for our own safety.  We are standing in a prison of our own making, and only the dissolution of the root cause, an internal alchemy of change, can set us free. Yet once that has been accomplished, it also propels us forward.

from the original website:

10 of Wands, Oppression.
"The client is setting themselves up for dissapointment. They have unrealistic hopes and dreams, depending on the position of the card in the spread. Its not that it is not achieveble but not just right now. Say on the path that you are on..it will eventually lead to your goal. To be able to see it is perfect for now and will prepare you to enter that place. The place that you see is not what you will experience. You are not ready! We know that we should trust the universe and its processes..and can have a sense ofit...but doing it is another experience that will happen in the perfect timming of the greater scheme of things. Accept the space where you are at...."
Markus Rowbotham

"You are overworked, even if you don't see it yourself right now. Take some time off, and you will see your life in a new perspective".

"I finally got the Thoth deck a week ago and I compared the cards to the Lord of the Rings deck. In the LotR deck, this card's artwork is described as: "Sam carries Frodo up the side of Mount Doom toward where they can cast the Ring. The burden will soon be lifted from Sam's shoulders." That pretty much sums up my interpretation. I think that although it can be taken as what it says on the card, "Oppression," it could be taken as instead of a negative thing, it could still be a positive thing soon coming to an end. Although it may be holding back your free will, it could still be a good thing."
Kyrasantae Nightstalker

"Saturn sets the restriction in the expression of the Sag. influence in this card. Limit to any action involved in query. Perhaps a communication breakdown or a situation concluding to a halt in the situations which leads to inaction strongly felt in the emphasis to the 1. 10. Perhaps Saturn has placed a limitation on the situation which restricts the personality in the sag nature."

"Stop taking on other people's stuff, you've got enough to carry on your own."
Lisa Lovejoy (kaira@neteze.com)

"Free yourself of relationships and situations that weigh heavily on your soul. Look within yourself to rid yourself of restrictions that are of your own creation before they lead to self-destruction; external elements are not always the cause of entrapped emotions."
zenata lamour

"Saturn in Sagittarius.
Holding back.
Restrictions on emotion & energy.
Not ready.
10 months or weeks."