Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sample Reading

I have been asked to do more with readings and layouts here, so for the first post of this kind, I am sharing a distance reading I did yesterday for someone I don't know personally.  I post this in part to define my reading style, in part to give a sense of what the tarot can offer.  I used the Celtic Cross layout, which is the one I use most, and will be writing more on that layout and the relationships of the positions at a later date.  The 1,600+ words of this reading were enough for one day.  

"Dear (name removed for privacy),

First off, let me say, that due to an unintended hiatus, I didn't get this done before Mercury went into storm, (and this is a storm, indeed, astro weather's raging, lol)  so, given the static in the lines when Mercury does his dance, please take this with a large grain of salt, because I"m not going to censor or soft pedal anything I got, in hopes that somewhere in here is some clarity for you.

As I centered for the reading, recalling you mentioned health,  I saw three cards in my mind, 5 wands, 10 swords, and 7 cups, and I cleared them, asking not to have any preconceived notions coming in to the reading but to give as clear and healing a message as I could.  I was most surprised to see two of them in the reading itself.  Another strange thing about this reading (which has never happened before) was as I was working with position 7 (inner) my right arm got extremely weak, it became difficult to hold my pen, and the pain seemed to radiate out from my shoulder.  When I returned to that card for a final message, the pain disappeared. 

I used the celtic cross spread, and since some people do their order differently, here's the list at the outset, with interpretation to follow:

1) Situation : XIII - Death
2) Covers or crosses: 8 Swords - Interference
3) Above: 5 Wands - Strife
4) Below: 7 Cups - Debauch
5) Behind: XI - The Hermit
6) Before: VIII - Adjustment
7) Inner - IV - The Emperor
8) Outer: Queen of Disks
9) Hopes and Fears: 8 Cups - Indolence
10) Outcome: 2 Disks - Change

The very first thought I had upon turning the first two cards (XIII – Death and the 8 of Swords), is "a possible exit point, two ways to go" also the aspects of that card as "inevitable transformation" but I wrote "transition" so I get the suggestion here that you may have scheduled a health crisis exit point in case you were ready, but you also have the chance to heal and transform instead of/because of/through it and that choice is up to you.  But that is certainly the most extreme sense in which to read this.  Whether manifest in the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, or the etheric body, there is a definite "transition" from an old, unfulfilling way of being, to a clearer, healthier one.  I get that this is the last "challenge" like this in your path (all things as they are now) so this clearing/change will definitely create a "rebirth" of sorts.  The Gemini aspect of the 8 of Swords prompted me to question where Gemini is in your chart, (which is odd, since I'm not an astrologer, but was told it would have meaning for you).  Also, let's not lose the twin aspect of Gemini here, and while you are looking at your own health, your partner factors in here as well. He mirrors your own "stuff" so he either "covers" or "crosses" you, but because the card embodies Jupiter in Gemini, either way, it's an opportunity.  Again, you get to choose how you experience it.

In above and below, we see the crux of the matter, an energy block stemming from resistance.  The energy of the 5 of Wands deals with a stubbornness about thinking things can only work one way, sort of a "my way is the only way" energy, which clogs the solar plexus with anger and resentment if our "reality" is thwarted, or with fear that we won't like another option, "what will I do without this . . . (thought pattern)? The message I got was "resistance to wellness" and when combined with the 7 of cups, speaks of an addiction to toxic emotions, residual patterns that persist, like a lingering cough long after we think we should have cleared this up.  (Also I should note that physical symptoms of the 5 of Wands in the above position could indicate tension, blockages, and so a caution about headaches, migraines, aneurisms and stroke is advised. Likewise with the 7 of Cups, the physical indications could be toxicity or infections in the blood stream, kidneys, liver, female organs.  The two combined could indicate kidney or gall bladder stones or blood clots.  I must note here that NONE of this came through in the reading, but rather upon awakening the next day, I was told to include this information in the interest of “full disclosure”  for the blog post, and to advise any who resonate to that information to seek medical assistance.)

The fact that this is a designated point in your blueprint came in the major arcana being spread across the positions 5,1,6 in the layout. Behind you IX - The Hermit, before you VIII - Adjustment, on either side of XIII - Death.  No going around this one, I'm afraid, only way out is through.  Atu IX - The Hermit spoke of unfinished business from the past, especially emotions/beliefs about wellness, deserving, past patterns resurfacing and unfinished business of closure on the past and coming to balance in the now.  That the VIII – Adjustment card comes before IX – The Hermit in the deck, but after it in the reading pointed out the retrograde(s) we are in.  The message I got was "Use the double retrograde (Mercury in Aries concurrent with Saturn in Libra) to clean up old business, shift emotional patterns and voices from the past, childhood.  How do you fill in "I AM ______" (this is also a caution to be sure you don't reinforce any health concerns by invoking the I AM in  statements such as "I am so tired", I am so sick of , ,  " etc.)  The energy of VIII – Adjustment here is to bring to balance the 8 energy (of the swords - and later of cups) thoughts and feelings, harmoniously balanced, without judgment on thens or nows or yet-to-bes,  The two 8s, one representing Jupiter energy and the other representing Saturn energy speak of the opposition happening right now between those two giants, and so for the next week or so, you will feel the pulls and see how they can balance each other  So this section of the layout says you are in a process of coming into perfect balance, but the ups and downs are a right nightmare, and so you resist the shift and react from old emotional patterns,  However you have the opportunity to choose how to balance these energies and clear this block/resistance once and for all, which will manifest as wellness on all levels.

The Inner postion’s IV - Emperor speaks to a rigidity of not wanting to act, of holding the rod too tightly. This energy refers back to the 5 of wands’ sense of resistance.  Also this is Aries, which, referencing the retrogrades, speaks to this particular season as being most beneficial for you to work on an inner level.  When I turned this card, and saw the dominant male energy (so contrary to what you're trying to accomplish in the VIII balance: The Emperor’s Aries/Adjustment’s Libra), I got the impression that there is some Father energy here, such as a pattern, physical or emotional, that you have inherited from the paternal side of your family, (and here is where my right arm went limp) so there might be some bursitis, arthritis or the like (in him, you, both?).  Also I got the energy of your husband here, in that he is the Divine Masculine in your life, and therefore serves as that mirror, reflecting patterns from males in your past (until you've cleared them).  Likewise, the energetic reflection of your pain appears in him, so any work you do on an inner level will protect and heal him as well.  After the reading when I went back to see if there was anything further, I got "resistance to treatment" in reference to this card, and then the pain stopped. The message I got was if there is a condition for which there is a medical remedy, particularly regarding pain, that taking it is well-advised, as easing pain will allow for the thoughts to shift where true healing can occur.

The Outer position’s Queen of Disks showed her shadow side to me, and spoke of repeating patterns of the past by looking back and seeing "the way it was is the way it will be' and not seeing the true abundance of NOW. Staying in the energies of "is that all there is?", the thoughts of  "that's the only way it can be" etc, (again resonating the 5 of Wands) keeps one from seeing wellness and wholeness in the present.  The image of this great horned woman reminds me that the horns serve as antennae and asks "to what are your antennae tuned?"  Another aspect of her shadow is fear of overreaching, of hoping for too much, knowing in the negative sense that "this, too, will pass" -  but likewise, this too, will pass.

Hopes and fears 8 of Cups echoes these fears, that this dark night will never end, but the image here shows a new dawn on the horizon and the reminder that each new day offers hope.  The energy of the 8 here is the deep emotions of Pisces bound by Saturn (who is also the ruler of the 5 of wands), and the Capricorn energy of the Queen of Disks.   Again, the sky’s current Saturn-Jupiter opposition holds out the opportunity for these energies to shift ( and as you know from Roman/Greek mythology, Jupiter wins). 

And here he does, huzzah for Jupiter!  The Outcome card is the 2 of Disks which is Jupiter in Capricorn, and is called "change'   Here we see beneficent change in the material, physical world, and where once was darkness, now turns to the light. Like the vernal equinox, the balance is shifting to the lighter side of things, and the "this, too, will pass" is an offer of hope.  Jupiter is also the ruling card in the 8 of swords, offering the opportunity to take a new road, to think a new thought, to turn a new leaf.  Shifting the energy to find that VIII - Adjustment balance keeps you poised in equanimity, which will reflect in wholeness on all levels.  However, once past, remember this period (only) as a time you don't want to return to, according to the guides. Staying in now keeps your balance intact and your energy flowing openly and clearly."

 While anyone who uses tarot or follows this blog will know there are many ways to interpret these particular cards in these particular positions, a great part of what I got felt "guided" to me and so, while I could "add" to this from the intellectual database or spin it a little more brightly, I feel that as a reader, it is my duty to "give it as I get it" and add as little of "my" energy to the mix as possible.  

Also, I would like to thank my daughter Julia for having the tech skills and desire to create the image of the layout, and for assisting me in proofreading the document for typos.  By the time I had written it all out, I could barely see it clearly, in part because as mentioned above, it was guided rather than "thought out" and in part because as a writer, I am aware that I become "text-blind" (meaning we think it says what we think it says, when in fact, it may say something else).  

I would also like to publicly thank the person I read for who has allowed me to post this reading.  May the brightest of blessings shine forth in your life, now and always. 

point of note: while I do offer paid readings privately, I do not do it here because of copyright infringement issues.  The reading I've posted here is $100 if done in writing, $50 if done on skype, $30 if done in person.  If you are interested in contacting me for a private reading, please email me at tarot(dot)inspiration(at)gmail(dot) com.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Knight of Wands

There is no battle, no obstacle, no trial so daunting that this energy cannot overcome.  This reminds me of the  US Postal Carriers motto "neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor dark of night shall keep us from making our appointed rounds" and that is certainly true of the Knight of Wands.  He is the energy King and will not be deterred, daunted or defeated. That said, this card's appearance is not a guarantee of success in and of itself;  this is a hard-won battle, a well-earned victory.  What this card should inspire is the self confidence and courage to undertake any task, knowing that the Will and Energy are there to see it through to completion.

from the original website:

Knight of Wands.
"Triangle within triangle, Fire of Fire...A proud, trustworthy man. Action speaks louder than words. Action indeed, time and again; but there might be a slight indication of failure if success is not accomplished at face value...generally indicates someone whose soul clings to Art, and especially musick--a lot of times Sagittarius...(nov.21- dec.20)"

"You have to burn all the useless old stuff, before you can move on. People will hate you for doing this, but in the end, it'll be the best for everybody. Nothing new can grow, if you live in the past. Speed, energy, strenght!"
Alli Mäntymäki

"One hard mother , who will kick butt."

"The pale rider.  Doom.  Retribution before the final judgement The fiery charger of spirit born into matter.The Rain King in the shadow of the storm. Black lightning and white thunder. The pheonix sailing the winds of havoc. A ghost rider in the final necropolis; Gotham. The Fenris Wolf."
Ezra Andersen

"When you really need to get something done, to meet a challenge, launch a dream, or just live life to the fullest, you want to have this warrior for an ally. Cut the crap! Let's get down to it. The quickener. The "fire it up" master of getting the job done. And, He wont put up with falseness, deceit, or Bull**** from anyone. Truly, he is the Fire of all fire. If you have to go out and face the muck and the Maya, or if your into some deep shadow work, summon the Knight of wands, and keep him at your right hand constantly until you've hit your mark."
James Schlesselman

"Aggressive man.
Does not let go.
Creative. Passionate. Hot headed!
Will not let go until he gets what he wants."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Queen of Wands

 Here we see mastery of the feminine creative power.  Unlike the Princess who bursts forth and seeks her expression, the Queen stands in her own light and her good forms all around her.  Her energy is fully centered on her acceptance of her light, her expression of her power lies in Being.  I can do no better in describing this powerful being than to quote Marianne Willamson, who defines the passage from the past to power in eloquent words, quoted by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepeset fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God,. Your playing small doesn't serve the woirld,  There's nothing enlightend about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you,  We are meant to shine, as children to, We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us, It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we're liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others".  These words, from A Return to Love, changed my life.  They began my personal transformation from a being of fear to a being of light. I offer them here, not only as an apt description of the energy of this card, but as an invitation to embrace this power within you and stand in your own light, as does the Queen of Wands.

from the original website:

Queen of Wands.
"This card representing either an actual being or the way of being at the particular frame existing is *water of fire*. Therefore at once a flame of raging fire simmering down to a more calmer reflection of the cooling water it combines. This transformed person strong and fearless shows wisdom through hardship in the crown she bears and I believe the coat is different which the cat used to wear. Certainly an active yet reflective individual"
Brigita B

"Let's not forget that this lady has discovered her integrity through a great period of personal growth. She has broken through her past to discover her inner glory. I read somewhere that she was originally a dark haired woman, dressed in black, escorted by a black panther. As she grew in her transformation (sorry, forgot if there was a particular reason that she did) she stopped the transformation of the panther into a lion by pinching its head, thus leaving the dark spots of the leopard to remind her of where and who she'd been. She is the fulfilled manifestation of personal power, a woman who has embraced her destiny by accepting her past. When reading for women, I frequently call this the "you go, girl!" card. For men, this card, more than the other "female" cards, represents the "anima", the fulfillment and acceptance of the feminine nature and its complimentary power. In all cases, however, this card speaks of a completed growth process that is very much rooted in acceptance of the past."

"Passionate woman, sometimes a fire sign, possibly under the protection of sekhmet. Strong with strong opinions and desires. Can be a wonderful companion unless angered. Protective of her family, her love."
F. Joan Parker

"Woman who will NOT compromise herself for anyone.
Passionate and enlightened.
One who knows their integrity and will not do anything to compromise this!!
Negative side is aggresive."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prince of Wands

"Here I come to save the day . . . . " The theme from the cartoon Mighty Mouse always rings through my head with this card, as he breaks through the flames a self-proclaimed "hero".  The impulsive, impetuous, dynamic energy unleashed in the princess turns from serving self to serving others yet it's still all for "show".  The shadow side of the Emperor is seen here, he who serves to rule.  The Prince wants to do well, be "all he can be' but is still emotionally immature enough to bask in his own glory.  This energy, uncontrolled, can lead us into high-minded impulses, the "hey, why not?" that prefaces some of our most misguided efforts.  Channeled properly, the power to break through obstacles in an open, willing manner, is powerful indeed.

from the original website:

 Prince of Wands.
"This card to me is connected with physical activity, creative energy, and an extrovert quality. This is a man with an athletic physique. He is a little exotic to look at but has a very attractive face. He has firey red hair."

"Brilliant star-like person. Fiery, aggressive, intellectual, impulsive, full of anxious energy. Can also be ambivalent, manipulative, and unable to persevere with emotional issues. Represents the "puer aeternus" (eternal child of light). Forming stage of "right action"; if well dignified may proceed to mature Knight archetype."

"This guy drives a red car or truck and he is real proud of it....external appearances important to him...not too concerned with what is inside of himself, uses "stuff", including women, to punch his ticket. Not interested in self are used to keep from feeling."
joani parker

"Little boy or Tom boy.
Moving forward.
Expanded view of the world."

"The Prince of wands--the airy part of fire. Actively intellectual, though not active on the physical plain. Knowledge for knowledge's sake--the universe exists to be understood. Though an "idea" man he works behind the scenes. Of strong convictions but subtle in implementaion. Can signify rational debates, mischeivous behaviour (though usualy light-hearted), manipulation-but usualy not for personal gain. Badly inluenced can mean random cruelty, nihlism, stalking."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Princess of Wands

The first expression of vital energy, bursting forth, open and free. An impuslive, impetuous energy, knowing no limits, no restrictions, oblivious to risk. This energy bursts into creative manfestation and the flames lift higher and higher. Be watchful, the conflagration may be more than you can control.

from the original website: 

 Princess of Wands.
"1, Two , three...fair woman, walk with me; ancient eyes , with fire ablaze, walk with me...the voice man said: Turn , take the curve, virtue is in the bend, not heaven sent...Serpentine tree, make me scream, my will floating in Karmic conval-essence. Musk and franf-incense I burn to-night, to destroy all monsters , their heads filled with one Koin, and one cent...If rumour 'd only exist. -James Chance was out on a limb, so was John Coltrane(even before his birth...). I refuse to lose, to work my will, that's what I choose,consciously, with a gentle but persuasive promulgation of the thrill... ..... ..."

"A fiery young woman. Find her, and hold on tight. Methinks you are in for a surprise; if you fancy yourself adventurous, you will find delight and be satiated"
Babs Wilkes

"Round and glowing warm from inner light, the diamond wand she holds into the ground draws up the nourishment to sustain her and the newborn world that is developing within. The Princess of Wands knows where to go and find sustenance for life. She is guided by the Great Mother Herself, Nature."
Doris Patton

"Practical use of intuition. Making something happen at all costs"

"She is being swept up in a wave of her own passion. Usually a woman on a carnal adventure, exploring her sexuality and force of her desires (creativity too). Judgement is out the window and there may be consequences to her impulses, but she needs to follow them so she can learn, and there will certainly be some exciting times ahead. Whenever I draw this card I think oh boy i'm about to lose control."

"A savage garden ,the Princess of Wands is to bestow upon U...Ill-dignified, she may/may not be , over-voluptuous and self-asserting..."
Mortimer Blake

"Blazing through any obstacles with courage and inspired strength. Total liberation."
Lisa Lovejoy

"She is dragging the tiger into being, she has caught a tiger by the tail and is dragging it roaring and spitting into the world. And if we look, we see that she is not aware of this, really she couldn't care less what is coming into the world...all she cares for is the idea of a blazing tiger, above her, to which she aspires, like motes caught in the upward spiral of a bonfire...but can you tell which tiger is which?"

"Little girl.
Being caught between a rock and hard place.
Having courage.
To go forward requires courgage to get to where you need to be or not be."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 of Wands

 Here the restriction we created in the 5 has manifest in the outer world, creating a situation that binds us.  Now we must not only resolve the root problem but also fix the outer reflection of it.  Here is a barrier which prevents us from going forth, for our own learning, or perhaps for our own safety.  We are standing in a prison of our own making, and only the dissolution of the root cause, an internal alchemy of change, can set us free. Yet once that has been accomplished, it also propels us forward.

from the original website:

10 of Wands, Oppression.
"The client is setting themselves up for dissapointment. They have unrealistic hopes and dreams, depending on the position of the card in the spread. Its not that it is not achieveble but not just right now. Say on the path that you are will eventually lead to your goal. To be able to see it is perfect for now and will prepare you to enter that place. The place that you see is not what you will experience. You are not ready! We know that we should trust the universe and its processes..and can have a sense ofit...but doing it is another experience that will happen in the perfect timming of the greater scheme of things. Accept the space where you are at...."
Markus Rowbotham

"You are overworked, even if you don't see it yourself right now. Take some time off, and you will see your life in a new perspective".

"I finally got the Thoth deck a week ago and I compared the cards to the Lord of the Rings deck. In the LotR deck, this card's artwork is described as: "Sam carries Frodo up the side of Mount Doom toward where they can cast the Ring. The burden will soon be lifted from Sam's shoulders." That pretty much sums up my interpretation. I think that although it can be taken as what it says on the card, "Oppression," it could be taken as instead of a negative thing, it could still be a positive thing soon coming to an end. Although it may be holding back your free will, it could still be a good thing."
Kyrasantae Nightstalker

"Saturn sets the restriction in the expression of the Sag. influence in this card. Limit to any action involved in query. Perhaps a communication breakdown or a situation concluding to a halt in the situations which leads to inaction strongly felt in the emphasis to the 1. 10. Perhaps Saturn has placed a limitation on the situation which restricts the personality in the sag nature."

"Stop taking on other people's stuff, you've got enough to carry on your own."
Lisa Lovejoy (

"Free yourself of relationships and situations that weigh heavily on your soul. Look within yourself to rid yourself of restrictions that are of your own creation before they lead to self-destruction; external elements are not always the cause of entrapped emotions."
zenata lamour

"Saturn in Sagittarius.
Holding back.
Restrictions on emotion & energy.
Not ready.
10 months or weeks."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9 of Wands

Here is the unification of  the conscious (Sun) and the subconscious (Moon) in the high-minded sign of Sagittarius.  As the light of the conscious mind shines on the inner self, great strength is revealed, and power, once latent, comes to the surface.  As this union of Sun and Moon is also the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, this card also is a "marriage of heaven and earth" bringing strength in the fullness of that balance.  A card of harmony, balance and unified strength, its appearance shows one is well on the way to achieving the goal.

from the original website:

 9 of Wands, Strength.
"In my opinion this card means you can do what you want. And you can be what you want if you believe you can.That's what I think this card means to me."
Leland McMorris

"The Nine of Wands shows the way through the illusory images one will often encounter when first experiencing the Astral Forces. "The Machinery of the Universe" may be that the universe itself is illusory. Keep your eyes unfalteringly on Tiphareth, the Sun, and you will pass through safely..."

"Sun & Moon in Sagittarius.
Through your wisdom you are building spiritual strength necessary to manifest your dreams.
Expand beyond personal ego.
Soul and ego working together to manifest dreams.
Inner guidance driving you forword and toward your goals. (9 weeks or months.)"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 of Wands

Having overcome challenges in the physical, now the energy has transferred to the higher mind (Sagittarius) and thoughts (Mercury) can now become things.  Here we see the thrust of manifestation energy, in its authentic form, capable of swift appearance, instant manifestation. What you desire comes quickly to pass. The octohedron balances the power "as above, so below" so centering and grounding are an important part of this process.  A caution not to get swept off by the current, but keeping the energy focused on the goal.  The rainbow signals the end of the storm, a bridge crossed from one level of experience to another.  With all this power now available for use, what will you create?

from the original website:

 8 of Wands, Swiftness.
"This card represents focus on detail. Fixation on things within the illusionary state of our exsistance. Homing in on situations..Also targeting things within the illusion. We, being the center, and the shapes being our field of perception, the red arrows being the energy, the colour of the base chakra, that we a directing to different areas of our field. Pin pointing. By doing this we energise our field of perception with active base charkra auric fields. Putting it out there,,Sexual energetic direction,, Fully trusting... at peace with doing that, with balance."
Markus Rowbotham

"Mercury in Sagittarius.
Spiritual attitude adjustment.
Communication of some kind. (8 days or weeks).
Piece of puzzle to your life being handed to you.
Sagittarius can bring in from anywhere without boundries. Within 8 days you will have some sort of spiritual adjustment with song, book, advise..."

"Good dignified:  Energy center from where energy can be sent in any direction wanted.
Ill dignified:  Scattered energy. The lightning goes in all directions with no control and is totally wasted.

Monday, March 7, 2011

7 of Wands

The image on this card is resonant with this spine, as is this card's energy of having some "backbone" as we say in the US, which is another way of saying have strength and courage aligned with integrity, aka valor.  One would think that Valor would come before Victory, but the aftermath of a battle is always where one's integrity is called upon.  Having come through the battle victoriously, we are asked to maintain our integrity, to have the strength not to vascillate in our view, but to express what needs to be cleaned up with grace. Likewise, it is a card indicating perseverance in the current situation, to see it through to the end.  The energy of this card crackles with impatience as Mars lights Leo's fire to "get it done!" As we will see in the 8, this energy used in a loving and focused manner will yield swift results.

from the original website:

 7 of Wands, Valour.
:The scorched earth thirsteth"
Alan E O'Brien

"There is a conflict at hand, and the results are as yet uncertain. Your focus should be on maintaining integrity and acting courageously, out of good intent and possibly at great risk. Do not get caught up in an ugly war. Fight this with grace, to the finish."

"Valour. Mars in Leo.
Remedy for the 7 of disks.
Strength. Aggressive. Capable.
Worthiness, ready to receive.
Define what you want in your life and take action.
Having courage to stand in the limelight."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

6 of Wands

Ah, the sweet smell of victory! To know the inner satisfaction of a job well done, whether it is a physical task or growth opportunity.  Here the energies balance themselves, having burst through the form of the 5 and now free to be expressed.  Jupiter expands Leo's dynamic creativity, and there is nothing you can put this energy to that will fail.  All is possible from this point; the choice of direction and ease of the journey from here depends on  the level of mastery of the early stages of the cycle.

from the original website:

 6 of Wands, Victory.
"every battle is faught before it has even begun.Know that victory is yours. Then you can focus on the battle,and enjoy it."

"Release of pressure. Knowing that you are on the right track as far as your life is concerned. Focused. Having the ability to move one whereas previously you were stuck. Not giving in to undirected thinking while under pressure will yeild the victory that you seek. Power after unrest and confusion. Clarity."

"Victory after a long period of suffering and struggling coming to a close."

"Jupiter in Leo.
Spiritual victory.
One has expanded in their ability to lead.
Lesson learned and are now being tested.
6 weeks or months.
First step toward fame.
Making the right choice. Mastering of something."

Saturday, March 5, 2011

5 of Wands

The bright yellow color of this card always puts me in mind of the solar plexus chakra, and here we find it blocked.  The energy of Leo is like a strong-willed child arguing with its father, Saturn who is putting on the brakes.  We want what we want when we want it, and when we are told otherwise, difficulties and strife arise.  Here the energy has stopped flowing, as we dig in our heels to hold our position.  This card points out the characteristic of being blind to opportunity for seeing only one way to satisfy our desires.

from the original website: 

 5 of Wands, Strife.
"patience is a virtue, but she won't always wait...dissention is/as attention, is, what we learn to hate. I cannot help but agree with the fourth int., Impatience triggers endless thoughts of wishful thinking, or, if you will, self-fulfilling prophecies...thinking is a germ, the product of a dis-eased, neurotic mind, and it should be thrown into the dustbin(which thought, quid pro quo, is, in itself, quite untrue...). contemplation, will-and lo! there is no more wants...the result might be that the mind ceaseth creaking I, and will commence to justify its amends, and screameth:"EYE" sic transit gloria, light and liberty to all sentient beings, and, in particular, to those who read this(or whose optical nerve transmits the glorified illusion of perception in utero ... ..... ...) Wim, canis lupus."

"The situation in life you are now facing is extremely harsh and difficult......strife. Part of life is understanding that there is duality in everyday perception. Good and Bad are necessary for balance. It is hard to get through, but Victory is coming (6 of Wands), so you must let GO NOW. Flow, follow it through and all will balance out...if you let it. Pleasure can never be experience without it's twin Pain."

"Leo and Saturn....A situation or confrontation which set limitations to a situation in life. The serpents a tired in the card just as is the players in the reading who most likely exerted themselves in a energetic confrontation which has now burned out to a stagnant restricted freedom from the cause"

"This card represents the Karmic state of being utterly out of sync and at odds with Divine Will. To persist along this course is utter folly, doomed to the worst failure. It is the ultimate statement of rebellion of our ego. Divine rebuke is implied here. We are dealing with the seed of all conflict and strife."
Walter Weizenauer

"Don't deny your greed, you can find and extract a part of your Will from it. Go!"

"Saturn in Leo.
Impatience. In 5 months you'll have what you want, but must learn first.
Holding back. Something must be done first before moving forward. Until you learn you cannot be put in position of leadership.
Holding back of emotions."

Friday, March 4, 2011

4 of Wands

This card, called Completion, has the energy of Venus (Love) in Aries (Will) and directs us to balance the two energies in order to bring our experiences to the full circle of completion.  Only by tying up our loose ends can we progress to the next level.  Those who do not or cannot progress to the 5, which is strife, those who can and do sail past that and move to the 6, which is victory.  In assessing our actions in these matters, it is imperative that we bring the energy of Love to our Will, lest we become despotic, and the energy of Will to our Love, lest we become doormats.  Letting either energy dominate puts the situation "out of round", like a wheel with a bump on it,  Had we properly nurtured ourselves with the 3, this situation could not occur, so when one finds Love and Will out of balance, it is important to look at both energies through the lens of the 3 and ask "how can I balance these energies to serve myself, first, others second".  Only by being centered and balanced will our wheels turn smoothly.

from the original website: 

 4 of Wands, Completion.
"Kustom Kar Kompetition: Death is my last lover, raise yer head to rhe mountain, hot blood, forever lust...the Mother said, the mOther said...V.D.S.A.(vide T.M.T.-liber "Hag"!!! !!!!! !!!)"

"When asking for direction and this card appears, know that everything is to be where it should be. Turn the card on its corner and you will see a the cross which is total belief. It is out of your hands now. The four representing North South East and West. Four the square as in all things placed in each corner. Stand a book on its shelf and view it from a distance, it stands on its own with a wealth of information. "It has been written and so it shall be" Know this is right however it comes out with your trust in belief to see you through."

"The wishes circle, action = reaction, though you may not like it".

"Venus in Aries.
"Taking control" by loving yourself more.
Comes to completion of Karmic issue. Things will then change at this point. (4 days, weeks or months.)
Could be a divorce card. Up to each person to decide if relationship continues.
Most relationships are Karmic."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 of Wands

Ah, here we have Sun in Aries, the first day of Spring.  The vernal equinox is when the light begins its dominance of the day, bringing us from the preponderance of darkness, likewise this card indicates that sense of balance of the energies within.  The 3s always deal with mind, body and spirit, and the triangular foundation they form is solid here in creative energy.  As Crowley notes "The Sun had enkindled the Great Mother" and it is time for that creative force to take shape in the outer world. The bloom of the lotus at the top of each wand is symbolic of the growth that is manifest when the virtue of balance is acheived.  For most clients, this card comes as a commentary of self-care, as we often neglect that in favor of others.  We were taught as children that to be "selfish" is wrong, that the others should come first. This card seeks to redress that imbalance, as Aries is the sign of ME FIRST and here it is a call to honor the self first, which brings all other things to balance.  Generally this card comes with the message "Passengers are instructed to put on their own oxygen masks first, before attending to the person next to them".  Without caring for ourselves, we have nothing to use in caring for others.

from the original website:

 3 of Wands, Virtue.
"Solid, Balanced, and a promising future. The foundation is firm with good roots, trust in it as you act on it. The plans and preparations have been done well, and goals are on the horizon. Look ahead with confidence and strength."

"Ideas related to work and activities are present. You may be feeling the creativity and are looking to fill the void and shape these areas in your life. Direct your creativity, because all that you feel CAN be acomplished. Make your choice and go for it because if you cling to what you have now, things will never change."
Michael Hartman

"Sun in Aries.
Honesty and integrity.
Self nurturing and self fulfillment.
Other side of this card:
Are you being honest with yourself? The hanged man hides under this card.
Are you taking care of yourself?
Are your needs being met?"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 of Wands

The card of Mars in Aries is the go-getter of the deck. Here is the power of the Ace channeled into useable form.  I read somewhere that the image represents Tibetan "dorjes", a versatile instrument that can be used as a tool or a weapon.  Likewise, this powerful energy is left to the Will of the Wielder to determine whether to dominate (weapon) or serve (tool).  This card gives momentum to any action, albeit with the caution to use it wisely.

from the original website:

 2 of Wands, Dominion.
"The Big Inhale - This is the part of the wands journey where information, inspiration and love are gathered. Life experiences are stored up as fuel for later expression. Before leadership can happen we must be charged with a vision. This is the place where the river flows into us. Notice how fat those two wands are . . . swollen with potential."

"Dominion...Kenneth Anger would say the witches' voice, and the irresistible attraction of the number 13, which actually is a lucky one, unlike 12...It is a dire reminder that the urge to compete is a blow to the head of the foes who surround the many, as many they are(but mote not stay...). The mother said, The Mother's dead... ..... ...Get out of the shade-hark! upon the sharks of mercy. For me it is also a reminder of the iron shield no-one seems to see through, 'cause they can't help nobody fall to, that carries the latin maxim:"And thou shalt not fear" ---"eris sine metu!!!" . It's time to reevaluate your predispositions, and do away with thoughts, the pestilent byproducts of a neurotic mind, that sways gently for/ be-fore peers/the herd. Move your head, upwards , to the mountain head one must look , and let the current, initiated by that fearless mountaineer annex poet, flow through your veins...Learn how to compete, and no more shall competition be a gratified goal on its "own " merits. Eschew thoughts, for they leap ahead of your course of biochemistry-change your thoughts, taking swift and ardent action, to work the only thing that matters: 31 multiplied by the so-called "accursed" number, which needn't any explanatory notes. Fast, Wild world...Good days ahead. Fast and furious, ardent and swift-"

"the past is like a cold steel blade, ready to learn, it's to hurt a mans soul that it has been made...time just ain't just like a trade, only the one and only can help U to get out of the shade...This card surely explains the outcome of a few (couple or three ) readings I did online, on this and other sites, it 's merely a reminder of the course of transpersonal course(that mote be taken to prevent the will to turn into snailseed...)I need some Steel& Gasoline. out of the past, merchants of blood,with leaping laughter afloat and the heart turning into a furnace of jet black love, powerful yet not pertaining to the vice, which, one needn't mention , do we? , is the vice of kings. Replenish your Urn, feed it with a Karma that burns..."

"This card has s definite male energy attached to it. It can mean sexual attraction between two men. I also can interpret the card as to say that it is a warning card like "dont go there" type of thing. I feel it can also represent a stronghold an or a benifical truce between Males."
Markus Rowbotham

"There are two ways. Choose correctly. Have no fear in your mind, the one you choose will be right for you."

"In a world of uncertainty
Here is something powerfully real and really powerful.
It is strong and stable and at balance within itself.
An excellent foundation for future action."

"Stubble burning, gehenna"

"No one shall harm you; you're the ruler of your mind."

"Mars in Aries.
Applying energy to pertain to your life.
Joining together.
Fast and passionate card.
Driving forward to manifest.
Taking control of your world.
"Hard & Fast" "

"This is the 'wonderment' card to me and reminds me of the I Ching hexegram, 'Innocence, the Unexpected'. We are in awe of the vibrancy of this card and in our innocence could almost exclaim, 'oh!' or 'wow!' as we are surprised by the powerful energy. It represent a dominant energy which is noticeably so. In any case, the strength of this card somewhat depends on how we react to it -whether it overwhelms us etc..It is a (notable) person, thing or situation on which there is layed some kind of emphasis -why or what that is depends on the surrounding cards. It could represent a suprise, a revelation (after a painful experience or even trouble brewing. In the results position it is an outcome which wa unexpected at the time, but was, in retrospect, a logical follow on/conclusion from past thoughts and actions."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ace of Wands

The driving force of kundalini energy rising, Wands energy is the life force, the creative energy that rises from our roots and takes us forward. The Aces are always the seeds of the suits' energy, and this seed is like a megawatt electric generator, capable of powering an entire city, (or a human life ;)  This card brings the power to accomplish anything, if properly contained, if allowed to flow freely. While that may seem a pardox, its akin to pushing electricity through the wires, containg its flow, yet using it for whatever you choose to plug in.

from the original website:

 Ace of Wands.
"The Tree of Life. This card is a sign of a born (or reborn) with great and positive energy. The Creative nature in it's most pure state. A tree groing up and reach the High Plan.
You say :"I can't belive it. It's too good to be true." And You do nothing. Stationary state. Lost of creativety. Vampirism. Energy drain. Blind Introspection and depression"
Vicente S. guidoreni

"Red Being the color of Base charkra is in ya face in this card. Survival, sex, Spontinaity, Radiating energy, heat, projection of personal energy field, instict, hungry. Element is fire, so purification without consuming, total outward energy being fueled form converging earth energy grids, vibrabcy, life. The situation could be that a situation is heating could be of a sexual nature, or client needs to be careful of fire(Physical) I feel its important that this card needs to move into in base charka work is good as it invokes a solid trust in life universal energy and earth energy, but needs and is compeled to ascend to develop to change.....This vibrant life energy needs to go somewhere to do transform.. to evolve....Great card!"
Markus Rowbotham

"The Ace of Wands represents the apex of "life energy" or sheer will. It indicates that the world is in your corner and if not, it doesn't seem to matter because of the power of "I can." or "I will."
Aaron Hoffman

"When I was recovering from sexual trauma, I got this card a lot. I took it to mean rape or any sort of sexual dominance. I recently read for a young man where it simply stood for horniness as well. ":)

"An erection, the force of nature. The lust and joy of life, the force that naturally arises. Becomming aware of what "turns you on". Be aware of your reactions at this time they will help you to get in tune with your will."
Joani Parker

"I have always described this as a beginning or opportunity of some sort, depending on the spread. But, now I realize more of what the Querent MAY be going through at times. Like, wanting to JUMP OUT OF YOUR SKIN! Or, the real You is screaming to get out. And, as I read someone else say "that animal instinct wanting to get out". This card in other decks has been said to be "The Thumbs up card", which never gave me the insight that these people have given me. Thanks to all of you!"
Lisa Lovejoy

"Wands deal with Will. The Ace of wands deals with the ultimate expression of Divine Will. In meditation on this card one can return to the ultimate source which drives all creation. Here, divine will is absolute, ineffiable. Through this card we reach out to touch the hand of God. We can gain some insight into the Divine plan and our place in it."
Walter Weizenauer

"New job opportunity"

"My perceptions are that this card shows how everything, and everyone in this world are somehow intertwined regardless of space, time and even dimensions."

""The force that through the green fuse drives the flower." (Dylan Thomas)

The life force, visible in all nature, available and abundant, informing all life. Querent can make a conscious effort to tap into this force to power creative projects, problem solving, personal growth.

Ill-dignified: Querent is out of synch or out of touch with this animal nature, and needs to reconnect, to get out of his or her own way. Querent may be draining energy, possibly due to another person consciously or unconsciously consuming it (co-dependent relationship?), and needs to learn how to plug up psychic holes in order to "build and keep a charge"."

"Enlightened state and new beginning.
New idea, newborn.
Doorway for passion and creativity. Excitement.
Choosing what you want in life will always give you a passion for life."

"Creative and driving force, the force that gets you to do things in a creative manner, and things will be done!"