Thursday, April 14, 2011

10 of Cups

10 of Cups - Satiety

 The name of this card is a word not used much these days, and I confess, I did not even know how to pronounce it when I first came to these cards. So I will start with the definition of SATIETY (suh-TY-eh-tee):  1 -  the quality or state of being fed or gratified to or beyond capacity : surfeit, fullness; 2 -  the revulsion or disgust caused by overindulgence or excess.

These definitions from Merriam-Webster online dictionary contain both the light and shadow aspects of this card.  In the ten, we reach the pinnacle of the emotional experience. Here we find joy in giving, in sharing, in experiencing, love for self, our family, our friends, the world.  In expressing that joy, we are full to overflowing and the Mars energy projects our feelings forward through the Piscesan emotional maturity.  Our cups really do runneth over with joy, so full we cannot contain it all.   Yet, there's that shadow side, and often in acheiving one stage of emotional satisfaction, we crave the experience of wanting more, more, more.  Or we feel we haven't had enough, that we have been shortchanged emotionally and so look outside ourselves and our source connection for something to fill us.  Then our experience becomes a gaping maw, consuming and subsuming everything to fill that emotional void. Then there's  the experience of having gotten it all, then resting on our laurels, so to speak, moving from the Mars energy's dynamic expression, to the Piscean indolence, and letting contentment turn to complacency. The ten is always the first step on the next level, so take this blessing and move upward and outward with it!

from the original website:

10 of Cups, Satiety.
"In spite of all good aspects of fullfillment I see this card as a final stage of our wishes. We have what we want, now it became boring. Because of the stagnation we want something new. The name of the card - "satiety" tells us that we have had it. It is enough."

"Sharing love and joy with spouse and children. Seeing the rainbow. Recognizing the glory. This is a card of having it all."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Togetherness. Happiness. Fullfillment."
Barbara Buchanan

"Love surrounds and fills you. The situation requires no grand display. Be sure in the love you are recieving and the love that fills you. When you are sure, the love will flow out from you to be seen by all."

"Mars in Pisces.
Filled. Full. Comfort zone.
So content you will not move forward.
Other side of card is obsession.
Opportunity to balance and focus.
Use obsession--don't let it use you.
Realization is remedy for this card."

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