Monday, April 4, 2011

2 of Cups

2 of cups - Love

Ah, the love card, who's appearance in any reading brings a smile to the heart.  This is the love between two people, generally referencing a partner/relationship, but can apply to any bonded pair, including parent-child, siblings, friends.  This is a harmonious card, full of freely flowing emotion, represented by beautiful, clear water.  This card's influence is to keep those energies balanced and clear, to confirm the love of another, to indicate success in matters of the heart.  The caution is not to become so "other-absorbed," that one demands all their emotion for themselves, creating jealousy and envy, or at worst, obsession.  Two is the most difficult number in many ways, because a relationship between two is intense, no buffer, no barrier, nothing to add stability.  However, this is also the love that charges the heart, emboldens the spirit, and fills one with joy overflowing.  Let this sunny day of the heart shine forth to all around you.

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 2 of Cups, Love.

sallie cole

"Physical attraction, not necessarily serious relationship, (like Lovers card). Can be though. Cooperation, Agreement, Doing something out of love for the other person. Tied into someone. Falling in love. Renewing love. Appreciating the other. Being the other,being the love (tantra)."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Meeting the Inner" H61, Inner Truth, "I will share my wine (truth) with you." At some point you must move from the Subject Truths you possess to the Universal or Outer or Objective Truths. You have to come to terms with Human Nature in all its aspects. This is the path of Love (affection, benevolence, goodwill). When you can look and see what you look at, and each distinction is part of the whole, you have this truth."

"Venus in Cancer.
Emotional fulfillment with love of self.
Love of something.
Women & children. Public, property.
Love of expression. Self love."

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