Friday, April 15, 2011

Princess of Cups

This card represents a youthful, flowing emotional energy.  She has not yet attained the mastery of the Queen, and therefore needs assistance and balance to remain securely on her path.  While the energies surrounding her can be supportive (fish, swan, lotus, etc), she has her hands full and may be trying to do too much.  The tortoise in her cup represents longevity, and may symbolize past relationships, past lives or any other "baggage" she may be carrying, which she feels necessary, but she might balance better without it.  However the other energies around her can be liberating if she allows them to, finding her support in mutually dependent relationships, rather than co-dependent, needy parings. She is infused with all she needs to grow emotionally, the jewels on her dress represent gifts yet unclaimed.  As she grows into emotional calmness and a secure self-image, she will be able to express these gifts without fear they will not be well received.  The shadow side of this card is a sense of emotional manipulation, stemming from a lack of self-belief, from not understanding the nature of her good (and her goodness).  By releasing herself from the need to please others, she finds her own emotional fullness, balance and strength.

Note: see Andy's post below for a very comprehensive understanding of this card.  I don't know where he draws his inspiration from (i.e., the image references) but it rings true and it is point of view I've not seen before.  

from the original website: 

Princess of Cups
"A young one prone to deception (ill dignified)A young one willing to recieve and use good counsel (dignified)"

"This is a lovely card.I know that it has the association of snow, & indeed I've found that it often predicts a literal snowfall...but I also have the association of snowflakes, & how each is unique. For me, this card reminds us to celebtrate & love our own uniqueness, & draw it out. Another asssociation is tha ask the question, what, or perhaps who, was the the first thing I ever loved? This question is often extremly relevant at the time of the reading, & can point the querant in the right direction."
corrina elliott

"The Princess of Cups represents the earthy part of water. She is a dancing figure, robed in a flowing pink garment. This is a truly spititual card. Above her head is a swan with open wings. The symbolism of this swan is connected to the swan in oriental philosophy, which is a representation of the mystical mantra 'AUM', which is the sound of creation and the universe. She holds up a shell-like Cup, from which issues a tortoise. Again, this is the tortoise which in Hindu philosophy supports the elephant on whose back is the universe. The Princess is stood in the foaming sea, and behind her swims a dolphin, which symbolises the power of creation. She allows her lotus blossom to go free into the waves, a symbol of the trusting and open heart. Basically, this is a card of new beginings and letting go.
As a person, this princess would have fair to medium brown hair and pale eyes (blue/green). This could be a person of either sex, who is at peace within themselves. She is loving and spiritually aware. This person has strong artistic and creative talents. Crowley states that she is "All sweetness, all voluptuousness, gentleness and kindness".
As a situation, the Princess of Cups is telling you to become more spiritually aware. You may have psychic or healing gifts that need expression. This is a card of creation, and can signify the birth of a child, or perhaps just the birth of new talents and ideas. It is also a time to open up emotionally, and let love into your life. Past hurts can now heal. You may find yourself drawn to the sea in some way, perhaps through travel. The sea is a very healing element.
The Princess of Cups represents all the water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer). People born under these signs can help you open up emotionally, or these time frames could be of significance for the above interpertations."

"Gentle woman discovering self confidence.
Loving. Sensitive. Learning to put down boundries.
Compromise. Shell is open to the world.
Nieve-growing & learning. Young at heart."

"You dance the dance of the spiral. Your emotions are in harmony. Your spiritual awareness is the reason for the balance you feel. All around you is related. The creatures of the air, land, and water, whether plant or animal. Your realization of this helps you keep thing in perspective. Fire is represented by the gold emblems on the dancers robe. The folds of the robe envelope all which are related. You use your intelligence to maintain the balance of your emotional harmony."
Connie MacAlpin

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  1. This sooooooooo resonates with me today; July 7, 2016. It would not have in 2011. Interesting that is was posted at 3:33