Monday, April 11, 2011

7 of Cups

This card shows an emotional swamp, a lethargic, stagnant emotional state.  The name, "Debauch" refers to hedonistic abandonment, excessive pleasure taken to extremes.  It also refers alchol and drugs used excessively for escape.  The Scorpio energies go deep into the bowels of our experience and while Venus appears to offer solace, she is a beguiling seductress here, leading us to an unproductive dream state, much like an opiate haze where nothing is clear, honest or real.  This card also reveals toxic emotions, patterns of self-avoidance, patterns of accepting or embracing toxic relationships, patterns of escaping the pain of those things through whatever means "feels good".  It represents, as noted below, the turning inward of the experience of the 6 of Cups, pleasure hoarded rather than shared.  In the Sample Reading posted in March, this card came up in reference to health issues, and as such refers to sluggishness of the fluid systems of the body.  It can be a call to purify diet, change habits, release addictions, (physical or emotional) which may subsume you like quicksand.  Don't stay stuck here!

from the original website: 

7 of Cups, Debauch.

"Often, this card will represent getting swallowed up in a swamp of emotions, either one's own or that of another(s). Of course, it is we ourselves who permit that to happen.
There is often a reminder in the Seven of Cups to remember to discern fantasy from reality so that we don't drown in the illusory muck."
James Wells

"This card represents (in my opinion) the overdoing of Pleasure (the previous card) Enjoyment in too many things makes you lose sight of your moral standards. It's just like partying: It's great till you have too much of it. Thus, too much pleasure brings corruption and debauchery."

"This card seems to be thematic of our particular stage of social evolution as Americans. Could be renamed "American Excess". Is a very postitive card for us, sort of a prelude to the black earth phase. Delicious debauchery indeed!"
Rian Fike

"This is the card of addiction. The 7 of Cups speaks to the hollowness of self from which we flee. It reminds us that denial increases denial. This is the dead end road, the empty cup, stagnation, deprivation and ultimate loss. This card represents the "lead role in a cage," the attempt to find fulfillment in something which is essentially narrow and restricted. This card signifies lies and betrayal as an attempt to thwart one's deepest convictions. It is a fear card, not a rage card. It is reversal and stuckness, truly one of the ugliest cards in the Thoth deck."

"Venus in Scorpio.
Emotional attachment to something that cannot be.
Sorrow. Pity for oneself.
Lack of emotional fulfillment.
Time element divisable by 7."

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