Friday, April 1, 2011

Ace of Cups

Here is the seed of the energy of Divine Love.  Our cup runneth over with fullness from Source. As above, so below, and the mirrored image here shows the structure of the dynamic of Love flowing through our vessel into a reflecting pool of joy.  On the other side, we understand all the aspects of love, there is no confusion, no hesitation, just an outreaching web of connectedness that radiates Love from Source.  Here, on the earthly plane, it's a puddle, flowing, spilling, bubbling, and brings to us all those aspects of love in an uncontrolled, unrestrained manner.  While it's true that love can leave us vulnerable, activating wounds of separation and reinforcing that illusion, Love is a healing balm, whether through joy or tears.  The waters flowing unrestrained allow us to be purged of all our old hurts, to be filled to the brim and beyond with Love's fullness in all aspects.  YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE LOVE.

from the original website:

 Ace of Cups.
"The strands of conscience are spun and woven in symetrical clarifying web of insight reaching the depths of the sea to the hieghts above. Just as the vibration of the fluttering of a caught insect inside the spiders web so is the string direct between heart and universe. Bringing through this direct connection cool refreshing water and a clear reflection."

"This card represents the activation of the chakra that exsists above the crown chakra in one of the many energetic auric bodies. This chakra is the connection of that auric body to the universe in a personal manner. Many of the energetic chakras allow us to experience the impersonal power of the universe but this one embraces or cradles,(like the ocean is cradled in its bed) our essense to the greater oneness to empower us in a gentle carressing nurturing manner. The experience is subtile , like the water lapping on a shoreline, but far reaching, dynamic, and very powerful. A very personal experience of a nurturing pure love between the Greater Oneness and mankind. The begining of the establishment of the true self within an individual and the far reaching consequences on a universal level."
Markus Rowbotham

"This card, when drawn symbolizes the perfect day."
Amelia Mameenook

"The beginning of the water element and of emotions... especially of love and happy-giddy stuff."

"Pure force of Water. I invoked water at Allegany State Park last night at Red House Lake under a clear, moonless sky. It led to the meditation of my body as a continually changing center of waterpower, just as the lake is. The card shows the Grail as a solid vessel, but the base is continuous, i.e. its foundation is out of sight(unknowable).

If the experience of Life is One Organic Event, Water is the key to understanding how we partake of the existence of all things, since we, like all things, are whirlpools of existence."
Rich Gardner

"Receiving divine blessings in abundance, flowing from the source, _through_ the chalice. Be open to receive these blessings, and pass them to others. That unconditional love that comes to you should go out to others from you. What is above is reflected in what's below, so reflect what you've been given. This is the image of the Holy Grail."
Annie Kane

"The Trusting Heart. Allowing things to unfold naturally. My cup runeth over with love and emotions. You will be blessed with love and happiness within the year. Falling deeply in love. Pregnancy, fertile. Unconditional love."
Lisa Lovejoy

"The beginning of a new time of open-hearted connection, with others, and within the self. Blossoming of creative and emotional aspects of personality. Love will win out, and the querant will be open to the healing, nourishing influences of love. "Give peace a chance!" Fertility -- physical (and creative), emotional, and spiritual."

"Good positive energy.
Number one.
An ace.
terri lynn krul

"Clarity of heart.
No money worries.
Concerns emotional fulfillment."

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