Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 of Cups

5 of Cups, Disappointment

We have allowed the well run to dry.  Our expectations for love weren't met, and it's turned our hearts downard, made our cups fragile, breakable.  The energy of Mars is the energy of the ego, of fighting, of aggression, of selfishness.  In Scorpio, this energy comes to the surface, as "what about ME?  What about MY feelings? What did I do to deserve this?" All of our underlying fears about love are brought to the surface, including our partner mirroring the parts of ourselves we find unloveable.  The elements of victim consciousness come to the fore here, also having been victimized. Of course we have expectations of our lovers and love relationships, to treat us kindly, to put us in a place of importance, to value and respect us.  But here we see the outcome of having not learned the lessons of the 4, where Love must flow through ourselves first before we have what we need to share with others. Likewise in order to receive love from another, we must first carve that space in our hearts by loving ourselves.

from the original website:

5 of Cups. Disappointment.
"You can't always get what you want.
You can't always get what you want.
You can't always get what you want.
But if try sometimes, you'll find
You get what you need!
(with credit to Jagger/Richards!)"
Gary Oppenhuis

"This is NOT the card to be insensitive about with querent. If they seem lighthearted about it, then we can be, but usually this card is a deep sorrow, not one that can just be brushed off. Often, the sorrow needs to be felt in order for querent to move beyond it. We must be careful to be in tune with the pain that surrounds this card."
Lisa Lovejoy

"The sadness associated with with "loss of pleasure." The material universe (represented by the pentagram) surmounting the aspiration of the soul, represented by the 5th point or apex of the pentagram which, in this case, is pointing downward. The astrological correspondence of the card gives the reader mental associations of intense energy and combustability (Mars) applied to a fixed quality of water (Scorpio). In mundane interpretations, the question could be related to excess energy or force toward a particular emotional want or perceived need. It is time to let go of material attachments or 'fixations' (Scorpio) and go with the flow of life more (nature of water)."

"Agony is born of desire, that's what you get for wanting"
Troy Salazar

"Mars in Scorpio.
Disappointment because expectations were not met.
Putting attention on empty instead of full.
Not getting what or all you expected.
If your attention is moved to the positive, then disappointment will be overcome.
No pain without attachment."

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