Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups.
This card embraces the energy of the Divine Femine, a counterpart to the both the High Priestess (Atu II) and the Empress (Atu III).  In her higher aspects, she embraces and exudes all of the emotional realm, and has found her place of contentment.  Like the Priestess, she remains behind the veil, allowing others to learn their own truths while, like the Empress, she is supportive and compassionate in that allowing.  She can seem mysterious, but this is more of her magic; by allowing others to contemplate her mysteries, she brings them to a higher understanding of their own emotional truths.  The shadow side of the Water Queen is a tendency to lean on illusion rather than being at ease in one's own truth, and in the lowest aspects, she hides in order to protect herself, using shadow games and emotional manipulation to conceal her true motives.  Her passivity can be a strength, if she is coming from strength, but from the weaker aspects, it becomes passive agressiveness, the game of pretending you feel one way in order to disguise that you really feel another.  She has truth to share, but first must acknowledge it within herself.

from the original website:

Queen of Cups.

"Most people see only what they want to see with this lady...she can be so empathhic, so passive....she is really just dreams & reflections & people get angry & dissapointed in her when she reveals herself to be an ordinary woman. Most people prefer her to remain a fantasy. This is not all the truth of the Queen of Cups, just one of them that seems prevalent to me at this time."
corrina elliott

"The Queen of Cups represents the watery part of water. She rules the 21st degree of Gemini to the 20th degree of Cancer. She is an image of extreme purity and beauty. Her throne is seated upon the still waters, making her very in touch with her feelings. She holds a shell-like Cup from which issues a crayfish (similar to The Moon in the Major Arcana), which represents fears coming to the surface of the concious mind, yet the stork is a symbol of emotional balance. She holds in her other hand a lotus blossom, symbol of purity. She is robed in an endless veil of light, which makes her image appear shrouded. The Queen is so radiant, you can hardly see her. Her reflection is as clear as her physical body. What is felt and experienced internally is also mirrored externally. "As within, so without". This card as a person would represent a fair haired and fair skinned caring and sensual woman. She is full of generosity and kindness. A mother type. She is also very sensitive and can seem to be in a world of her own at times. She may be a little hard to reach, because she is so drowned in her own emotions. She is a mysterious person who has healing ability and psychic powers. This card has links to the water sings of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Water is the most healing element, so this card can represent taking a good look at yourself (the reflection), and once you can see yourself clearly in life's mirror, you can change anything. This is the drowned world."
Andy Houghton

"Overwhelmingly sensitive.
Drowning in emotion.
Has trouble expressing herself.
Slow to speak. Psychic. Intuitive.
Needs to get emotions out. Should or does keep journal or diaries.
Could represent a woman in the backround.
Question another woman or meddling mom-in-law."

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