Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 of Cups

 3 of Cups, Abundance.

Here we have an evolution of the energy of the two, enhanced by their connection to Spirit.  The energy of the Ace flows down into the two, giving them such abundant joy that it must go forth into the world.  This card speaks to communion with and communication with Source, and expressing that connection with the beloved, and with loved ones all around.  This is a drawing down of love for its expression in all good things, overflowing in good measure.  It is a reminder to keep the connection to Spirit paramount in relationships, to express the highest love one is capable. The triangle is the most stable geometric form, and the trinity is expressed here as well.  By communicating (Mercury) the fullest expression of love to those around you (Cancer) all manner of abundance is attracted to you.  The manifestation of material abundance starts in the emotional center.  You must feel it to believe it, believe it to see it.

from the original website: 

"3 cups made of vibrant and succulent fruit. Each cup overflows with nectar which returns to the source. Each cup is a part of that which feeds and supports it. One whole eternally viable cycle, self-sustaining if you only take what is offered. You reap the harvest of that which you sow. Note: Strength of 4 to support, Strength of 4 to feed, Yet you are rewarded by three. Do not take more than you are offered/rewarded or the balance of the cycle will cease to exist. To cut the stems upsets the balance, to drain the pool upsets the flow. Only plucking the cups from their place will allow the fruit to grow again. This card represents, (to me), the reward, the pleasure of the harvest. It is the time to sample the fruits of your labour, but care must be taken to see that it continues. The greedy, and careless could destroy any future yields."

"This is a wonderful card of a flowing and outpouring of emotion, acceptence and communication. Especially in domestic or family affairs.
If poorly placed or ill-dignified, may warn against reading too much into or becoming too involved in a situation or circumstances that have not fully matured."

"Mercury in Cancer.
Communication with people you love.
Communication that comes back to you in a nurturing way.
Talk you give to others and it comes back to you via letter or telephone."

"This is a very rare, valuable and highly spiritual kind of love.
The 3 cups can symbolize 3 people that are very special to you."

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