Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 of Cups

4 of Cups, Luxury

Here we have the luxury of emotional self-containment. The source flows equally into each set of cups, and downward to the rest. The sign of Cancer resonates to heart and home, and this card is an image of family, the fully-connected parents feeding the emotional centers of the children.  The Moon's intution shows us that we are responsible for our own happiness, and inwardly we know our own connection to the source is what gives us the emotional wherewithal to share with others.  Intuitively we know this, yet we in our humanness often wallow in the luxury of the false belief that happiness and fulfillment can come from another.  This card prompts questions about your own emotional connection, independent of those around you.  Are you giving enough to yourself?

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4 of Cups, Luxury.
"The sky is blackened and sea is ruffled. You are being given something but you don't see it or don't care to see it. Emotions are muddied.
Taken altogether, material discontent due to your ignornace or muddied emotional state."

"The emotions are in a very boring place.
There is not pasion.
A relationship based in a formal statement.
Where is the truth of your feelings?."
Frater Olam

"I find myself becomming too attached to a man who is still married, they live apart because of the problems they have. Then i read my own interpretation of this card hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."
joani parker

"What is being offered to you that you are not seeing?
Have you given up on finding comfort?
Do you feel you deserve comfort?
Could you let go of feeling sorry for yourself?
Can you find the luxury that already surrounds you internally and externally?
Are you ignoring your own needs?
Are you denying yourself your own space?
Are you taking time for just yourself?"
Lisa Lovejoy

"Wanting pleasure at any cost, love, seen only as physical gratification. Superficial emotional life, no reality, the pleasure proves to be fleeting and causes, eventually more loss of one's moral fiber. Unable to value the true, the external matters most. You need to strive for something of real substance."
Joani Parker

"Moon in Cancer.
Taking control of your life by having freedom.
Giving your partner the emotional luxury of freedom of self expression. Saying what one needs to say without fear.
People who are whole unto themselves.
Could involve family or property."

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