Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8 of Cups

 8 of Cups, Indolence.

Here we have the dark before the dawn.  Not quite the "Dark night of the soul" of Atu XVIII - The  Moon, but more of the weariness of having been in a dark place for a long time and not seeing the sun breaking on the horizon. This is a card of emotional restriction, usually self-created, a fear of faith, if you will.  This energy is afraid to hope, afraid to feel.  The emotional stagnancy of depression is indicated here as well.  The indolence of not having hope or faith in anything beyond the current situation, and therefore not moving in any direction.  However, this card is the harbinger of hope, as the sun is starting to peek on the far horizon.  The cure for this state is knowing that "this too, will pass" . . . and that is always true, no matter whether what we are experiencing is something we judge as "good" or not.   By sailing on through the night, the new world of Happiness (9 Cups) awaits.

from the original website: 

"the card of the psychic vampire: a situation of emotional drain. the emotions are trapped in the lower cups/self and never make it to the Higher. also extreme denial of emotions."

"Sadness. Depression. Tears. Problems with fertility."

"From the labour of the sun."
Alan E O'Brien

"To me the eight of cups (hod in yetzirah for you qabalists) represents the time in life when it becomes a necessity to experiece an emotional death. I see the cups (which represent emotion) as being a linear journey from 1 to 10 and thus the eight represents the realization that the fantasies of the seven of cups were false... However this must suck, it also pays to remember that the eight also leads to the nine of cups, the TRUE realization of love and happiness..."
Luke Bradley

"Saturn in Pisces.
Dream restrictor.
Doing something to excess.
What are you doing to excess?
Being excessive to avoid something.
Card of the Alcholic/Drug Addict/Gambler/Overeater 8 of disks is remedy for this card."

Storm clouds are hovering. There is a storm in the distance. It looks like some of it passed fairly recently. Some of the emotions were guarded against the storm, while some were not. There are puddles of different size and depth on the pathway to contentment. Be careful. The emotions which were caught in the storm are spilling over and affecting other emotional aspects of life. The center of the emotion is well guarded but in the middle of the chaotic emotional roller coaster and therefore the emotional stability is precarious at best.
Connie MacAlpin (khasmyr@pacbell.net)

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