Friday, March 4, 2011

4 of Wands

This card, called Completion, has the energy of Venus (Love) in Aries (Will) and directs us to balance the two energies in order to bring our experiences to the full circle of completion.  Only by tying up our loose ends can we progress to the next level.  Those who do not or cannot progress to the 5, which is strife, those who can and do sail past that and move to the 6, which is victory.  In assessing our actions in these matters, it is imperative that we bring the energy of Love to our Will, lest we become despotic, and the energy of Will to our Love, lest we become doormats.  Letting either energy dominate puts the situation "out of round", like a wheel with a bump on it,  Had we properly nurtured ourselves with the 3, this situation could not occur, so when one finds Love and Will out of balance, it is important to look at both energies through the lens of the 3 and ask "how can I balance these energies to serve myself, first, others second".  Only by being centered and balanced will our wheels turn smoothly.

from the original website: 

 4 of Wands, Completion.
"Kustom Kar Kompetition: Death is my last lover, raise yer head to rhe mountain, hot blood, forever lust...the Mother said, the mOther said...V.D.S.A.(vide T.M.T.-liber "Hag"!!! !!!!! !!!)"

"When asking for direction and this card appears, know that everything is to be where it should be. Turn the card on its corner and you will see a the cross which is total belief. It is out of your hands now. The four representing North South East and West. Four the square as in all things placed in each corner. Stand a book on its shelf and view it from a distance, it stands on its own with a wealth of information. "It has been written and so it shall be" Know this is right however it comes out with your trust in belief to see you through."

"The wishes circle, action = reaction, though you may not like it".

"Venus in Aries.
"Taking control" by loving yourself more.
Comes to completion of Karmic issue. Things will then change at this point. (4 days, weeks or months.)
Could be a divorce card. Up to each person to decide if relationship continues.
Most relationships are Karmic."

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