Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 of Wands

Having overcome challenges in the physical, now the energy has transferred to the higher mind (Sagittarius) and thoughts (Mercury) can now become things.  Here we see the thrust of manifestation energy, in its authentic form, capable of swift appearance, instant manifestation. What you desire comes quickly to pass. The octohedron balances the power "as above, so below" so centering and grounding are an important part of this process.  A caution not to get swept off by the current, but keeping the energy focused on the goal.  The rainbow signals the end of the storm, a bridge crossed from one level of experience to another.  With all this power now available for use, what will you create?

from the original website:

 8 of Wands, Swiftness.
"This card represents focus on detail. Fixation on things within the illusionary state of our exsistance. Homing in on situations..Also targeting things within the illusion. We, being the center, and the shapes being our field of perception, the red arrows being the energy, the colour of the base chakra, that we a directing to different areas of our field. Pin pointing. By doing this we energise our field of perception with active base charkra auric fields. Putting it out there,,Sexual energetic direction,, Fully trusting... at peace with doing that, with balance."
Markus Rowbotham

"Mercury in Sagittarius.
Spiritual attitude adjustment.
Communication of some kind. (8 days or weeks).
Piece of puzzle to your life being handed to you.
Sagittarius can bring in from anywhere without boundries. Within 8 days you will have some sort of spiritual adjustment with song, book, advise..."

"Good dignified:  Energy center from where energy can be sent in any direction wanted.
Ill dignified:  Scattered energy. The lightning goes in all directions with no control and is totally wasted.

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