Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 of Wands

The card of Mars in Aries is the go-getter of the deck. Here is the power of the Ace channeled into useable form.  I read somewhere that the image represents Tibetan "dorjes", a versatile instrument that can be used as a tool or a weapon.  Likewise, this powerful energy is left to the Will of the Wielder to determine whether to dominate (weapon) or serve (tool).  This card gives momentum to any action, albeit with the caution to use it wisely.

from the original website:

 2 of Wands, Dominion.
"The Big Inhale - This is the part of the wands journey where information, inspiration and love are gathered. Life experiences are stored up as fuel for later expression. Before leadership can happen we must be charged with a vision. This is the place where the river flows into us. Notice how fat those two wands are . . . swollen with potential."

"Dominion...Kenneth Anger would say the witches' voice, and the irresistible attraction of the number 13, which actually is a lucky one, unlike 12...It is a dire reminder that the urge to compete is a blow to the head of the foes who surround the many, as many they are(but mote not stay...). The mother said, The Mother's dead... ..... ...Get out of the shade-hark! upon the sharks of mercy. For me it is also a reminder of the iron shield no-one seems to see through, 'cause they can't help nobody fall to, that carries the latin maxim:"And thou shalt not fear" ---"eris sine metu!!!" . It's time to reevaluate your predispositions, and do away with thoughts, the pestilent byproducts of a neurotic mind, that sways gently for/ be-fore peers/the herd. Move your head, upwards , to the mountain head one must look , and let the current, initiated by that fearless mountaineer annex poet, flow through your veins...Learn how to compete, and no more shall competition be a gratified goal on its "own " merits. Eschew thoughts, for they leap ahead of your course of biochemistry-change your thoughts, taking swift and ardent action, to work the only thing that matters: 31 multiplied by the so-called "accursed" number, which needn't any explanatory notes. Fast, Wild world...Good days ahead. Fast and furious, ardent and swift-"

"the past is like a cold steel blade, ready to learn, it's to hurt a mans soul that it has been made...time just ain't just like a trade, only the one and only can help U to get out of the shade...This card surely explains the outcome of a few (couple or three ) readings I did online, on this and other sites, it 's merely a reminder of the course of transpersonal course(that mote be taken to prevent the will to turn into snailseed...)I need some Steel& Gasoline. out of the past, merchants of blood,with leaping laughter afloat and the heart turning into a furnace of jet black love, powerful yet not pertaining to the vice, which, one needn't mention , do we? , is the vice of kings. Replenish your Urn, feed it with a Karma that burns..."

"This card has s definite male energy attached to it. It can mean sexual attraction between two men. I also can interpret the card as to say that it is a warning card like "dont go there" type of thing. I feel it can also represent a stronghold an or a benifical truce between Males."
Markus Rowbotham

"There are two ways. Choose correctly. Have no fear in your mind, the one you choose will be right for you."

"In a world of uncertainty
Here is something powerfully real and really powerful.
It is strong and stable and at balance within itself.
An excellent foundation for future action."

"Stubble burning, gehenna"

"No one shall harm you; you're the ruler of your mind."

"Mars in Aries.
Applying energy to pertain to your life.
Joining together.
Fast and passionate card.
Driving forward to manifest.
Taking control of your world.
"Hard & Fast" "

"This is the 'wonderment' card to me and reminds me of the I Ching hexegram, 'Innocence, the Unexpected'. We are in awe of the vibrancy of this card and in our innocence could almost exclaim, 'oh!' or 'wow!' as we are surprised by the powerful energy. It represent a dominant energy which is noticeably so. In any case, the strength of this card somewhat depends on how we react to it -whether it overwhelms us etc..It is a (notable) person, thing or situation on which there is layed some kind of emphasis -why or what that is depends on the surrounding cards. It could represent a suprise, a revelation (after a painful experience or even trouble brewing. In the results position it is an outcome which wa unexpected at the time, but was, in retrospect, a logical follow on/conclusion from past thoughts and actions."

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