Sunday, March 6, 2011

6 of Wands

Ah, the sweet smell of victory! To know the inner satisfaction of a job well done, whether it is a physical task or growth opportunity.  Here the energies balance themselves, having burst through the form of the 5 and now free to be expressed.  Jupiter expands Leo's dynamic creativity, and there is nothing you can put this energy to that will fail.  All is possible from this point; the choice of direction and ease of the journey from here depends on  the level of mastery of the early stages of the cycle.

from the original website:

 6 of Wands, Victory.
"every battle is faught before it has even begun.Know that victory is yours. Then you can focus on the battle,and enjoy it."

"Release of pressure. Knowing that you are on the right track as far as your life is concerned. Focused. Having the ability to move one whereas previously you were stuck. Not giving in to undirected thinking while under pressure will yeild the victory that you seek. Power after unrest and confusion. Clarity."

"Victory after a long period of suffering and struggling coming to a close."

"Jupiter in Leo.
Spiritual victory.
One has expanded in their ability to lead.
Lesson learned and are now being tested.
6 weeks or months.
First step toward fame.
Making the right choice. Mastering of something."

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