Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 of Wands

Ah, here we have Sun in Aries, the first day of Spring.  The vernal equinox is when the light begins its dominance of the day, bringing us from the preponderance of darkness, likewise this card indicates that sense of balance of the energies within.  The 3s always deal with mind, body and spirit, and the triangular foundation they form is solid here in creative energy.  As Crowley notes "The Sun had enkindled the Great Mother" and it is time for that creative force to take shape in the outer world. The bloom of the lotus at the top of each wand is symbolic of the growth that is manifest when the virtue of balance is acheived.  For most clients, this card comes as a commentary of self-care, as we often neglect that in favor of others.  We were taught as children that to be "selfish" is wrong, that the others should come first. This card seeks to redress that imbalance, as Aries is the sign of ME FIRST and here it is a call to honor the self first, which brings all other things to balance.  Generally this card comes with the message "Passengers are instructed to put on their own oxygen masks first, before attending to the person next to them".  Without caring for ourselves, we have nothing to use in caring for others.

from the original website:

 3 of Wands, Virtue.
"Solid, Balanced, and a promising future. The foundation is firm with good roots, trust in it as you act on it. The plans and preparations have been done well, and goals are on the horizon. Look ahead with confidence and strength."

"Ideas related to work and activities are present. You may be feeling the creativity and are looking to fill the void and shape these areas in your life. Direct your creativity, because all that you feel CAN be acomplished. Make your choice and go for it because if you cling to what you have now, things will never change."
Michael Hartman

"Sun in Aries.
Honesty and integrity.
Self nurturing and self fulfillment.
Other side of this card:
Are you being honest with yourself? The hanged man hides under this card.
Are you taking care of yourself?
Are your needs being met?"

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