Monday, March 7, 2011

7 of Wands

The image on this card is resonant with this spine, as is this card's energy of having some "backbone" as we say in the US, which is another way of saying have strength and courage aligned with integrity, aka valor.  One would think that Valor would come before Victory, but the aftermath of a battle is always where one's integrity is called upon.  Having come through the battle victoriously, we are asked to maintain our integrity, to have the strength not to vascillate in our view, but to express what needs to be cleaned up with grace. Likewise, it is a card indicating perseverance in the current situation, to see it through to the end.  The energy of this card crackles with impatience as Mars lights Leo's fire to "get it done!" As we will see in the 8, this energy used in a loving and focused manner will yield swift results.

from the original website:

 7 of Wands, Valour.
:The scorched earth thirsteth"
Alan E O'Brien

"There is a conflict at hand, and the results are as yet uncertain. Your focus should be on maintaining integrity and acting courageously, out of good intent and possibly at great risk. Do not get caught up in an ugly war. Fight this with grace, to the finish."

"Valour. Mars in Leo.
Remedy for the 7 of disks.
Strength. Aggressive. Capable.
Worthiness, ready to receive.
Define what you want in your life and take action.
Having courage to stand in the limelight."

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