Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9 of Wands

Here is the unification of  the conscious (Sun) and the subconscious (Moon) in the high-minded sign of Sagittarius.  As the light of the conscious mind shines on the inner self, great strength is revealed, and power, once latent, comes to the surface.  As this union of Sun and Moon is also the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, this card also is a "marriage of heaven and earth" bringing strength in the fullness of that balance.  A card of harmony, balance and unified strength, its appearance shows one is well on the way to achieving the goal.

from the original website:

 9 of Wands, Strength.
"In my opinion this card means you can do what you want. And you can be what you want if you believe you can.That's what I think this card means to me."
Leland McMorris

"The Nine of Wands shows the way through the illusory images one will often encounter when first experiencing the Astral Forces. "The Machinery of the Universe" may be that the universe itself is illusory. Keep your eyes unfalteringly on Tiphareth, the Sun, and you will pass through safely..."

"Sun & Moon in Sagittarius.
Through your wisdom you are building spiritual strength necessary to manifest your dreams.
Expand beyond personal ego.
Soul and ego working together to manifest dreams.
Inner guidance driving you forword and toward your goals. (9 weeks or months.)"

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  1. Crowley's words on this card and the Moon in Sagittarius: "the weakest planet in the most elusive sign, and yet we call it strength".