Monday, March 14, 2011

Knight of Wands

There is no battle, no obstacle, no trial so daunting that this energy cannot overcome.  This reminds me of the  US Postal Carriers motto "neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor dark of night shall keep us from making our appointed rounds" and that is certainly true of the Knight of Wands.  He is the energy King and will not be deterred, daunted or defeated. That said, this card's appearance is not a guarantee of success in and of itself;  this is a hard-won battle, a well-earned victory.  What this card should inspire is the self confidence and courage to undertake any task, knowing that the Will and Energy are there to see it through to completion.

from the original website:

Knight of Wands.
"Triangle within triangle, Fire of Fire...A proud, trustworthy man. Action speaks louder than words. Action indeed, time and again; but there might be a slight indication of failure if success is not accomplished at face value...generally indicates someone whose soul clings to Art, and especially musick--a lot of times Sagittarius...(nov.21- dec.20)"

"You have to burn all the useless old stuff, before you can move on. People will hate you for doing this, but in the end, it'll be the best for everybody. Nothing new can grow, if you live in the past. Speed, energy, strenght!"
Alli Mäntymäki

"One hard mother , who will kick butt."

"The pale rider.  Doom.  Retribution before the final judgement The fiery charger of spirit born into matter.The Rain King in the shadow of the storm. Black lightning and white thunder. The pheonix sailing the winds of havoc. A ghost rider in the final necropolis; Gotham. The Fenris Wolf."
Ezra Andersen

"When you really need to get something done, to meet a challenge, launch a dream, or just live life to the fullest, you want to have this warrior for an ally. Cut the crap! Let's get down to it. The quickener. The "fire it up" master of getting the job done. And, He wont put up with falseness, deceit, or Bull**** from anyone. Truly, he is the Fire of all fire. If you have to go out and face the muck and the Maya, or if your into some deep shadow work, summon the Knight of wands, and keep him at your right hand constantly until you've hit your mark."
James Schlesselman

"Aggressive man.
Does not let go.
Creative. Passionate. Hot headed!
Will not let go until he gets what he wants."

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