Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 of Wands

 Here the restriction we created in the 5 has manifest in the outer world, creating a situation that binds us.  Now we must not only resolve the root problem but also fix the outer reflection of it.  Here is a barrier which prevents us from going forth, for our own learning, or perhaps for our own safety.  We are standing in a prison of our own making, and only the dissolution of the root cause, an internal alchemy of change, can set us free. Yet once that has been accomplished, it also propels us forward.

from the original website:

10 of Wands, Oppression.
"The client is setting themselves up for dissapointment. They have unrealistic hopes and dreams, depending on the position of the card in the spread. Its not that it is not achieveble but not just right now. Say on the path that you are will eventually lead to your goal. To be able to see it is perfect for now and will prepare you to enter that place. The place that you see is not what you will experience. You are not ready! We know that we should trust the universe and its processes..and can have a sense ofit...but doing it is another experience that will happen in the perfect timming of the greater scheme of things. Accept the space where you are at...."
Markus Rowbotham

"You are overworked, even if you don't see it yourself right now. Take some time off, and you will see your life in a new perspective".

"I finally got the Thoth deck a week ago and I compared the cards to the Lord of the Rings deck. In the LotR deck, this card's artwork is described as: "Sam carries Frodo up the side of Mount Doom toward where they can cast the Ring. The burden will soon be lifted from Sam's shoulders." That pretty much sums up my interpretation. I think that although it can be taken as what it says on the card, "Oppression," it could be taken as instead of a negative thing, it could still be a positive thing soon coming to an end. Although it may be holding back your free will, it could still be a good thing."
Kyrasantae Nightstalker

"Saturn sets the restriction in the expression of the Sag. influence in this card. Limit to any action involved in query. Perhaps a communication breakdown or a situation concluding to a halt in the situations which leads to inaction strongly felt in the emphasis to the 1. 10. Perhaps Saturn has placed a limitation on the situation which restricts the personality in the sag nature."

"Stop taking on other people's stuff, you've got enough to carry on your own."
Lisa Lovejoy (

"Free yourself of relationships and situations that weigh heavily on your soul. Look within yourself to rid yourself of restrictions that are of your own creation before they lead to self-destruction; external elements are not always the cause of entrapped emotions."
zenata lamour

"Saturn in Sagittarius.
Holding back.
Restrictions on emotion & energy.
Not ready.
10 months or weeks."

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