Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prince of Wands

"Here I come to save the day . . . . " The theme from the cartoon Mighty Mouse always rings through my head with this card, as he breaks through the flames a self-proclaimed "hero".  The impulsive, impetuous, dynamic energy unleashed in the princess turns from serving self to serving others yet it's still all for "show".  The shadow side of the Emperor is seen here, he who serves to rule.  The Prince wants to do well, be "all he can be' but is still emotionally immature enough to bask in his own glory.  This energy, uncontrolled, can lead us into high-minded impulses, the "hey, why not?" that prefaces some of our most misguided efforts.  Channeled properly, the power to break through obstacles in an open, willing manner, is powerful indeed.

from the original website:

 Prince of Wands.
"This card to me is connected with physical activity, creative energy, and an extrovert quality. This is a man with an athletic physique. He is a little exotic to look at but has a very attractive face. He has firey red hair."

"Brilliant star-like person. Fiery, aggressive, intellectual, impulsive, full of anxious energy. Can also be ambivalent, manipulative, and unable to persevere with emotional issues. Represents the "puer aeternus" (eternal child of light). Forming stage of "right action"; if well dignified may proceed to mature Knight archetype."

"This guy drives a red car or truck and he is real proud of it....external appearances important to him...not too concerned with what is inside of himself, uses "stuff", including women, to punch his ticket. Not interested in self are used to keep from feeling."
joani parker

"Little boy or Tom boy.
Moving forward.
Expanded view of the world."

"The Prince of wands--the airy part of fire. Actively intellectual, though not active on the physical plain. Knowledge for knowledge's sake--the universe exists to be understood. Though an "idea" man he works behind the scenes. Of strong convictions but subtle in implementaion. Can signify rational debates, mischeivous behaviour (though usualy light-hearted), manipulation-but usualy not for personal gain. Badly inluenced can mean random cruelty, nihlism, stalking."

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