Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ace of Wands

The driving force of kundalini energy rising, Wands energy is the life force, the creative energy that rises from our roots and takes us forward. The Aces are always the seeds of the suits' energy, and this seed is like a megawatt electric generator, capable of powering an entire city, (or a human life ;)  This card brings the power to accomplish anything, if properly contained, if allowed to flow freely. While that may seem a pardox, its akin to pushing electricity through the wires, containg its flow, yet using it for whatever you choose to plug in.

from the original website:

 Ace of Wands.
"The Tree of Life. This card is a sign of a born (or reborn) with great and positive energy. The Creative nature in it's most pure state. A tree groing up and reach the High Plan.
You say :"I can't belive it. It's too good to be true." And You do nothing. Stationary state. Lost of creativety. Vampirism. Energy drain. Blind Introspection and depression"
Vicente S. guidoreni

"Red Being the color of Base charkra is in ya face in this card. Survival, sex, Spontinaity, Radiating energy, heat, projection of personal energy field, instict, hungry. Element is fire, so purification without consuming, total outward energy being fueled form converging earth energy grids, vibrabcy, life. The situation could be that a situation is heating could be of a sexual nature, or client needs to be careful of fire(Physical) I feel its important that this card needs to move into something...as in base charka work is good as it invokes a solid trust in life universal energy and earth energy, but needs and is compeled to ascend to develop to change.....This vibrant life energy needs to go somewhere to do something.......to transform.. to evolve....Great card!"
Markus Rowbotham

"The Ace of Wands represents the apex of "life energy" or sheer will. It indicates that the world is in your corner and if not, it doesn't seem to matter because of the power of "I can." or "I will."
Aaron Hoffman

"When I was recovering from sexual trauma, I got this card a lot. I took it to mean rape or any sort of sexual dominance. I recently read for a young man where it simply stood for horniness as well. ":)

"An erection, the force of nature. The lust and joy of life, the force that naturally arises. Becomming aware of what "turns you on". Be aware of your reactions at this time they will help you to get in tune with your will."
Joani Parker

"I have always described this as a beginning or opportunity of some sort, depending on the spread. But, now I realize more of what the Querent MAY be going through at times. Like, wanting to JUMP OUT OF YOUR SKIN! Or, the real You is screaming to get out. And, as I read someone else say "that animal instinct wanting to get out". This card in other decks has been said to be "The Thumbs up card", which never gave me the insight that these people have given me. Thanks to all of you!"
Lisa Lovejoy

"Wands deal with Will. The Ace of wands deals with the ultimate expression of Divine Will. In meditation on this card one can return to the ultimate source which drives all creation. Here, divine will is absolute, ineffiable. Through this card we reach out to touch the hand of God. We can gain some insight into the Divine plan and our place in it."
Walter Weizenauer

"New job opportunity"

"My perceptions are that this card shows how everything, and everyone in this world are somehow intertwined regardless of space, time and even dimensions."

""The force that through the green fuse drives the flower." (Dylan Thomas)

The life force, visible in all nature, available and abundant, informing all life. Querent can make a conscious effort to tap into this force to power creative projects, problem solving, personal growth.

Ill-dignified: Querent is out of synch or out of touch with this animal nature, and needs to reconnect, to get out of his or her own way. Querent may be draining energy, possibly due to another person consciously or unconsciously consuming it (co-dependent relationship?), and needs to learn how to plug up psychic holes in order to "build and keep a charge"."

"Enlightened state and new beginning.
New idea, newborn.
Doorway for passion and creativity. Excitement.
Choosing what you want in life will always give you a passion for life."

"Creative and driving force, the force that gets you to do things in a creative manner, and things will be done!"

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