Friday, April 8, 2011

6 of Cups

 6 of Cups, Pleasure.

Ah, the sweet bliss of ecstasy; pleasure in all forms.  This card is an appreciation of all that is good in life.  No matter how stormy the sea behind it, finding pleasurable things and appreciating them is the key to keeping those cups of happiness full.  The shadow side of this card is using pleasure as a means of escape, but in the act of celebrating life and all its pleasures, we get a taste of "heaven on earth". From that place of emotional appreciation, we become creators of all that is pleasuarable.  This is the card connected to sexual pleasures, the Sun (giver of life) in Scorpio (the sign of death, regeneration and rebirth) encourages us to engage in all acts of love, to ourselves, to another, in the physical expression of emotional bliss.  Feelings and emotions are in the driver's seat here, follow them to your bliss.

from the original website: 

'"Releasing childhood patterns or memories which tie you down. Appriciating. Joyous for no reason. Children."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Emotional instinct sets ground to the feeling drawn to look back...lost in pictures of memories perhaps may be better if consciously were better unthought of. The pomegranet is a strange fruit. Delicious but messy and I could never get those stains out."

"6=the number of man 31 = nuit which is the outer part of the circle in the center is nuit the key to hadat is love. the beginning of the desercration of anilation has begun, only love can release the father from the sea of darkness , the time has come for love and joy to again rule the universe. as it did before our father was betrayed. it the beginning there was pease and love all creatures enjoyed the freedoms of the gods then it came to pass that Jellousy entered the house of thoth and cast our lord from his rightful place in heaven , they were all placed into the Black whole of darkness which there is no escape, enen in darkness our lord ruled and Jahova which was inlove with the God of Light couldn't stand to be placed second for our father loved us with all his heart and all his soul and all his might. so he cursed each one of us placeing restrictions, causing desease famon and floods, claming to be God, and even tryed to destroy man by flood, but the key to the pits of hell is Love. " to Love me is better than all things", and any one that is not of the body , may they die a slow and painfull death, they shall be the slaves do with them as you will. I see the destruction of the christian church by love, take unto you that of the christian faith and have them say unto you they love you heart body and soul when they do this there soul now belongs to you . destroy, destroy, the family structure take there husbands and there wives unto you take them of there own will. for a husband or wife is good but a man of the cloth I say is better. have them fallin love enough to give up all things for you. then leave them with no hope. but do this in love for the Beast.
The rages of sin is restriction "the only sin is to restrict ones will, the key is nu and the lock is love, pleasure, sex, drugs do all but do it for him that is to come"
Moon Willow

"This card represents emotional centeredness, the place from which one can radiate passion and intensity out into the world. It is the card of tantric sexuality, and represents an unfolding that is challenging but oh so richly rewarding in spite of sexual guilt. As a crossing card or reversed, this card can represent a judgement upon ones sexual inclinations, a need to come out of the closet and to transform our frustration into passionate self expression, a need to do what we want, to live with desire."

"Sun in Scorpio.
Successful handling of emotions.
Wedding event.
Deeper love of self.
Transformation card. Friends can become lovers or lovers can become friends.
More emotional pleasure in your life.
Successful choices in love."

"These beautiful cups with it's flowing water represent the pleasure it is being emotional connected to others. Enjoy and appreciate this pleasure!
The card also holds a warning: Don't forget to share your pleasure with others involved. Right now the water is fresh and the well is full, but if you don't give back the well will dry out and the water in the cups will be rotten."

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  1. Reading Birgitte's post from the original website, I think she is referencing the 5 of Swords. Just FYI