Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knight of Cups

Knight (aka King) of Cups

Here we have the open-hearted Divine Masculine energy, the new paradigm warrior.  This card represents an emotionally mature man, at ease with his heart energy, dedicated to healing and service.  He is peaceful and gentle in his exchanges with others, dedicated to the bringing his best self to hearth and home (Cancer's crab in the Holy Grail).  As Fire of Water, he has experienced the intensity of the range of human emotion, has taken his share of wounds, and has realized his own growth and healing is where he must center in order to be of service.  From this place of self-acceptance and self-love, he can give freely, without expectation, and prove the trustworthiness that is his innate character.  The shadow side of this energy is one who has stayed stuck in a wound, who continues to probe an experience obsessively and waits for others to do the work to heal him, or drowns his sorrows in drink (in his cups, so to speak).  However, even in the shadow energy, he has his wings, and they can take him through the emotional travail to the place of compassion, for both self and others, that he desires.

from the original website: 

Knight of Cups.
"The Knight Of Cups represents a powerful masculine figure who is romantic and sensitive, yet in charge and on top of things. He is subtle, polite and caring. He is full of chivalry and a complete gentleman where women are concerned. He is family orientated, friendly and social. He appears to be a knight in light armor. As a love interest his love seems timeless, as if you have loved forever. The Knight Of Cups works with nature and overlooks his vast land and throne.He is refined and usually delegates his dirty work to others. At times he can be hot and cold with his affections to the extreme. He portrays a childlike demeaner yet remains truly respected.He is a great story teller and overall a trusted lover,friend, or associate.The Knight of Cups is associated with the white rose which symbolizes purity and spiritual love. Also pansy flowers and palms.This card is connected to the lotus flower which symbolizes purity of heart."
rebeka soluri

"The peacock thru a show of vanity of tail display chooses to remain earthbound. The "Knight" (Fire of Water) uses his energy to rise above the mundane, and lift his chalice to a higher purpose. The Cancer Crab is elevated to spiritual pure love and nurturing. He moves quickly with purpose."
Stephen Tundi

"He is THE example of Unguarded. He knows that he is true to himself and others emotionally, and has the most open heart of any of the male court cards in the deck. He looks as though he is surfing in the picture, surfing the wave of life,(his horse is the surfboard.) He is not afraid of being seen, or of what others will say about him, because he knows himself through letting down his guard. He has found his True Self. He is honest and loyal. He is powerfully nurturing. He shows the true power in vulnerability."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Trustworthy platonic friend.
Healer. Sensative. Intuitive.
Moves forward when urged to.
Trust this person."


  1. I just found your blog. I intend to read every post. I hope this isn't the end of it.

  2. Thank you, yes, I've been on hiatus for a bit, dealing with my mother's end of life care. Rest assured I have every intention of continuing. I am preparing the rest of the deck and some other ideas, perhaps exploring the connections between the four As, twos, threes, etc. much like Crowley and Lon Milo DuQuette have done in their works. Look for more sample readings down the road as well. Thanks for your comment and support! (If anyone has further ideas on what they would like to see happen here, this is a good time for me to ponder them, so please feel free to comment or email. Thanks!)