Monday, April 18, 2011

Prince of Cups

 There is a lot of commentary below describing this card's shadow side, and I suspect many have fallen prey to the Water Prince's emotional scheming and manipulation.  Those aspects of the Scorpio energy depicted here are real and true, but not the totality of this person/card/energy.  This card's shadow also refers to the Neptune Path, the realm of emotional avoidance through drugs, dreams and denial.  Another aspect of that energy is the person who feels things so deeply that he cannot contain or control the effects of those intense emotions, and thus looks to suppress or numb them.  He also projects them, in his immaturity,  and often does not even see that, so focused is he on the Cup.  In the image, he skims the surface waters of life, with a great cloud of mist covering his tracks, suggesting that he may appear shallow or choose that appearance for personal concealment.  The light side of this card is an emotionally sensitive individual, who feels passionately and deeply the full spectrum of emotions, not the least of which are sexual.  He is a creative and inventive lover, one who is capable of bringing deep emotion to all encounters.  He is the creator and pursuer of dreams, a passionate and open expressor of heart's desires.  He is in tune with his own creativity, and while still self-absorbed emotionally, can ride through and beyond those feelings to give birth to his visions, swiftly skimming beyond perceived obstacles.  The energy of Air over Water, this card also indicates flying from continent to continent, taking that big silver bird across the ocean, usually on a journey geared toward the pursuit of happiness, or to passionately follow a dream.

from the original website: 

Prince of Cups.
"When this card is not representing a particular person, it stands for all the illusion that this prince is capable of or falls prey to. It can serve as a warning against falling into dreamlike, romantic illusions, or can serve to show that such illusions exist in the present situation, for better or worse. Knowing they're there is the first step to knowing whether they should remain. Just as this Prince is the young, unevolved form of the Knight, so too, the illusions in the situation can serve to increase our individual awareness, and lead to greater growth."
Annie Kane

"The Prince is garbed in an exoskeleton that represents the emotional barrier he places between himself and even his closest associates; he is further armoured with an eagle-mounted helm, which emphasises his intellectual and leadership characteristics. His attention is focused on his left hand where he holds a cup (the Graal), from which a coiled serpent issues. This is an allegory to his vast (pro)creative energies. The lotus flower in his right hand signifies the water sign and his sensual nature.

The Princes represented by this card are extremely complicated, contradictory persons possessed of an intense love of knowledge and power. They are ambitious and prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They form opinions very quickly (because of their keen insight) and change opinions very slowly (because of their great arrogance). They are loyal and honourable but only to their own ideas of what is right and wrong; they would give their lives for a friend but beware abusing that trust! In love, they are as in all other occupations: intense. These persons are frequently possessed of remarkable intuitive faculties, and are commonly drawn to a study of the occult.

In it's negative aspect the card signifies the corruption of these qualities. A person thus represented may be given to cruelty and abuse of those in their power; excessively jealous and vindictive."

"This prince can be ruled by his emotions. He may have some maturing to do, (depending on the spread.) He does indeed follow his passions to the extreme, somewhat like an teenager. However, his heart is full of inspiration and deep, deep feeling. He feels so deeply at times that his emotions overide everything else is his life! He can see through things though, like compliments that are only said for manipulitive purposes, as well as, bull-*#%& politics, and politicians. The mastery that this Prince stands for is: facing his desires, and knowing when it's time to let go of them."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Male that uses words/mental abilities that cloud the emotional issues. Deeply sensitive yet emotionally immature. Scared of revealing his vulnerabilities to some,as they may use/manipulate it against him. This stems from knowing he could manipulate others with their revealed vulnerabilities. Projects his shadow/emotionally undeveloped. Trust issues".

"This card has come forth for me as my personal card 5 times out of 5. I therefore use my personal interpretation of myself as the basis for the interpretation of the card. (Note: I found the other interpretations of this card interesting, in that they were very similar to derogatory comments aimed at me by my detractors.)
Prince of Cups:
High intellegence, arrogance and intuitional powers. Great personal power. Higher than average psychic abilities. Objective to a fault. Sensitive to critisism. Teacher, benefactor. Blunt, superior, cover puller. Critical of those closest to him. Great friend, terrible enemy. Superior rationalizer, creative in theorizing, masterful in denial. Accountable for his own nature, though unrepentant of same. Extremely self-aware, yet unable to change. Water person. Earthy. Old soul. Slides easily into darkness to know his enemy. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of his law. See other interpretations for the flip side of this coin".

"Be careful of this prince is right. This is a person whose thirst for knowledge is equaled only by his lust for power. Only after years of knowing this person will you know whether they are generally interested in your company or if you serve a purpose in some design of theirs. Be careful of mind games, since some of these will make you a guinea pig in their search for what makes people tick. Great friend--bad enemy, might seem to accomplish goals simply by raw power of their will. Don't ask them a question if you are insecure about the answer...they do not mince words."

"Man learning to take control of emotions.
Emotional transformation. Blames everyone.
Emotional button pusher.
Discoverer of his own blame. (Phoenix)
Takes responsibility of his life. (Eagle)
Sensual, loving, very intuitive. Reads aura's.
Can be possesive & vindictive.
Can be controlling and manipulative.
Be careful of this Prince."


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