Friday, March 11, 2011

Princess of Wands

The first expression of vital energy, bursting forth, open and free. An impuslive, impetuous energy, knowing no limits, no restrictions, oblivious to risk. This energy bursts into creative manfestation and the flames lift higher and higher. Be watchful, the conflagration may be more than you can control.

from the original website: 

 Princess of Wands.
"1, Two , three...fair woman, walk with me; ancient eyes , with fire ablaze, walk with me...the voice man said: Turn , take the curve, virtue is in the bend, not heaven sent...Serpentine tree, make me scream, my will floating in Karmic conval-essence. Musk and franf-incense I burn to-night, to destroy all monsters , their heads filled with one Koin, and one cent...If rumour 'd only exist. -James Chance was out on a limb, so was John Coltrane(even before his birth...). I refuse to lose, to work my will, that's what I choose,consciously, with a gentle but persuasive promulgation of the thrill... ..... ..."

"A fiery young woman. Find her, and hold on tight. Methinks you are in for a surprise; if you fancy yourself adventurous, you will find delight and be satiated"
Babs Wilkes

"Round and glowing warm from inner light, the diamond wand she holds into the ground draws up the nourishment to sustain her and the newborn world that is developing within. The Princess of Wands knows where to go and find sustenance for life. She is guided by the Great Mother Herself, Nature."
Doris Patton

"Practical use of intuition. Making something happen at all costs"

"She is being swept up in a wave of her own passion. Usually a woman on a carnal adventure, exploring her sexuality and force of her desires (creativity too). Judgement is out the window and there may be consequences to her impulses, but she needs to follow them so she can learn, and there will certainly be some exciting times ahead. Whenever I draw this card I think oh boy i'm about to lose control."

"A savage garden ,the Princess of Wands is to bestow upon U...Ill-dignified, she may/may not be , over-voluptuous and self-asserting..."
Mortimer Blake

"Blazing through any obstacles with courage and inspired strength. Total liberation."
Lisa Lovejoy

"She is dragging the tiger into being, she has caught a tiger by the tail and is dragging it roaring and spitting into the world. And if we look, we see that she is not aware of this, really she couldn't care less what is coming into the world...all she cares for is the idea of a blazing tiger, above her, to which she aspires, like motes caught in the upward spiral of a bonfire...but can you tell which tiger is which?"

"Little girl.
Being caught between a rock and hard place.
Having courage.
To go forward requires courgage to get to where you need to be or not be."

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  1. She is also very uncontrollable. Trying to reign her in when she is at her fiery best would be like trying to put a saddle on a lightning bolt! She does not take no for an answer!