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Atu I - The Magus

 I - The Magus / Magician.

The manifesting manifestor, The Magus,unlike The Fool, is fully aware of his power to create.  He is the first awakened yet still infantile in his consciousness.  He has no fear fettering his winged feet, and as he blithely commands and summons energy, fear, represented by the creature in the lower right, is blinded by the light. In this manner, he too is blind, blind to fear, blind to the idea that anything is "impossible".  The light and power he channels are divinely sanctioned, his challenge is to use them wisely.

From the original website:

"You've got all the right stuff. Experience and talent. Often good with hands. Strong oral and written communications person."

"I find hope and release in the Magus. It signifies all that is inteligent and worthwhile. It is intellect and courteousness. It is what we all must strive for. It is, dare I say, me. Not to sound pompous. My deck came with 3 renditions of the Magus and I know I ought to choose one, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. The cards say to me, "You can always use a little extra knowledge." Some may find that absurd, but my deck feels right with the extra two cards. I don't know why. I don't forsee a lot of support for this."
Babs Wilkes

"Don't even bother to try to interpret this card. He is depicted as Mercury, messenger of the gods, consisting of quicksilver. Just when you begin to think you know him, he slips beyond your grasp and transmutates".
Priestess Anhai

" " to believe we are magic- so don't let your energies stray..." gather yourself, now focus: what are you visualizing? now, set yourself and see as it comes your way-"
Doris Patton

"I am logos transcending itself."

"The magician - the fool who BELIEVES they are not. In other words, the creative will or order projected upon chaos through the will. Maybe it expresses the law of creation 0=1 (self begetting energy) - which quantum physicists notice when they try and create perfect vacuums but then notice particles ('secret seeds', hadit) spontaneously appearing in it - as if from nowhere!"
silas eyebean

"When browsing through the cards last night, trying to order them in some way that would include the Unicursal Hexagram - fitting it in, in it's own "niche" as it were - I remembered "Bright Eyes" pointed out this sign came out from the background of the backs of the cards (It does, even while i'm staring at the scanned picture on my screen) So, I figured that maybe all of the cards together do represent this sign too (I still wondered at what force struck this divine inspiration into my mind. But when I logged on and saw the Hierophant smiling at me, being "Card of the day", I suddenly knew...) So I started ordering the cards in a hexagrammic shape... Which was quite a problem, with just 79 cards. Since I have wondered about the reason Mr. Crowley has asked Lady Frieda Harris to create 3 designs for the Magician (while other decks still just contain one...) from the first time I read about this strange fact (for 3 years now), I somehow knew this just wasn't an old mans fancy. There had to be a specific reason for those two cards to be there... And then another flash of inspiration (or was it insight? I wouldn't know, really. I've just been blottering around with these pictures for three weeks...) There had to be 81 cards! Sorry for all you pagans, but I have spend much more of my days reading the I Ching than laying out Tarot cards. This was more a thing for my father. But since there is in all these hexagrams a symetrical order, I believed a person like Mr. Crowley (who was also interested in the I Ching iconery and was a Yoga adapt) would have liked his very own Tarot to posess a similar symetry. (I know these are all presumptions...) Looking at the two Magus and the Magician cards, I noticed they do bare different Khaballistic signs - meaning they represent different places in the Tree of Life. I still have to learn lots about the cards, their meanings (and maybe even powers - don't get me wrong I am not a very sensitive medium or something. I don't feel a thing, focussing, nor meditating on the cards). But I DO feel the answer to this ordering lies somewhere in the 9 by 9 ordering of the cards, including all 81 cards. (someone out there who can explain to me the meanings of the symbols on the Magus/Magician cards?) Probably the center is formed by the Unicursal Hexagram an the three Magus/magician cards form a sort of represen-tation of "the joining of Lingam and Yoni", like in Tantric chacra diagrams... Or something.
Please help me out!
Sorry this got so long, but I just had to let you all know...
Your wisdom is my wisdom
My knowledge is yours"
Aart van Essen

"He is all seeing, all knowing and omnipresent. Representing the greater force at work behind all things, be that God, Energy, Synchronicity or whatever suits the interpreter best. He is the macrocosm but also the microcosm, he is our subconscious and conscious selves, aware of the light and the shadow. A being between worlds yet enveloping all. He reminds us to look to both aspects of our being, the seen and the unseen, in order that we may be aware of the three dimensional nature of ourselves , the universe and the situations we find ourselves in. Like Mercury he bridges a gap between the physical world and the higher spiritual plane, but is ultimately teaching us to bridge the gap between our wakeful consciousness and our sleeping subconscious."

"Ability to make wishes come true."
Janice Worley

"This card portrays thee understanding of the balance of life in the respect that thee magus strives to embrace the essence in thee meaning and thee underlying truth in all that iz witnessed.
Thee wizrd of ktown"

"Master in all arts of magick. Teacher of all magick. Oppressed for evil acts on humanity/praised for good acts. Needs to be accepted for gifts on all planes. Inner god. Perfected wisdom. Responsibility."

"One of the aspects of the Magician that I think is often overlooked is his connection with/understanding of science. I pull the magician for writers and artists, but more often for Scientists.. those who seek to learn the essence of the world around them, and who look to understand before they can effect change."

"Mental control,a culmination of desires and ideas,which with right purpose, can be manifested.Confidence in ones own abilities and complete trust in the elemental forces and divine purpose."

"#1. Aleph. Male. Element- positive. Ox. This is a active cause of the Conscious and being able to ADAPT to the Situation whatever it may be.Inquire with intellect using divine power and ableto focus into the dark to aquire knowledge. Keep your feet on the ground and hands in heaven or with God.You have four elements at your Disposal,Sword, cup, wand, and the pentegram.Use these to escape this infinite place,you must reach for the impossible. (not enough space)"
Geeorge Rocha

"This card has come up before as a communication problem. Or, to use your communication skills to resolve a situation. It always serves as a reminder to me when I get this card in a personal reading, that I mold my own reality. The Magician has just stepped off the cliff from the position of The Fool, and now carries the powers of "The All" onto the big stage of life. The recent familiarity of Oneness enables him to pull all sorts of goodies out of his bag of tricks. Skills used wisely. With the Star, beneficial use of talents, or multi-talented person. Known for more than one craft."
Lisa Lovejoy

"A shape-shifter."

"In the little "interprative booklet" that came with my deck, Lady Frieda did not give her own definitions for the three cards she drew. I have been reading Jung and trying to draw on the many different myth cycles that I am familiar with. So I've come up with this; Ahem.. It seems to me that these three cards represent 3 aspects of this particular archetype. With the ape beneath, He is Dionysus, a young figure, slightly androgynous with longer hair. Surrounded by things of the sea and the sheaves of the grain goddess, his spiritual mother. Demeter, Inanna. He moves with the tides, surmounted by the winged sun of the Egyptian gods. He knows the wine, the science of its creation does not exclude the wild joy of its consumption. With the ape behind, he is Apollo. He is many armed, with the caducaus(?)in the foreground. Surrounded by the tools of his trade which he uses to shape his world . He is an adherent to logic, the mind shapes his universe.The third card, with the ape at his side, almost making a threatening gesture, shows Hermes or Mercury. His winged feet are prominent, his geture and physical attitude suggest a willfulness and desire to manipulate the world to his own ends. He seems a trickster, the god of gamblers and thieves."
Rebecca Rose

"The initiate, having learned that reality is not singular, nor is it a noun, proceeds to the lesson of the Magus. The Magus bends reality to his will, using different means, and consolidates his power by assimilating that which he considers the best parts of others' points of view. Foolish man, still convinced in some way that his way is THE WAY, or that his way can someday be THE WAY, or that any way is THE WAY. Truly, it would be better for him to have remained a little child. And the wise Magus gives up magic/k and/or sorcery/shamanism/etc., as it suits him, to learn the lesson of the Fool. He moves from the parenthesis phase of Discordian thought to the paralysis phase."
The Fool

"As my two year old leads me by the hand in a state of ignorant bliss and childsplay, as I see that all the worlds's joy and wonder is at my fingertips, I am directed to a bigscreen TV hanging in the Northeast corner of the room; where a month ago I was invoking Horus, in another room, in another lifedream.... and I see wartorn lands in Iraq, and the CNN lady is saying that America is bombing Iraq, there are airstrikes, and the Iraqis say that we are bombing innocent people.
I think of the children who are dying at the hands of my country."
Sor. Hoor Amentii

"Skill, wisdom and flexiblity."
Mark Fischer

"The Magus is the combination of the body and soul in which the soul's purpose is manifested into existance. The Magnus creates reality and lives accordingly. The Magnus dreams and makes dreams reality. The Magnus is the ability to accomplish the will's intent."
Stephen Jacob Martin

"This card represents potential and the will in its most divine form. On it is depicted the Egyptian god Thoth (after which the deck was named) and the Greek god Mercury. Mercury, which in modern astronomy rules the zodiac in Gemini and Virgo, was the winged messenger in Greek mythology and specialized in communicating the messages of the gods with lightening speed. Timing and speed also figure importantly in this card. In the Kabbala, it is a likened with the letter B -Beth (power). Being card no.1 in the major arcana, it symbolizes the root of things, first action, initiation and beginnings. It is the first existence and consciousness. In the zodiac, Mercury is the planet of instinctive expression and communication. It is a consciousness which can be either balanced, dual, and integral like Gemini or else differentiating, practical, and systematic like Virgo.

The 4 aces in the minor arcana are the four levels of being which comprise the Magus. Without a balance of these four, the Magician cannot exist. The root of Air is utilized by the Magus to express the power of the mind in a direct and unilateral way. The Ace of Wands represents the will available to all Magicians which when used effects things into being. The Ace of Cups is the Magicians dedication to follow the path which has heart and the Ace of Disks the power which Magicians call upon to create existence in physical form.The Magus has a 10 tools and talents which he can call upon to effect his will:coin: ability to be productive in a material way "aladdin's lamp": the power of the genii or genius which is pure gift and magic ibis wand: symbolizes a will (wand) which is knowledgeable and divinearrow: expression and communication which is impeccably timedbook: a mastery over wordsegg with wings: symbolizes the skill Magicians have to transform and hatch the orphic egg of existence and create something out of nought.cup with serpent: the power of emotions which can transform sword: the strength to wield the sword of excaliburmonkey: one of the manifestations of the Egyptian god of Wisdom, Thoth. magus: the magus himself who is an expression of the divine what can be

The Magus is utilized skill. It is expressive like the face of the Magician and crosses all planes of existence -symbolized by the blue planes and geometric lines in the background. He is lost in the greater spirit of whose very nerve core he seems to run along. He enjoys his capacity as medium and is utterly in tune with vibrations and lines of communication which are energized -brain waves, telepathy, tele-communications, mind power, occult -any activity involving messaging. With his wizardry he has the potential to challenge our morals and viewpoints because he can manipulate issues to present them in almost any light. All the great writers, performers, and communicators of our times have been magicians. Our ability to express ourselves articulately is what separates us from animals and is the spark of divinity in mankind. The Magus is aware of his own limitations and power. He only attempts to realize what he is potentially able to. This Wisdom and consciousness is what prevents him from leaping off the Cliff of Trust like the 0 Fool character. His own limitation is the knowledge of the limitations of existence -of rejecting nothing and being one.

The Magus reflects an important time in which there is great potential. Utilize your will and express and communicate in all areas of your life. As the personification of X Fate this could represent someone in your life who will change your very being in a roller coaster fashion. It represents an arena of your life which holds great promise and is ideally suited to your nature. The card is also indicative of occult talent and psychic perception -someone who uses their magical abilities in a professional way e.g. fortune-teller. Could show that a reading being currently done for a subject will have a great impact and the information you disclose will change the persons fate so be aware! Great writing /creative talent. Adversely, this represents someone who is consciously being untruthful and has not the ability they profess."

"The cunning fox knows not rules
Guilt is food only for fools
Do Morals feed its hunger?

The wily fox must scavenge and plunder
Walking the tightrope every day
The sleight of hand is its natural way

...Pursuit of goals in accordance with ones personal truth, free from the baggage or morals imposed by others.

'Paradoxical openess to and control of the spirit (esp. through the medium of the word), equilibrium and balance'. - Leighton McAndrew

Just a detail: It does seem that most people miss the point that the Caduceus Wand (the Logos or Creative Word) fly freely infront of the Fool. That is, he has no control over it. The Magus on the other hand, has become the Caduceus himself. He is The Logos (and the card MUST be called Magus rather than "Magician" or "Juggler") and creator. His priesthood is indicated by the leopard skin (token of priesthood) which his sandal-strap (Tau) is made out off. He the creator of all there is, but only through the accomplishment of his True Will. He has nothing to do with small considerations at all. In a way he's "Fate" incarnate, since His True Will determines the course of all actions."
Bjarne Salling Pedersen

"The magus is the "one", the undivisable, the center of exitance. He or it is everything and nothing. Because duality rest on the same stone as unity, the stone is the magus, the unmovable mover..he moves himself and remains unmoved. He find no difference in motion or inactivity. The magus is the center before it looks at himself."

"The human mind is made up of three parts which in most people work seperately, and sometimes at odds with eachother. The Magus represents the so falsely called "Conscious Mind." This is the part of our psyche which has learned to walk and talk while being completely asleep. It discriminates against things spiritual or mythological... it is not concerned with paradigms even if those ideas are beneficial for spiritual attainments because the conscious mind does not concern itself with things spiritual. It is only concerned with facts and mechanics: it is indeed the magicians worse enemy, it is the trap called "because" and it is the natural stopping place of intellectual masturbationists usually refered to as "arm-chair magicians." It is a good tool, but a lousy master. The magi must apply his or her will in order to accomplish the alchemical wedding of the conscious mind (The Magus) and the Unconscious (The High Priestess). Only then will the magi come to the full realization of the universe in which he or she exists."
Gerald del Campo

"Skillful use of the mystical Tools. A person who is at the same time in command of and aware of the permutations of their intellect. The Magus greatest enemy is his own intellect, in that by concentrating on mastering his environment, he loses sight of his True Will. The Magus also represents the need for rigorous mental discipline and training in pursuit of the Great Work."
 - leo

"The predicament of duality intrinsic to conscious form. Appropriately, the Thothe deck comes with TWO different Magus cards, to consider. A choice is available, for consideration: which one of the two shall be the ONE? Choice, reason, manifestation, willfullness; these all imply a separation from the whole. Conciousness is distinguished in its aloneness; While, simultaneously, Cartesean dualism - "I think therfore I am" - Ego manifestation amidst a contextual separateness from which the remaainder extends beyond singular form. Pure magical inspiration dances with its shadow."
Bob Aronson

"Skill and wisdom misused. A pseudo-intellectual. Skill without understanding."

"His strength is his weakness. Although he yields power he sometimes begins to believe the power is of his own doing, and so fail to comprehends the ends of his means."
(signed by email address only)

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