Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Atu XII - The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

I used to really resist this card, seeing him as stuck.  It wasn't until my second Hanged Man year (when the dates of my birth and the current year add to 12) that I recognized the surrender aspect of this energy.  It is a willing surrender, and this time is much like the cocoon for the butterfly.  It is the pause before the XIII transformation.

from the original website:

 XII - The Hanged man.
"Although this card can indicate some kind of loss or a disturbing situation,you have to remember that this situation can be a huge posibility for you to get a revelation or a illumination and more wisdom! From Norse-mythology the chief-god -"ODIN" let himself be hanged updown on the tree of "Yggdrasil" to receieve is wisdom and illumination. Remember that in the shadows of your problems there is always light and many greate posibilities -and huge wisdom!"
Brother Neo

"Change of heart, having your world turned upside down, owning up to your mistakes, admitting wrong, accepting responsibility and consequences"

"Choice requiring contemplation. Choice of a cosmic or spiritual nature. Choice with long term effects. The need to ponder choices - neeed to illuminate the area of life where chaos/confusion lies."

"Contrary to many other Tarot decks, the Hanged Man in the Thoth Deck doesn't seem pleased. There's no cunning smile on his face. The formulae of self-sacrifice and martyrdom which were one of the highest in the Old Aeon, is no longer valid. Self-sacrifice has become an abomination.

On the card we see a tortured man hanging from an inverted Ankh, the Egyptian Symbol of life. It symbolises the God's power to "go" as he please, to enter whatever portal he may like. No doubt that the card shows initiation, if however of an ancient kind. The legs are crossed, symbolising the Cross of Light. The torso and the arms of the figure is in the shape of a triangle. This is the triangle of matter and darkness. The card shows the descend of Light into Darkness, which is the very essence of all kind of initiation. Suggested interpretations would be compulsory sacrifice leading to new insight or initiation through tribulations and ordeals."
Bjarne Salling Pedersen

"In the buddha dharma this srotapanna, the streamentrant, i.e. he or she who is now wholly immersed in the stream of developing spiritual awareness, which runs through all the three times. It indicates an about face for the whole being. A deep commitment to the means of progress."

"Whenever this card is drawn it means that there is a feeling of punishment or loss or sacrifice but what usually is happening is there is some area in your life that you can't let go of and until you do you will remain in a state of limbo.
Letting go of behavior patterns or thought patterns (this card is rule by air) can be helpful towards growth."                

"This is some kind of transformation which comes with control. A doorway to pass through. Anxious and frustration. Imprisoned by emotion. Self-imposed limitations. Move beyond ego...trust who you are. DO IT! Surrender. Break old patterns."

"Willfully destroying yourself, or a part of yourself, so that a new and better thing may take it's place."

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