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Atu XX The Aeon

Gestating a transition, this card marks the end of a cycle, and indicates a sense of expansion of the new and withdrawal of the old.  Alpha - Omega, the end of the father, the seed of the son.  A bridge, portal, transition, limbo, the final exam, only way out is through.

from the original website:

 XX - The Aeon.
"I am where will and lust go together. In the joy of serious want and determination.
In general:The taking of a definite step. Nowadays:Three days ago,on sunday the 18th of february,the sun changed its expression.It started sending out the energies of its origin.This means for human beings that we recieve the original energies from times way pasr in a new vakuum.We are being created again.This means that we will learn to use all our sences;all 20 of them.So this is the time to change-into what you really want to be."

"Combining the forces within to evolve and divine the universal will within. Seeing or realizing what really is from a superconsciouss perspective regarding the querent's situation. Superconsciouss related."

"Stare into the card. Do you see your past lives?"
Lisa Lovejoy

"The body of Nuit arched for love representing the upside down Egyptian Hieroglyph for uterus and the winged flame of Hadit meet. Heru-ra-ha and Hoor-paar-kraat result: 0 = 2. This is one reason why this card represnts aleph, the path between kether and chokmah. I always wondered about the Fool's (0) body position. When I read in one of Crowley's writings, that aleph is not only the ox and the plough, but also the yoke, it became clear: Nuit forms the yoke, that lies on the shoulders of the fool, thus XX = aleph. Moreover there is the Greek omega twice on this card: once in the form of Nuit and once disguised as shin. So alpha (aleph) is nicely balanced by omega (VII)."

"The Aeon represents destiny and questions to be asked for future direction. It can also show that there is a willingness to come out of ones old ways and try something new. The "buried" you is about to emerge giving a new interpretation to ones life."

"I interpret this as the passage way to the weigh station for your soul. We see osiris in her woman form and THOTH is seated waiting to make final record of your deeds ie;will your sins outweigh the feather! Only the true enlightened will pass this test."

"This card shows Horus seated on a Throne inside of the Sacred Womb of Nuit. Outside of the womb we see Horus in the form of Hoor-par-krat, the Lord of Silence; his finger pressed against his lips as if asking to keep the secret of his true identity. This card represents the coming of the new Logos, the New Law whose word is "Thelema.""
Gerald del Campo

"Expansion with child. (Child being anything) Extension of self expression. Choices and changes. Question of child/family. Good judgement and discernment. Creative power & influence over family & career. Forgive ourselves for all judgements. Expanding business or family."

"Resurrection, cycles, past life, old loves,repeatition, It can also be a family card. A card of life tests. A tore look at things because there could be something over looked. The Hebrew letter means Tooth, which can also be a grounding princaple."
Walter Cassidy

"This card depicts child horus in its centre with his finger to his lips. This could represent the cards 'hush, hushing' your questioning , telling you not to ask about things now (especially if other cards are incoherent). Perhaps it is necessary for you to first cast aside all preconieved judgements and prejudices in order to criticise or veiw the issue truly. Or maybe things have to mature a little more. The child in the centre can also represent the inquisitive fool, who can possibly go astray and become lost if he fails to grow/mature, sucking his thumb as if looking around for his mother. This is also a family card and a card about sharing. Trying to have the acceptance and forgiveness of the child horus in order to regenerate new growth. The Aeon is a time span and this card focuses alot on time. Timeless, out of body experiences, reincarnation, past lives, dreams, -a dimension with a different time frame to the one accepted by our consciousness. Past actions reacting with karma. A symbolic death/rebirth/letting go. A period of time that is particularly significant to the surrounding cards. A prison scentence past, having to catch up on lost time by questioning, assessing. May represent having lost time to mature normally during a turbulent period. Also represents the nine months of pregnancy -a time not counted in age. Very little is known about the senses or emotions that the foetus experiences. The womb is creating, forming, and going through an active, dynamic process. The Universe/World is the actual act of labour/birth when the baby comes into contact with the physical world. Timing is of the essence."

"A new awareness is open to you. A coming together of an ancient religion and a new spiritual awareness. This card suggests passive piety and strong conviction. There is a willingness to learn more of the spirit world. Be careful. You may not like what you ask for."
Connie MacAlpin

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