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Atu XXI - The Universe

The Universe

Ahhhh, the culmination of experience and the transition to the next level.  This is "graduation", leaving one plane of experience for another.  Here we ascend to a new cycle, beginning again at 0 but on a higher level.  Climbing the spiral of evolution, fulfillment of a plan, a touch of destiny to this card, it shows us aligned (after perhaps much wandering in the wilderness) back at our original blueprint, succeeding in our chosen path.  The blessings of the Divine on all our endeavors, knowing and seeing who we really are, grasping our divine essence.

Note: in Brother John's post below, he quotes a poem but doesn't know the source.  The quote is from T. S. Eliot, "Little Gidding" in the work "Four Quartets".  "We shall not cease from exploration, and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time".

from the original website:

 XXI - The Universe.
"The eyelid around the eye of God is constructed of the Ox, the Lamb, the Phoenix and the Fool (yes contrary to the book's description). Strength, Peace, Resurrection and Humility, respectively. The maiden is offering her stint with her own creativity (the serpent) to the moon (a sickel) that will ultimately be lured into the sun (hosted in the concious eye). As most cards indicate, sacrifice and balance go hand-in-hand. The serpent allows its head as a foothold, thus sacrificing itself for the maiden, knowing that he is being sacrificed or that creativity comes in waves. A moment of bliss or a gift of God must also return to God (sun & moon). Nothing is permanent. This is the nature of the universe. Obeying the laws of nature and the universe, humility, strength, resurrection and peace will be your reward, as seen in the eyes of God."

"Decisions, Decisions. The Aeon represents the final testing in which we reach our decision. The contemplation of all aspects of a situation and the evaluation of value of it in our lives. Once this decision is made, there is no turning back. It is a release of the what we don't want, and the culmination of all that we do. A complimentary card is the 7 of pentacles in the minor arcana in which we evaluate and harvest what we have sown, for the better or for the worse, we must be held accountable."

"And the end of all our travelings shall be to arive at that place from whence we began, and to know it again...for the first time." Don't know who wrote this piece of poem, but I think it fits. "The Universe" trump has come full circle, brings us back to our primordial point of origin....and now we know the path that leads from it and to it, and can fully apreciate it... as though for the first time."
Brother John

"The ALL. Awareness. Bliss. God-like Wisdom. I often find that this card coupled with any negative cards in a spread can mean that the querent is only seeing things from a limited perspective and living within their own little world. But, most often it comes up as possitive, and implying perfection, goal attained, having it all. Understanding it all from an unlimited perspective. Extreme expansion from the ordinary narrow peripheral vision. Sometimes it will come up as the" I see it now!" card".
Lisa Lovejoy

"Turn this card "on its side". It is the eye of GOD. The reflection of the mystcal dance is but a glint. This card reminds us to take the gifts we recieve with reverence and humility, but also not to take it all too seriously!"
Mike B.

"Complete unity. The dance of the stars and the elements is not interrupted by the four winds. At the same time, it is within the core of unity that plurality begins again --- the Initiate becomes the Universe, wherein a new Initiate may begin his/her quest back at The Fool."
Frater K

"IHVH...NYL,from the waters of death a seed of light is planted.  Balanced on the forces of father, mother, sister brother,the seed is lifted to the heaven, it's four feet firmly planted in the world.  Time is exalted in the form of a CLIMBER, A GOAT!  Set is seen pulling from above, pushing from below.  The seed of LIGHT is drawn up from the world.  AUMGN!
The previous is a metaphysical proposition that looks from the metaphysicians eyes...with glasses at that!"
Fra. Djhuti Ra en Set

"Training the new souls universal intelligence so they can help others on earths. It is the fundemental string that has always made our worlds work. It can not be denied but is easily contraverted by religeous non scientas."

Dicipline, Government, Laws.
Major restrictions for 1 year. (Learning or money)
Learning restrictions before getting what you want.
Totality, wholeness, individuality.
What are you bringing to your universe?
Restrictions are not permanent, 1 year to work through them. Hard work with strong foundation.
Working through things, but the flow is not easy."

"The woman finds her own phallus. Her tendency to possess has been trancended. Unlike the sphynx-like beasts--divided in twain...banished to the four corners of the material plane--she has found her soul mate, herself! No longer a part of the divisive "Christian" ontology (SEPARATING heaven from Earth, day from night...): She has ceased to converse with herself. A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF STANDS!"
Brett Robertson

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