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Atu IX - The Hermit

The Hermit

Going within to see our own light, centering in silence, withdrawing from the world.  Yet no matter how withdrawn we get, there is still that light of spirit emanating from us, illuminating creation possibilities.  This centering process is so important before jumping on Fortune's wheel, because riding from the center hub, a much easier ride.  Solitude, retreat, non-communication, could be a rigid sense of holding back based in stubbornness or fear.  Not certain of the balance of VIII, trying to find it in self-directed energies.

from the original website: 

 IX - The Hermit.
"Someone who shows up to help others go through a mazor change, especially when that person is reluctant."
Shirley Duarte

"occult knowledge moving forward"
angelo quinn

"It's about keeping ourself closed off from the rest of the world, protecting our personal space, kind of hibernating while examining who and what we are or have become. Not having the fear of finding out who and what we are and shining the light even on the places which might be difficult or painful to look closely upon. This card always seems to indicate what needs to happen or is going to happen as a result of some kind of emotionally challenging or draining type of experience. Negatively, this can indicate someone in the environment who is oppressive, challenging, emotionally immature and too closed to share or exchange equally in a relationship so they run off and "hermit" themselves away and sometimes never realize that they need to open up, not protect."

Time to reflect and assimilate all the previous experience amounting to past='history' realizing the present as the 'gift' attempting prediction, 'mystery' that the future is.
Living as he sees fit, happily in his own world convincing himself of many truths beyond the commonfolk's capacity. does he know how 'true' his world is, unless he dares to bounce his ideas off others?
Introspective, Holder of Silent Wisdom, Knower of that which is hidden from everyone else, therefore the fear of divulging that knowledge, the consequences of that knowledge falling on ignorant ears, 'pearls to swine'. Knower of the deepest taboos that drive mankind. The Truth and that is why he is the Hermit".

"Introspection, Solitude, Contemplation, Perspective, Wisdom, Patience, Self-Discovery, Isolation, Independence, Self-Sufficiency"

"This is the part of a life of every human.The way where we are getting stronger and better persons. Dark and very hard and painfull period.And then sudenlly the things are coming in their right plase.Some things that look strange in the past now are diferent(it looks to us that they are diferent)."
Jovich Konstantin

"When The Hermit is your "current year" card, it is a year of finally letting go and healing the past. It is a year of tremendous opportunity for growth because of the time spent in introspection. When the year is over and you come out of your cave, it is then said that you are The Guide. In a spread, it usually means you NEED to be alone to proceed."
Lisa Lovejoy

"The hand of God. The path that you should follow."
Lydia Alvarido

"This is the One who holds the Lamp of Trimegistus. So, It has the Knowledge. He carries his bat. This shows his powerfull Will. And finally, this is the one who wears this "suit", wich shows that he masters his passions and emotional matters. According with Eliphas Levi, this is the Initiation Card. Introspection and "auto-searching" are also nice interpretations. The perfect balance between thoughts and actions. The answers are inside of you, instead of outside."
Rodrigo Castro

"The Hermit is the 'Silence' of creation and is associated with the microcosm and macrocosm combined. Represented in the VI. Lovers card also, he is the master of the knowledge of combinations. With the supreme god-head at his side and the Sun in his hand, he has obtained the knowledge to preform the work that is wanted to be completed. As the card for the sign of Virgo, his card is also associated with the spark of humanistic reality...the first human to come from AIN SOPH or KETHER evolved by its surroundings. Holding one of the 'seven keys' of enlightenment, the Hermit is the combination of everyone's unconsciousness in the world."

"Alone but not lonely. The Hermit brings himself joy and immagination, he is the part of us that needs to show its self more and come out of its "shell".
The hermit carries much wisdom, yet either doesn't know what power he posesses, or knows all too much and can be all too greedy, which is why he keeps to himself."
Samantha Sage Lyn

"Sonne, Mond und Sterne
Gehe aus mein Licht, gehe aus mein Licht
Nur meine liebe Laterne nicht
Laterne, Laterne
Sonne, Mond und Sterne
Sun, moon and star
Go out my light, go out my light
Only my dear lantern not
Lantern, lantern
Sun, moon and star
(German children's song for Chinese lantern processions)"

"The ability and unique opportunity to withdraw into oneself for the purpose of self exploration and understanding or to participate in academic pursuits both in regard to spiritual and intellectual personal development.  A privileged and unique gift from the universe!"

"Be cautious of continuing the path you're on, without giving yourself time for introspection and contemplation."
Steve Elliot

"Sperm, secret seed, imagination. The Hermit lives without bounds. He is alone, therefore his imagination and his expression of it effect his world unimpinged by conflicting perceptions. Every experience is his and his alone. All currents, objects, flows, and matrices... every story, painting, and slide-rule... every act of love and every act of war are his designs, his creations, and the ground upon which he treads... All experience is subject unto him, perpetually impregnating the fertile earth with his seed."
Clay Fouts

"Why should not you
Who know it all
ring at his door
and speak
just truth enough to show
that his whole life
will scarcely find for him
a broken crust
of all those truths
which are your daily bread;
and when you have spoken
take the roads again?
W.B. Yeats"

"Alone but not lonely. He brings wisdom to others, could be a teacher. His wisdom is analytical. He is happy with the simple things in life. This card could represent solitude for 9 days, months, years. Contemplation and introspection of one's self. The Hermit is challenged by mental self cruelty and self judgement."

"The hermit can signify a journey into the country (rural) during which time the person will be missed. Also being absent from your usual place of living. On a more psychological note, this could represent denial of a situation. More positively, it represents a mature fool."

"Looking for the truth of the matter at hand when the truth is already with you."
Doug Plexico

"One who has an insight to all that is but does not know how to share it with others. Someone who knows the "answers" that you just happen upon. This persons could also be yourself."

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