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Atu XIV - Art


Here we see the pair from Atu VI (The Lovers) fused into one being, having transformed into the color and form of the other.  It is the alchemist's art, fusing two disparate items into something new.  In this case, it is the image of the Divne Masculine and Divine Feminine (fire and water) fused into a single complete being.  For this reason, this card is sometimes referred to as the Soul Mate/Twin Flame card.  The rainbow signifies the energy of the single, light, manifest in all its glorious individual componets, the light of the two, now one, transmitted to the world.  As we approach the New Golden Age, the energy of twin flames coming into reunion on a soul level will lift the vibration of the planet, creating the alchemist's gold out of Earth's current vibratory "lead", and the dross of negativity is left behind.

from the original website:

 XIV - Art.
"To temper, to combine, to exercise self-restraint Patience, bringing together two opposites carefully blending, this is an "Art" to be able to do this skillfully."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Samech, 60, 120, XIV, Prop, Arrow, Rainbow, Angel & Egg Girt with that alchemical serpent of Equation V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
Six points (in-a) reflected triad. Tiphareth-Samech intersected from; and-as seen from Earth/SALT.
Angels reflection caught in the double suns mirror of perception.
To the Sacred Girt Serpent's Egg. Caught You-H.`.A.`."

"the life projected and the prop and voice conjoined as shown in pairs and triads of 93.
That sulpher and quicken thought by way of virgin bride and vibration in friction and natural movements of the sun and the moon and reflected and back to Gemini-the other Voice ( a universal expression in colour and action expresses the anhilation of the opposites and the mystery of transmission in flesh the concecration of the Egg and Seed.) Portents of the Angel a like similie for the H.G.A.`.
Drink from the Holiest of Grails and practice between with all chalice of reflection. Be thyself transfixed and atwonder of the elixir of Life, and the medicine of Stone."

"This card clearly sets the mood for the conversation with the holy guardian angel.the middle pillar ascending upward like the white serpent. Crowley even had a Liber dedicated to this divine intervention! the angel is always being tempted either by the devil or by the fates of death, but it can overcome these by ascending to the top like a brillant blue flash!"

"The name for this card comes from the passage in Liber AL: "Unite by thine art so that all disappear." What is being united here are the two faces of the alchemist depicted --- the man and the woman. (Note that they're the same people as in The Lovers, now fused into one.)

This is the equation of Nuit: 2=0 ... or, better yet, the process enumerated 210, by which 2 become 1 and pass together into the v0id"
Frater K

"In the procession of the Torah this card represents the point at which transformation (XIII Death) is adapted and integrated into our lives on a very manifest, physical level (XV Devil). It is also our good little angel battling with the forces of evil and coping with the demands of change.

The zodiac symbol of this card is Sagittarius with its ruler Jupiter. Many components work hard together to create this angel. This is symbolized on her dress by the industrious bees (which both create honey and indirectly pollinate flowers) and infinite worms (which indirectly regenerate the soil by their burrowing). The colour green is commonly associated with new growth and expansion.

The majestic cloak of steam which she wears around her shoulders is created from the alchemical process of combining fire and water. The three primary colours used in art; Red, Blue and Yellow abound. The cup in the left hand of the angel symbolizes her love for her actions as opposed to the fire wand of will in her right hand. In every transmutation there is a little death, symbolized by the skull and the bird on the brewing pot. The arrow shooting up from her solar plexus with the steam shows how spiritual, noble and far reaching her spell-working is. Spells are the combination of factors and elements which create a desired effect. They are an art unto themselves. Art itself is in a sense a spell cast upon the subject to perceive the artistry before them in a way which bears some relation to reality and the physical world (Devil), -although its roots lie in illusion and the intangible (Death). This could been seen as the dual nature of art but really they are just different sides on the same coin of perception.The Art card is the law of creation. There is no personal involvement and no personification/archetype. We are provided with the golden rule: "Visita Interiora Terrae, Rectif-cando Invernies Occultum Lapidem". We are shown the magic ingredients: fire (creative)/ water (receptive). Combine these when the stars are aligned correctly (sun behind angel and double crescent moon), using the witches cauldron and hey presto!

This card is closely associated with the number 5 (14, 1+4=5) and hence the cards; V Hierophant, Defeat, Strife, Disappointment, and Worry. Art is the external expression of the internal state of V Heirophant or higher self. Both cards complement each other in a reading and can be used in advice as ways of combating the 5 cards of the minor arcana. The balance and integration of Temperance reflects the balance of the number 4 cards which is lost in the 5 cards of the minor arcana. Art can be indicative of the inner realization of the higher self and likewise, the Hierophant can indicate a need to express and utilize the higher self in a more tangible way. Art is an expression of our gift and talents, our ability to mold existence. When personified this becomes the Heirophant whose art it is to motivate and inspire others in a way which is expressive of the higher self.

In readings, I have found this to indicate that that something is brewing, whether for good or for bad depends on surrounding cards. Can also indicate that someone in a higher position is working hard to give you a lucky break! Great talent and creative involvement."

"Everything we can see is based on what we know therefore this cards means human perceptions. A stone can be penetrated with the power of the focused mind It is also a warning to see everything as it is not what you are told it is. Learn and know for your self don't follow others."

"Alchemy. The union of opposites refined by the fire of the Will.
This card contains the formula to The Stone of The Wise: The Philosopher's Stone, and that Elixir known to be "stronger than a lion, and sweeter than honey.""
Gerald del Campo

"Mixing fire with water creates gold= Manifestation.
Electric energy = idea + thought.
Integration and synergy.
Light & dark together to express our wholeness.
2 oppositions to make a better whole.
Clear focus will bring gold (good things) into your life. If the mind babbles, you cannot focus.

"Transmutation. In the words of Frank Herbert, "creating perfection from imperfection". Striving for Transcendence through works. This card is aligned with Sagitarius."
Jarl Anderson

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