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Atu XVI - The Tower

The Tower

Inevitable destruction of that which no longer serves.  An external change in circumstance, generally unavoidable, but always to the good, if we allow ourselves to see it.  An experience to learn from, upheaval, relocation, cataclysm, shaking to the foundations.  Well, if they were built right in the first place, they wouldn't need to be rebuilt, so always a mandate to look within and take responsibility for the construction, those decisions that brought one to the place that doesn't work.  Generally only necessary when we are blind to what needs changing.  Dove brings peace of mind in the aftermath, should we open our eyes to see it.

from the original website:

 XVI - The Tower.
:Now, doesn't it seem obvious?
The burning crumbling tower destroyed by fire on a Tuesday (=Mars-Day) The people jumping.
see the dove in the upper-left corner? Bird of Peace. a white non-military Plane is the cause of all disaster.
And the outrage that follows is: WAR!

"The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty"
The Tower of Babel. It had to fall.
The new Aeon. Opening the Eye of Shiva.
All is being consumed by Flames.
Even Consumer Creed.
Burn to Ashes WTC !"

"the tower fml 1
under the moon it has dogs and wolfs to be differred
by the time it gained an empirical proof.
collect all papers and tv movies about the tower, mansion dieux empirally definied
new york, sept 11 2001
some kind of programmed de ja vu.
the thumps cards may be waiting for the next
the worst seems to has been passed (?)
part of some one peace convention and consciouness real examination?
it has been annouced, dont it?
who is the king which break down? what a great door!"

"You are on a hard path with many dangers that lie ahead, these can be self-inflicted (as most are). There is a light at the end of this tunnel though, keep your eye on the will defeat those demons eventually."

"Tearing down walls, Destruction of Falseness and Restoration of Truth, Breakthrough, Force, Emotional/Mental Breakdown, Disaster, Catastrophe, The principle of having to hit bottom or lose everything before you can break destructive patterns and move forward"

"The Tower gives us that flash in our lives, the white light that shines upon us all for the better, whether we like it or not. It is the truth that we are afraid to see, the one in which we run from willingly pulling the wool over our own eyes and the gods are forced to pull it off and show us the truth. It deconstructs that which we may have worked hard to construct, yet it wasn't right therefore, must be broken and rebuilt in the right manner."

"something ends and starts back again without ending at all (opposite meaning of death): you've got to build up again what is already builded up but destroied - very often a moving in a new home - a change in life, career, it could be to get separeted or moving away"

"The serpent fire has risen up the spine to the third eye, the eye of Shiva or the pineal gland. The destruction wrought by Shiva's eye breaks down the walls of the tower if illusion, and brings enlightenment."
Magistus Djehut

"By far my most prevalent card in the readings i do for myself as my life is ever changing as are my friends and acquaintances as well as my state of mind.
The lightning strikes the tower instantaneously, very much the way we feel when someone tells us something about a situation we've been pondering. our views change quickly as the tower crumble to the ground. we can never rebuild things to be the way they once were, what has happened has happened and we must deal with it accordingly. the tower was selected by nature to fall usually because of the people within, i call it fate. it calls for a change of surroundings and friends. the eye allows us to see more clearly after the tower crumbles the reality of our situation"
quentin green

"Like Mr. Bowie sang to us: "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes"! You might also desire to remember that it is lightening that strikes "The Tower" creating change, This to me sybolizes something of great importance that will be seen upon your Computer Screen very soon, So pay attention when online!"
Namaste, JimmiRae (A Happy and Grateful Person!)

"Significant Changes - generally internal rather than external. Changes relative to other suit cards nearby - e.g. paired with cups would suggest emotional changes. The need to reevaluate interal structures, either self-created/imposed or accepted. Also, environments or situations that are conducive or facilitative of significant internal change."

"You have built a strong house ( your life )and you think it's a good one. You might be right, but did you notice, wrong people are living in it? Shake the house; get rid of the wrong people, old ideas and habits. It hurts; nobody promised, life will be easy! This looks bad, like if you're destroying everything, but when you know what you're doing and you know you're doing the right thing, everything will be all right in the end. You can see clearly, what's going on in this process( the eye in the sky ) and a better tomorrow will come ( the dove )."
Alli Mäntymäki

"Swiftly the tower will fall whatever it might be.
You have built up a fortification, which is going to break.
Plans will fall, intentions will break down.
This is not neceassarily bad, new things can only be born when old things die."

"The fabric falls!
The lies burn in the sun.
It all comes crashing down; your desperate icon!
The burning of cities, the vicious roar of the enraged lion.
He broke out of the web, he broke out of the web.
Hurt. End. All.
e(g o-d)e a t h"

"The war-engine; Hadit rolling, cutting, burning his way to be in another number (another lover holenyohead)."

"The ability of mankind to use the epiphisys or pineal gland to generate more dimethyl tryptamine thats allow visions and other unkown powers that the MAYANS concepted using psychedelic musrooms. They predict the year 2012 we will all know how:) I know thi to be true!"
THomasOTH (

"The mystery of the rising of the Kundalini. A sudden dispersion of the creative energy or the opening of the third eye, which can have destructive potential."
Gerald del Campo

"Sudden changes without choice. "Finger of God". Changes could be good or bad depending on other cards. Restoration & Renovation. Destruction of old forms. Expression of new self. Awakened to a greater self"

"The greater the belief, the higher the tower. The lightning that blinds also illumines the falsity of that belief and so the tower crumbles to a time before its origins."
-signed with email only

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