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Atu VIII - Adjustment


Respresenting the sign Libra, this card is a perfect picture of the goal we should all strive to attain, perfect balance between extremes.  But as with the balances (scales) on the image, often balance is achieved by going a little too much one way, then the other in order to come to equilibrium.  The call of the card is to balance our thoughts (the Ace of swords upon which she is poised) with no concern for either extreme (the blindfold).  In many ways this card is an energietic mirror of the two of swords (moon in Libra) requiring either/or to shift to both/and.  Additionally this card calls for Justice (as it is known in other decks) having to do with legal issues, fairness, in which the blindfold represents a lack of bias, or "blind justice".  A call to get your affairs in order.

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 VIII - Adjustment.

"it always appears in a spread as a reminder that balance is tenuous, and always in motion. It is not a static ideal that we can achieve, rather a constant state of flux. I always see the image of a sailor on a plank with a can beneath it. Trying to get one's sea legs. If you were to stop focusing on balance, then you would fall. Being attentive to the spinning plates. Deliberately applying energy to maintain momentum, and develop a rhythm".

Making continuos modifications and sacrifices to remain at a balance with relationships which are very important to you, weighing out pros and cons systematically to retain a balance. harmony and equilibrated flow through life."

"Attempting to maintain a balance amongst numerous obstacles,responsibilites or demands placed on you."
Judi Ashley

"The queen presiding upon the brink of the abyss! Her sense of balance and justice is absolute, and will always find you wanting. You are judged and struck down with immense force as you are not truly innocent. You must follow the prescribed course, and this means driving your chariot over the edge! Ahead is loneliness, striving and the deeper mysteries of the interface of I and O. In short, the 'mysteries of the 8th and 9th grades' of the OTO... so dont complain!"

"Are you being fair? If you have not been fair in the past, guess who's coming to dinner? Are you struggling with a decision? Do what's fair and right. Weigh out all of you options, use process of elimination to decide most rational, fair, honest decision."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Things are not as they once were. While a period of evolution is involved, it means a change for in the direction of the positive. Through compromise, a positive change in relationships or aquaintance. Moving forward yet putting the past to rest. Making the adjustment to a new love with and old love. New fire to an old idea."

"Justice,tolorance and matters of the law. divorce, or leagal seperation."
amber tamiazzo

"A movement made in your life leading to stability and balance for you...a change in how you view things or in how you will deal with things....possibly a change in consciousness."
Lisa Lowder

"For me it means you must make a change or changes in your life to maintain a healthy ballance."
ash jonson

"This is KARMA. Seeing harmony. Artistic. Going overboard to keep peace. Can mean divorce/separation. Her challenge in life is that she sometimes forgets to listen and she is always trying to do for everyone."

"In order to keep things balanced certain things must be sacrificed - this naturally calls for evaluation and decision making, now."

"For me, this card represents the struggle to maintain equilibrium, and to make changes in your life accordingly. The fact that she is balancing her feet on the sword highlights the fact that sometimes in order to maintain that balance, you might get cut."
Nick Foreit

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  1. There are references in print to this figure being Ma'at. Here is a section of a channeling by Celia Fenn about Ma'at.
    The Divine Feminine Energies and the Embrace of the Cosmic Mother

    Beloved Family of Light, as you have moved towards this process of Cosmic Harmonic Alignment, you have been assisted by the supportive Love and Nurturing of the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine, through the waves of the incoming Shekinah Light. This is an aspect of the Platinum Ray that holds a High Frequency of Divine Light and Love. Now, as you move into Cosmic Harmonic Alignment, you begin to experience the Embrace and the Love of the Great Cosmic Mother who was known to the Ancients as Ma'at.

    Ma'at is the One who holds the Cosmic Balance of All That Is. Her name is pronounced "Mayat" or "Maia", and her "children" are the Mayans, those who are the Galactic Keepers of the Wisdom of Time and Balance. Ma'at is the One who weighs and measures and creates that which is known as "Time" as a way of understanding the unfolding of the Cosmic Creation through the Dimensions of Light. The ones who are her "children" are the Keepers of Ma'at, the Keepers of the Sacred Days and Nights, and who guide you through the Waves and Frequencies of the Cosmic Days and Nights.

    The Symbol for this Great Being of Light is a Feather! This indicates that she is the "Lightness" of Being and that she Floats and Flows with the Cosmic Winds of Creation. Beloved Ones, imagine an Eagle soaring on the Wind, in perfect Balance - that is the Energy of Ma'at!

    She is the Great Mystery and the Keeper of the Cosmic Night. To enter into her embrace is to enter into the Heart of All That Is, and to experience the Lightness of Being and the Flow of Cosmic Time within the "boat of millions of years" as the Ancients called Planet Earth. To be embraced by her Light and Love is to know your Infinite Essence and to connect with your Cosmic Wisdom as she guides you through the Cosmic Night and the Great Mystery of Infinite Existence.

    When Ma'at enters your life she assists you to hold the balance in your Heart and in your Being. She is Balance, and she assists you to manifest that balance in your life. She assists you to maintain that Lightness of Being and to Flow with the Winds of Creation and the Cosmic Waves of Light from the Great Cosmic Heart that initiate Creation and Evolution in the Light. Beloved Ones, it is possible to ride these Cosmic Waves of Light with the Elegance and Grace of a Feather in the Wind, if you just allow yourself to be supported and all times by Divine Love and Grace.

    Also, Beloved Ones, the advice and wisdom of the Mayan Day Keepers will assist you to understand the nature of the Waves of Light that come to you from the Cosmic Heart and how they are an expression of the ongoing unfolding of Galactic Manifestation and Cosmic Creation.

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