Sunday, February 20, 2011

Atu XVII - The Star

The Star

The Divine Conduit, streaming from the Source, the Star represents being in the flow of consciousness, bringing that through oneself and spilling it forth through the clear channel to the world.  Being in the vortex as an expression of conscious manifestation, channeling from the Divine, recognizing that we are merely vessles for Spirit.

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 XVII - The Star.
"Ah, this card IS the future, it is our hopes, our dreams, aspirations and wishes. It shows that the seeds have been planted and encourages us to go ahead and believe that all is possible and allow the blessings of the divine to assist in the manifestation of all that we desire. It suggests as well that faith and optimism will overcome all adversity in surrounding cards. All that one dreams of and hopes for can be reality."

"Your Guardian Angel is watching over you now. Let your inherent talent flow from you. Independance, don't give up hope- there is much reason to have hope right now. Others recognize your natural talents, meeting someone famous, being around someone famous, becoming someone famous."
Lisa Lovejoy (

"stars can be seen at night, in the dark. they always seem so small, but you know they are big. very big. so big that people started to feel small. stars became a simble to the unknown, something far (from your body and understanding). they represent your hopes and dreams, mixed with your smallness against the universe. "in the dark it's less dangerous." inspiration. currage. action. hopes. prairs. wishes. destiny."
gimenie c. kor

"Shining brilliant peaceful beauty. Serenity and solitude. Alays brings a smile of contentment."

"Sister, why are you singing? The perverted moon will surely come and spoil your calm."
"No brother. The moon; she lies. I'm the greater: I'm really the sun seen from far away."
"And then?"
"Then. Yes then. The leaping laughter that my smile betrays will bless the world!"

"Your ship has finally come in.  Money won in such areas as lottery and certainly with the help of divine intervention."
signed by email only

"Our beautiful Star embraces every man and every woman, warmly accepting them into her fold, immersing her loves with pleasures, purple and gold. She provides whatever will bring pleasure and comfort in an often unhospitable world. Whether seeking the safe seclusion of her womb, the sexual rapture of her touch, or a caring embrace, she provides. Her pleasure resides in that of her loves, and she will greet warmly all those who seek solace in her treasures and who can withstand her undying affections."
Clay Fouts

"Found this to be a good card especially in troubled times to me it has always represented that light at the end of the tunnel. Also the expression of the grace and beauty within."
T. Roger

"Cycle of hopes and dreams. Generous & giving. Self esteem and confidence. Look within and trust what's there. Radiance...Express who we are. Clarity and spontaneity. Light. Talent recognized by others. Things moving quickly."

"Alligned with Aquarius she is a muse; offering inspiration and spiritual guidance."
C. Tucker

"The Star card has special meaning to me. Although the general meaning is positive, I always see this being hiding behind his or her abilities, afraid of the light. It always spurs me on to come out from whatever place of fear I am in. The message: Let your star shine!"
signed by email only

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