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Atu IV - The Emperor

The Emperor

The Emperor takes the care of the Empress out into the physical world. Where she is nurturing, and gives her gifts on the emotional and intuitive levels, he brings forth the provisions of care, much like the warrior brought home food from the hunt.  In the dualistic energy of the Divine Masculine, the Emperor was "he who served to rule" but now that the energies are shifting here, he is evolving to "he who rules to serve".   The new paradigm of the Divine Masculine reposits the Emperor as service oriented, bringing his provisions from a heart centered in love.  The old rigidity is falling away, and he is poised to bring forth all good things to those he cares for.

From the original website:
 IV - The Emperor.
"Start at a point in the centre of your mind. As a single entity it remains stable, Devoid of external influence. However as you search ever further outwards a distabilization of the central core ensues. Careful reflection upon the base thought behind your action is needed to keep you on course."
Mark Davison

"The Emperor, strong and aggressive. He holds a wand of aries (fire) and royal sphere (earth) in his hands. The energy and blind determination of holding the belief that one is perfectly right about everything and the desire to impress that feeling upon others. Represents an archetypal joining of earth and fire: the aggressive part of the aggressive, and the aggressive part of the passive. 15 high school students got shot on April 20th, 1999 by two students celebrating Hitler's 110th birthday, an Aries on the cusp of Taurusdom. He never learned how to be receptive and slow, sentimental and insightful, because he thought he knew he was right and that everyone else was mistaken. Learning from this lesson, initiates contemplate the lesson of the Empress. 15 babies were also born in a nearby hospital the same day the 15 high schoolers were shot".
The Fool

"When the Soul-Archetypes, ‘The Magus’ and ‘The High Priestess’ travel the physical plane of the tree of life, they adapt and take on physical form as the Empress and the Emperor. In both the Empress and the Emperor lie the likeness of what went before, and the likeness of what is on Earth. They are the Ying/Yang, Anima/Animus that when combined create a whole. The Emperor represents the male principle that helps create our lives.

This is Mars in Aires. Mars is the planet of fire, energy, and in Ancient Rome the God of War. The influence of Mars can be seen in the firey red colour of the card and in the staunch expression of the seated leader. Characteristics of Aires are impetus, drive, creativity, and initiative. These two combined create the Emperor who is alikened to the Greek God Zeus. He represents the father, the procreator.

Aires is an important factor in this card and most of all represents leadership and creative energies. The two rams in the back of the card show the 2 sides of the same coin that make up an Aires character. Energy can either be harmful and violent (deep red on the left) or constructive and beneficial (the light golden aura of the right ram). Particular to the male Aires is the ‘Ram Rod’ which he holds in his right hand -a symbol of his manly power and prowess- it is with this that he directs and executes his energies.

The pioneering nature of the Emperor is seen with the sun shining behind him. This is a person who is confident of his direction because he can afford to be. (He has his arms resting upon navigational tools, -compasses which omit NS EW because of the metaphysical nature of his scope). He has the sufficient backing and power to succeed. He holds the world in his left hand, which attests to the universal influences in his life; travel, cultures, worldly preoccupations.

Nations figure strongly in this card. The Emperor can represent the leader of a nation or in fact the nation itself. The many bumble bees on his breast plate signify the individual effort that goes into creating a unified whole. Therefore the Emperor can be the symbolic representation of a nation, -a deep sense of nationality. It is often this national pride -an almost religious fervour that gives rise to the engeries becoming too driven and then violent. Gone is the balance between the two Rams and instead rises a combat between two fire birds/eagles (shown on the battle shield in the foreground). In history, not only have two nations clashed for a physical dominion/territory, but they have also fought in the name of Religion, shown by the lamb with the flag, a symbol of the Christian ‘Agnus Dei’ and reminiscint of the Holy Crusades. However even out of War a new Sun arises and out of the ashes of nothing a golden phoenix alights.

If you pull this card in a reading it can mean many things. A dominant male person or male ideal in your life (eg, a father figure, a male partner). If representing a woman, she is someone who is very in touch with her animus, and for both sexes represents very (pro)creative energies inherent in their natures. It can show an enviroment that is condusive to energetic projects. It is a great card to pull if in question to risky ventures as it indicates unequivocal sucess. It is a card, which shows a great constitution if in regards to health. Mind over matter has succeeded in a very material way. Great physical willpower and stregnth. Advice: Let the will go sometimes!! Be receptive. Can sometimes indicate a strong authoritarian element."

"The base. The squared magus. Now 1 has become four, the scales ajust from 3 to 4 a base for the magus. The even light. The soft light of the sun. The confusion of simplicity."

"The base. The squared magus. Now 1 has become four. The scales ajust from 3 to 4, a base for the magus. The even light. The soft light of the sun. The confusion of simplicity. The kingdom, and the power, and the glory"
Hilmar )

"Mars controlling Aries. Being in control of yourself/situation. Being in position of power & efficient mind. The Emperor is full of masculine energy and is aggressive and warlike. He is creative in a powerful way and shows leadership in money and people."

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