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Atu XIX - The Sun

The Sun

A card of celebration on all levels, have you noticed how many songs there are celebrating sunshine? After our dark night of the soul (XVIII The Moon) we awaken to a brand new day.  It IS a cause for celbration, much like the Summer Solstice is a celebration of all we have planted in this season, and all we will harvest when time is ripe.  A pause in our path to refresh ourselves, knowing that we are in the home stretch. Often read as a card of marriage and happy celebrations, this card brings all the best life has to offer into one little package.

from the original website: 

 XIX - The Sun.
"That ice is slowly melting," remarked the Beatles in their brilliant song, "Here Comes the Sun," explaining how sometimes we must let the ice of our minds melt, becoming emotional, and experiencing all that life has to offer. Life has to offer more than just intellectual scope. The sun assures us that we are part of a bigger plan, that we are human, and that we have obstacles to face. The power of the sun, the light of the day, shines over problems, probing to the core the need for change. This card is a blessing; for when we are like the sun, we shine forth brilliantly, proving to ourselves and others that life is for living! Let this card be a herald of your heart, feel the sun there, and let all your dreams come alive. Let your dreams materialize! You're like the sun!"

"Brightness of day. Power of the cosmos.
Permanence of eternity.

On and on and on it goes; and on, providing life, and warmth, and
light, Its little brood of rocky satellites clustered around to share the
energy so casually exploded of into the vacuum of space. Clustered? Some
so far away that the potential magnificence of solar flames appears like just
another star. One's so close its surface bears the resemblance of the depths
of Hell's imagination. Another is choked with a claustrophobic froth of
churning clouds. And then we find the seas of bright blue dreams; this Earth.
Here! Each and every plant and animal is amazingly reliant on this gift of
golden fire. Each blade of grass, each mighty oak turns its fragile green
collectors toward the rising/setting sun, so to capture the smallest briefest
splinters of that Universal Gold.

Each animal moves with cognitive instinct, toward the mystic source
of all, knowing that the gift of light and life is the promise of their
existence and continuance. Who has not seen a creature preening in the random
beam of Sun light; the purring of a cat, the sighing of a dog, a group of
seals warming on a rocky ledge beyond the reach of the rough and tumble sea?

This is all the Sun, and yet we have no real or full idea of all this
power and majesty; for what we know of its entrust is microscopic in relation
to its stark and awesome might. The cauldron of all being, the promise of
tomorrow. Majestic sunsets mark the end of days, and glorious crimson
sunrises wake us from our starlit dreams to again march off for tasks

We build our lofty edifices to scrape the very skies, in honor of
this blinding deity above. And we have named it after all our best of
warriors, Kings and Gods.

How is it then that the Moon in all its cold and barrenness can engulf the very essence of the Sun under occasional brief and
right conditions? Is it because the Moon is all illusion? Its tiny size is
less than insignificant compared to that of Heaven's furnace. Is it all our
failed perspective? We hold so much importance in these secret shadows. These
can and will consume our spirit light as well.

Strive to maintain the right perspective. The Sun will refill your
reservoir with all the gold within its fiery heart and you will know true
light and creative fire.

One of the subtle difficulties is that one can often see the Moon in
daytime, but there is never any Sun at night. Its transience is much more
rigid in its rhythmic cycles. The blindness of the gulf of darkness is but a
period of rest. One in which it's best to contemplate the fast approaching
break of day. The cause and trial of hope; to bolster courageous hours upon
the other side of possible despair.

But, yet again there is winter to consider. The blessed, and yearned
for, kiss of light and warm; much too weak to cast away the cold for three or
four long months. But this is again perspective. Another land, beyond our
mind's immediate and tentative grasp, is hailing rebirth. Other climbs not
far away from ours have reflected, mirrored cycles, yet all are
interconnected fast with ours.

What is this Golden Spinning Disk? It might be only a reflection of
our individual intensity. It might burn like our desire. It might provide all
the reason needed for our transitory eye-blink life. It might be reminiscent
of the scorching desert questioning of, "Why?" and "Who?" and "How?" A baron
stretch of bleached white sand comes to mind; one with long ago evaporated
tears. And here the buffeting of sirocco winds blow grit and sand against
everything; anything which dares to stand up proud and self important. And
all will be eventually worn away.

Millions of miles away, the Sun will yet blaze on. And on."
Phil Naunton

"Sons, fathers, babies, twins, birth a lightbulb going on in your head. Live,Love, and be happy. Existance, opposite of extinction. A years time, all twelve signs in the zodiac. Growth. Non-exclusive. We are all one."
Lisa Lovejoy

"The sun I think reminds me of a new start. A way to think about the things that are important to you and to others. A way to see life in an energetic way."

"The sun often appears to me as the reward, or the reason of physical and mental discipline and suffering."

"love: the best situation
in business: good news
in work: improvement"

"The interpretation to me means a partnership/ relationship situation that gains its energy from a higher source (i.e. spirituality, religion) Each person isn't seeking validation and/or living their life through the other. It is the ultimate self-esteem and self-worth card; and represents the ability to love another unconditionally, without losing a sense of self."

"Travel abroad, new beginnings, happiness."
sian watt

"The root, the origin, the inner force, on earth as it is in heaven, kind of orgasm."

"This was the desert were TOTH found the moon goddess after he left egypt. The people were all sad. When he found her in the desert she became a lioness and asked him why she should not kill him. THOTH  used his powers of logic and knoledge to enlighten her and she decided to go back to egypt and part of the agreement was to return love and dance which made the people happy again. All work and no play makes people unhappy:(                 So TOTH is teaching us to know when to apply heat and when to cool it. Sometime you must go into the sun to help others see the light."

"The marriage card.
Success and happiness.
All riches in life.
Teamwork, partnership, collaboration.
Energy, motivation, inspiration to others.
Greatest challenge is fear of ruin."

"Marriage, sudden death,unplaned birth, lovers being friends. expansion of awareness. Herbrew letter means Head."
Walter Cassidy

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