Sunday, February 13, 2011

Atu X - Fortune


Always an expansive gift of fate, although perhaps not seeming so, depending on where on the wheel you ride.  From the centered place in the hub, the ride is smoother, gentler, but often we just get swept up and hang on.  The cycle through action, completion, contentment/stasis, to the regermination of action in the subconscious.  Great energy available, use it wisely (recall the Hermit's path). New opportunities, perhaps from "out of the blue" but really something prepared long before. Cycles in action.

from the original website:

 X - Fortune.
"You are secure and in power at one time, foolish, powerless and clumsy the next, then fighting or struggling later on. Things change as the wheel of life turns and since it always spins in one direction, dont dwell on past experiences and live for the future. Destiny will guide you, so you might as well let it, or you will make it harder for yourself."

"The wind is blowing, things are changing and landing in different places. Fate, destiny, luck. A gambler, or risk taker. Merry-go-round. Sit back and enjoy the ride. This card may teach us acceptance."
Lisa Lovejoy

"This card represents change - but change is happening all the time, so this card could almost be redundant - but it is telling you to look specifically at changes in you. Are you stagnating? If you get this card, see if you are repeating a pattern without thinking about it. This may be one of the main points in your life where you can break the pattern."

"What Lady Freida Harris didn't illustrate in this card were the wolf, the raven and the lamb. If the lamb becomes evident relating to this card, beware...the most trustworthy are the most treacherous."

Fortune is change, yes, but specifically it is the change between Stasis, Dynamism, and Entropy --- as depicted by the Sphinx (Stasis), the Monkey (Dynamism), and the Typhonian Serpent (Entropy).

A real-world example of this is Darwinian evolution, in which new forms are generated by mutations (Dynamism); these survive through a process of replication (Stasis); while nonviable mutations, as well as old forms which are not viable in new environments, are cleaned up by extinction (Entropy).

Those familiar with the Discordian mythos will recognize the monkey in Chaos & Discord, the Sphinx in Bureaucracy, and the Typhonian Serpent in the Aftermath and the return to Chaos."
Frater K

"Often, when decisions need be made, no one choice, although having radically different consequences, holds preference. The Magus, having agonized over potentialities, throws caution to the wind, casts his lots, and moves on. Alternatively, Fortune sometimes interrupts a gentle affair, bringing with her a profusion of simian influence and chaos. She and Adjustment have a steamy, love/hate relationship."
Clay Fouts

"Things are now turning in your favor. Opportunities show themselves, things become available. Abundance and good fortune. Bringing a wish to your life."

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