Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Atu V - The Hierophant

The Hierophant

Tuning into higher wisdom, letting the inner child shine, standing in your own light, connection to spirit, putting all the naysayers behind you, being confident in your own wisdom. Tendency toward pomposity, rigidity, the Ivory Tower of academia and religion. Balancing inner widsom against outer teachings, we are our own Wise Counselor, no need for an external theories or validation.

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 V - The Hierophant.
"Formality and ritual. There is a stubbornness about this card that indicates one that is dedicated to something which would be told in the surrounding cards. It represents social activities, ceremonies of any type, and formal education. It is the card of the wedding or the college degree which includes a formal graduation."

"The Hierophant. This is the card that represents you, in the form of your own, truest voice, your own soul--that calm, quiet whisper within you that knows everything...Your intuition...Your psychic vox...The Hierophant is a masculine force, a man within who truly knows The Truth. He's that gut reaction, that first instinct which comes before your chaotic environment can invade your decision making with its confusing, babbling voices. Listen to The Heirophant from now on because, unlike that demonic chatter, his is a voice that knows the truth. He's the one who blurts out that first instinctual answer. Meditate, to reach him. He's that first intuition that is always, always right. When in a trap or a mental dilemma, just calm down, breathe deeply, and then you'll hear him. Listen to him and him only because he's the part of you who knows the way out.
He's very, very powerful. Just like all the Trumps cards, he's an immortal force. Find The Heirophant by listening to your soul, and he will always lead the way back to the light."

"The V. Heirophant is the 'macrocosm' and is the most spiritualized or 'intiated' being on Earth. He is the person who acts like Thoth or the god Mercury, as the messenger of the god-head. Attributed with the Hebrew letter Vav, or Nail, this figure can be summarized as being apart of the all-important Tetragrammaton. Ruling the zodiac sign of Taurus, it shows that the figure is earth-bound, love to cultivate new projects (but not finish them) and are materialistic. Within a reading, card represents the conscious mind under the Will. Remember that this card is not bad or good, however, when looking at the Hierophant's smile in the Thoth Deck will lend a hand to the over-all interpretation. In the Tree of Life, the Heirophant represents the VI path and is considered the All-Father. Do not let the simplicity of this card's graphics fool the mind to think so little of it's meaning."

"The Heirophant has something to teach, wisdom with which to bless, but unfortunately, the querent usually is reluctant to learn. Valuable lessons are often the hardest to get through, and it is the burden of the querent to persevere, not of the Heirophant to sugar-coat or babysit. If the querent is not prepared to do what it takes to progress, then they should not be looking for guidance."

"This card can also be a teacher from any faith in your local area.
He is a person of high wisdom and vast knowledge. This person can be of any age but mostly older as the case my be."
Charles Swasey

"Vav: Nail. Something used to attach one thing to another. He is the old man inside, the watcher, the executor of the divine Will. He bring mystical meaning to the mundane, and attempts to interpret all phenomena as an interaction between ourselves and The Divine."
Gerald del Campo

"The Hierophant represent the energy of wisdom and mastery on all levels of being. That is spiritual (wands), intellectual (swords), emotional (cups) and physical (disks). It is number 5 in the major arcana and corresponds to the number 5 cards in the minor arcana. The Hierophant energy is the source of inner guidance, the "Inner Teacher." When in balance with the energy of the Hierophant one has mastered the problematic energies of the minor arcana. spiritual strife (5 of wands), mental defeat (5 of swords), emotional disappointment (5 of cups) and worry (5 of disks). Tap into your Inner Teacher for guidance and direction and you'll find the answer."
Aris St James

"The Hierophant holds the staff of learning and wisdom. He handles all the details and is good with contracts, written and verbal. He is good with animals. He is a family man and a father figure. He could be a veterinarian, lawyer, or minister. His life challenges are patience, learning to live in the present and being a worry-wort."

"Unfortunately one of the bad aspects of this card is that although it has the ability to make correct judgements/moral evaluations or to preach, the heirophant can have a tendency to over criticise."

"This is the card of the teacher. The inner child. Dogma. Can be lawyers. Ph.D degree. The Hebrew word is Nail, which can being about joining things or creating a fondation."
Walter Cassidy


  1. Spiritual teacher, inner guide, highest transformation. Represent unity of human and divine, wisdom and emotions out of which comes total openness to excistence and trust in it. This new wisdom brought forth represent new wisdom, an innocent child like wisdom, that bring out purest most complete love that gives exactly what is needed even if it isn't exactly what you wanted.
    Can bring forth a great spiritual teaching, teacher or lesson.

  2. Well said, Niina! And I really like "love that gives exactly what is needed even if it isn't exactly what you wanted." So true that our higher self knows best! Thanks for your interest, and your comment! :)