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Atu VI - The Lovers

The Lovers
The Lovers is first and foremost a card of decision making.  Taking the inner wisdom derived from the Hierophant and choosing one's own course, i.e. choosing a marriage partner.  All the little decisions that lead to a major step, the blessing of that decision/step in preparation for the Chariot where one goes in stillness to contemplate the course of action based on the decision.  It is the forerunner of Atu XIV where the two opposites are unified in a new creation, the discovery of a soul mate/twin flame, making a decision based on that discovery.  Ruled by Gemini, also choosing between two different courses of action, making a final decision about something.

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 VI - The Lovers.

"the lovers are passionate, yet responsible. They protect one another with the help of outside forces. There is peace and unity and they accept eachothers differences. They make eachother complete by exsisting."

"The union of opposites. Making a connection by enlightenment. Bringing together through an act of will. Identifying a similarity between 2 things by analysis and synthesis. Identifying relationships with single objects and seeing potential in THEIR union. With relation to the postion of the spread, we must determine if our role is that of love itself (the connector) or of a lover (one of two connectees)"
Romual Piecyk

Two Souls destined to meet on Earth. Choosing the Light between them. Spirit Partners."

"In true love there is no possession, no greed, no jealousy, no neediness. There is a choice to be with another, not a need to be with another. The choice is based on many things, some on which are; that you CHOOSE to be with this person on a conscious level for all of the things you enjoy about the relationship, or on a subconscious level for the spiritual lessons it has to offer your growth.
Which ever the choice, we must remember that WE are ultimatly responsible for what we have chosen."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Two souls that have been on a search. They have tried several paths but all incorrect. When their paths meet it is not at an intersection, rather two dark paths blend and become one lighted pathway. The blending of the personalities create the sparks that becomes their light."

"Unlike most of the trumps the lovers does not represent a stage in an evolution but rather a boundary that can best be described as the edge of a cliff with the heirophant at the top and the chariot at the bottom. It represents the stage in a persons life when they leap into their opposite. The person goes from being concerned only with religion or spirituality to being not concerned with it at all. Of course, this only applies to males. The opposite is true of females. The reason for this is because in the world everyone has a soul mate that is eternally connected to them. They are like two quantum particles that although separated by great distances are somehow connected. The lovers represents the changing of the spin of this quantum particle from positive to negative in the males case and negative to positive in the females case. It also represents the point in a man's life where he switches from his mother's love to another woman's and where a woman switches from her father's love to another man's. The majority of people have not crossed this boundary. They have not recognized their soul mate even though they are probably right there."

"This can also mean a split mind as well as the shared life here, note that the astrolgical sign of this card is Gemini, the twins.  When this card shows up in a reading the reader should be aware that this card has a varity of meanings mostly that of a companian of some kind depending on the nature of the quarent as well as the other cards that are in the spread."
Charles Swasey

HORUS RA OZIRIS" (signed only with email)

"Lovers represent choices we have and choices we make. There are two columns. Two choices. Opportunity to socialize and communicate. Lesson to learn: to balance individuality and cooperation in relationships. They are naturally curious and playful. They are naturally loyal and committed to commitment. There are no restrictions here."

"The Marriage of opposites. Ying and Yang. Crowley states that this is the card the Brothers of Cain and Abel. Dual personality. A decision is going to have to be made. The Hebrew letter is the Sword, which can talk about seperations."
Walter Cassidy

"To be desired by another, is anything more desireable?"
C. Tucker

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