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Atu III - The Empress

 III - The Empress.

The nurturing mother, The Empress's energy wraps us in love.  Her boundaries do not affect her heart which she gives freely, almost to the point of sacrifice.  She is very emotional and intuitive, a physical representation of the High Priestess.  She is unguarded, trusting, and sends out her love and light to the world.  Her arms are always open.

From the original website:

"You have given kindness/love/sensitivity and the same treatment has been returned to you. You are maintaining a relationship well by learning to give and take."

"The abundant, voluptuous, Mother. wealth, comfort, Venus love, security. Fertility, Pregnancy."

"Mother Earth, nature, beauty, harmony, gentleness, nurture, sensuality, fertility, femininity"

"III.The Empress Hebrew Letter: ø (Daleth)=Door
General: This is the bright and fertile Mother. She is voluptuous. She refers to Venus the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Health. She is the willing sexual partner of the Emperor, but ONLY the Emperor. She is faithful and willing to sacrifice for her children and she watches over them well. She will take care of business well. She is, once again, the symbol of Woman, but she is the Woman that all men seek to be with. She is caring, Motherly, trustworthy, sexual, attractive, and fertile. Behind her is the gate to Heaven. When reading this card we must concentrate upon the whole image and note be taken in by any one thing. She is the woman that is seen through the eyes of a man. She is the ideal. She holds in her hand a lotus which is phallic and procreative in nature. She is the source of all life. She stimulates creativity. She urges us to break taboos and rise above to create our own path. This can lead to freedom or madness. In business there are energies awhirl. We have the ability to sway (feminine wiles) through optimism, self-assurance, humor, and attractiveness. Think of the muse and her ability to bring inspiration. In relationships there are changes occurring, perhaps even pregnancy. Remember that she inspires creativity and therefore creation. She usually indicates positive developments. She may also make us own up to our inner demons in order to break through old masks and rebuild ourselves as our true selves.
Shadow: Dissipation, debauchery, Inaction, greed, rigidity, the evil step-mother or mother.
Keywords: Beauty, love, sexuality, pleasure, success, sensuality, safety, trust.
Goal: Faithful loyal mate. Pregnancy or the birth of something new."

"The High Priestess is inward - The Empress in outward. If there is something inside of her, eventually it will come out."
Lisa Lovejoy

"In an attempt to learn the greatest simplicity, the initiate learns the cycles of life and how to be re-active to them instead of pro-active. The Empress stands at the transition between times, places, matters; she accepts things and accepts her lot in life. However, just as the destruction that came from the Emperor brought final destruction, the Empress learns that knowing how to be in the world means to have some elements of assertiveness. The initiate then moves on to the lesson of the Priestess."
The Fool

"Horny floating, cool ecstasy, getting wet on every level.
I learnt to see this card as a vagina with the crown as the clitoris, the cross marking the very spot. So actually giving birth, nurturing, loving goes with it, but the feeling of being turned on is always a strong part of it."

"The Empress is the physical manifestation of the priestess into animated life. The earth and its beauty are here to remind us of lifes beauty. The Empess has athority over all, and is the manifestation of love, beauty, and harmony. The Empress is nurturing tangible. Whenever something enters one's life and brings them happiness and joy the Empress is the vehicle for that something."
Stephen Jacob Martin

"She is quality that come from 1 becoming two. She is the active muliplicator, the changing moon, the mirrors abilty to reflect light, the reprodution of self unto self, the ripe seed on wich the wheel continues."

"The Empress is indeed a protective, beautiful, nuturing, and all-gentle icon. However--sometimes this card carries an unbalanced energy--a smoothing over of the complex, all too eager to compromise, to remain indecisive and gray. Notice the soft feminine curves--her touch and vision is soothing and her motive genuine. Her energy as a positive energy is entirely dependent upon the nature of the enquiry. If a tough decision needs to be made, especially reationship decisions involving a third party, this card carries some danger. This card wants to resolve without causing pain or ugliness, even if deception is required to do so. Not a good card to assist with clearing the air on a matter."
Robert S.

"She represents love of family,and love of beauty, she gives more than her share, which causes frustration.
The Empress stands on transformation."

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