Friday, February 25, 2011

A post to say thank you, what's next, and an offer of free readings.

Well, it's been nearly a month since I started the Tarot Inspiration blog, and what a wonderful experience this has been!  I am so pleased at the response from all over the world.  So far there have been more than 450 page views from the US, the UK, Canada, Finland, Germany Australia, Spain, Serbia, Denmark, Poland, and New Zealand.

 I am so grateful to those of you who have reposted via facebook, favorited via stumble and linkedback through your own sites. I am particularly grateful to Lon Milo DuQuette who tweeted the birth of this project which resulted in being linked to Aecletic Tarot, a very comprehensive tarot website from Australia.

Here is the link to Lon's Facebook fan page:
From here you can follow all things Lon and be sure to check out his book on the books tab of the blog.

Here is a link to Aeclectic Tarot:
You'll find a great community of tarot afficianados here.

I have also been linked by crowleysite so big thanks to them, too :

I would also like to thank Niina,  a delightful young lady from Finland, whose blog covers a wide range of spiritual topics, including the Thoth tarot, for the free reading she did for me, for her participation and for following the blog.    Here is a recent post where she discusses the 10 of cups:

I would also like to thank the rest of you,  my 15 followers (woot!) and those of you who just read along with us.  I feel a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility to you all.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing the Wands, Cups, Swords and Disks in all their glory, and once the entire deck is posted, I will move to working with layouts, particularly the Celtic Cross.  I would like to start a basic beginning reading section in the forum by asking you if I may read for you and then post the reading (anonymously, of course) with guidance as to how I interpreted the cards as I did.  I see this as a way to help guide those who are new to tarot, and to the Thoth Deck in particular into learning the relationships between the cards and how the meanings can shift due to the position and other cards around it.  If you are interested in participating, sign up on the forum.

I would also like to encourage those of you who have studied this deck to add your voice to the group by posting your interpretation, or your comments on another interpretation in the comment thread for each card.  The energy of mutual inspiration is what keeps this project going, and your voice is needed and appreciated.

Thank you all again for your support of this project. It means a great deal to me to know that you all are out there and interested in what I'm doing here.  Blessings of light and love to you all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Atu XXI - The Universe

The Universe

Ahhhh, the culmination of experience and the transition to the next level.  This is "graduation", leaving one plane of experience for another.  Here we ascend to a new cycle, beginning again at 0 but on a higher level.  Climbing the spiral of evolution, fulfillment of a plan, a touch of destiny to this card, it shows us aligned (after perhaps much wandering in the wilderness) back at our original blueprint, succeeding in our chosen path.  The blessings of the Divine on all our endeavors, knowing and seeing who we really are, grasping our divine essence.

Note: in Brother John's post below, he quotes a poem but doesn't know the source.  The quote is from T. S. Eliot, "Little Gidding" in the work "Four Quartets".  "We shall not cease from exploration, and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time".

from the original website:

 XXI - The Universe.
"The eyelid around the eye of God is constructed of the Ox, the Lamb, the Phoenix and the Fool (yes contrary to the book's description). Strength, Peace, Resurrection and Humility, respectively. The maiden is offering her stint with her own creativity (the serpent) to the moon (a sickel) that will ultimately be lured into the sun (hosted in the concious eye). As most cards indicate, sacrifice and balance go hand-in-hand. The serpent allows its head as a foothold, thus sacrificing itself for the maiden, knowing that he is being sacrificed or that creativity comes in waves. A moment of bliss or a gift of God must also return to God (sun & moon). Nothing is permanent. This is the nature of the universe. Obeying the laws of nature and the universe, humility, strength, resurrection and peace will be your reward, as seen in the eyes of God."

"Decisions, Decisions. The Aeon represents the final testing in which we reach our decision. The contemplation of all aspects of a situation and the evaluation of value of it in our lives. Once this decision is made, there is no turning back. It is a release of the what we don't want, and the culmination of all that we do. A complimentary card is the 7 of pentacles in the minor arcana in which we evaluate and harvest what we have sown, for the better or for the worse, we must be held accountable."

"And the end of all our travelings shall be to arive at that place from whence we began, and to know it again...for the first time." Don't know who wrote this piece of poem, but I think it fits. "The Universe" trump has come full circle, brings us back to our primordial point of origin....and now we know the path that leads from it and to it, and can fully apreciate it... as though for the first time."
Brother John

"The ALL. Awareness. Bliss. God-like Wisdom. I often find that this card coupled with any negative cards in a spread can mean that the querent is only seeing things from a limited perspective and living within their own little world. But, most often it comes up as possitive, and implying perfection, goal attained, having it all. Understanding it all from an unlimited perspective. Extreme expansion from the ordinary narrow peripheral vision. Sometimes it will come up as the" I see it now!" card".
Lisa Lovejoy

"Turn this card "on its side". It is the eye of GOD. The reflection of the mystcal dance is but a glint. This card reminds us to take the gifts we recieve with reverence and humility, but also not to take it all too seriously!"
Mike B.

"Complete unity. The dance of the stars and the elements is not interrupted by the four winds. At the same time, it is within the core of unity that plurality begins again --- the Initiate becomes the Universe, wherein a new Initiate may begin his/her quest back at The Fool."
Frater K

"IHVH...NYL,from the waters of death a seed of light is planted.  Balanced on the forces of father, mother, sister brother,the seed is lifted to the heaven, it's four feet firmly planted in the world.  Time is exalted in the form of a CLIMBER, A GOAT!  Set is seen pulling from above, pushing from below.  The seed of LIGHT is drawn up from the world.  AUMGN!
The previous is a metaphysical proposition that looks from the metaphysicians eyes...with glasses at that!"
Fra. Djhuti Ra en Set

"Training the new souls universal intelligence so they can help others on earths. It is the fundemental string that has always made our worlds work. It can not be denied but is easily contraverted by religeous non scientas."

Dicipline, Government, Laws.
Major restrictions for 1 year. (Learning or money)
Learning restrictions before getting what you want.
Totality, wholeness, individuality.
What are you bringing to your universe?
Restrictions are not permanent, 1 year to work through them. Hard work with strong foundation.
Working through things, but the flow is not easy."

"The woman finds her own phallus. Her tendency to possess has been trancended. Unlike the sphynx-like beasts--divided in twain...banished to the four corners of the material plane--she has found her soul mate, herself! No longer a part of the divisive "Christian" ontology (SEPARATING heaven from Earth, day from night...): She has ceased to converse with herself. A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF STANDS!"
Brett Robertson

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Atu XX The Aeon

Gestating a transition, this card marks the end of a cycle, and indicates a sense of expansion of the new and withdrawal of the old.  Alpha - Omega, the end of the father, the seed of the son.  A bridge, portal, transition, limbo, the final exam, only way out is through.

from the original website:

 XX - The Aeon.
"I am where will and lust go together. In the joy of serious want and determination.
In general:The taking of a definite step. Nowadays:Three days ago,on sunday the 18th of february,the sun changed its expression.It started sending out the energies of its origin.This means for human beings that we recieve the original energies from times way pasr in a new vakuum.We are being created again.This means that we will learn to use all our sences;all 20 of them.So this is the time to change-into what you really want to be."

"Combining the forces within to evolve and divine the universal will within. Seeing or realizing what really is from a superconsciouss perspective regarding the querent's situation. Superconsciouss related."

"Stare into the card. Do you see your past lives?"
Lisa Lovejoy

"The body of Nuit arched for love representing the upside down Egyptian Hieroglyph for uterus and the winged flame of Hadit meet. Heru-ra-ha and Hoor-paar-kraat result: 0 = 2. This is one reason why this card represnts aleph, the path between kether and chokmah. I always wondered about the Fool's (0) body position. When I read in one of Crowley's writings, that aleph is not only the ox and the plough, but also the yoke, it became clear: Nuit forms the yoke, that lies on the shoulders of the fool, thus XX = aleph. Moreover there is the Greek omega twice on this card: once in the form of Nuit and once disguised as shin. So alpha (aleph) is nicely balanced by omega (VII)."

"The Aeon represents destiny and questions to be asked for future direction. It can also show that there is a willingness to come out of ones old ways and try something new. The "buried" you is about to emerge giving a new interpretation to ones life."

"I interpret this as the passage way to the weigh station for your soul. We see osiris in her woman form and THOTH is seated waiting to make final record of your deeds ie;will your sins outweigh the feather! Only the true enlightened will pass this test."

"This card shows Horus seated on a Throne inside of the Sacred Womb of Nuit. Outside of the womb we see Horus in the form of Hoor-par-krat, the Lord of Silence; his finger pressed against his lips as if asking to keep the secret of his true identity. This card represents the coming of the new Logos, the New Law whose word is "Thelema.""
Gerald del Campo

"Expansion with child. (Child being anything) Extension of self expression. Choices and changes. Question of child/family. Good judgement and discernment. Creative power & influence over family & career. Forgive ourselves for all judgements. Expanding business or family."

"Resurrection, cycles, past life, old loves,repeatition, It can also be a family card. A card of life tests. A tore look at things because there could be something over looked. The Hebrew letter means Tooth, which can also be a grounding princaple."
Walter Cassidy

"This card depicts child horus in its centre with his finger to his lips. This could represent the cards 'hush, hushing' your questioning , telling you not to ask about things now (especially if other cards are incoherent). Perhaps it is necessary for you to first cast aside all preconieved judgements and prejudices in order to criticise or veiw the issue truly. Or maybe things have to mature a little more. The child in the centre can also represent the inquisitive fool, who can possibly go astray and become lost if he fails to grow/mature, sucking his thumb as if looking around for his mother. This is also a family card and a card about sharing. Trying to have the acceptance and forgiveness of the child horus in order to regenerate new growth. The Aeon is a time span and this card focuses alot on time. Timeless, out of body experiences, reincarnation, past lives, dreams, -a dimension with a different time frame to the one accepted by our consciousness. Past actions reacting with karma. A symbolic death/rebirth/letting go. A period of time that is particularly significant to the surrounding cards. A prison scentence past, having to catch up on lost time by questioning, assessing. May represent having lost time to mature normally during a turbulent period. Also represents the nine months of pregnancy -a time not counted in age. Very little is known about the senses or emotions that the foetus experiences. The womb is creating, forming, and going through an active, dynamic process. The Universe/World is the actual act of labour/birth when the baby comes into contact with the physical world. Timing is of the essence."

"A new awareness is open to you. A coming together of an ancient religion and a new spiritual awareness. This card suggests passive piety and strong conviction. There is a willingness to learn more of the spirit world. Be careful. You may not like what you ask for."
Connie MacAlpin

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Atu XIX - The Sun

The Sun

A card of celebration on all levels, have you noticed how many songs there are celebrating sunshine? After our dark night of the soul (XVIII The Moon) we awaken to a brand new day.  It IS a cause for celbration, much like the Summer Solstice is a celebration of all we have planted in this season, and all we will harvest when time is ripe.  A pause in our path to refresh ourselves, knowing that we are in the home stretch. Often read as a card of marriage and happy celebrations, this card brings all the best life has to offer into one little package.

from the original website: 

 XIX - The Sun.
"That ice is slowly melting," remarked the Beatles in their brilliant song, "Here Comes the Sun," explaining how sometimes we must let the ice of our minds melt, becoming emotional, and experiencing all that life has to offer. Life has to offer more than just intellectual scope. The sun assures us that we are part of a bigger plan, that we are human, and that we have obstacles to face. The power of the sun, the light of the day, shines over problems, probing to the core the need for change. This card is a blessing; for when we are like the sun, we shine forth brilliantly, proving to ourselves and others that life is for living! Let this card be a herald of your heart, feel the sun there, and let all your dreams come alive. Let your dreams materialize! You're like the sun!"

"Brightness of day. Power of the cosmos.
Permanence of eternity.

On and on and on it goes; and on, providing life, and warmth, and
light, Its little brood of rocky satellites clustered around to share the
energy so casually exploded of into the vacuum of space. Clustered? Some
so far away that the potential magnificence of solar flames appears like just
another star. One's so close its surface bears the resemblance of the depths
of Hell's imagination. Another is choked with a claustrophobic froth of
churning clouds. And then we find the seas of bright blue dreams; this Earth.
Here! Each and every plant and animal is amazingly reliant on this gift of
golden fire. Each blade of grass, each mighty oak turns its fragile green
collectors toward the rising/setting sun, so to capture the smallest briefest
splinters of that Universal Gold.

Each animal moves with cognitive instinct, toward the mystic source
of all, knowing that the gift of light and life is the promise of their
existence and continuance. Who has not seen a creature preening in the random
beam of Sun light; the purring of a cat, the sighing of a dog, a group of
seals warming on a rocky ledge beyond the reach of the rough and tumble sea?

This is all the Sun, and yet we have no real or full idea of all this
power and majesty; for what we know of its entrust is microscopic in relation
to its stark and awesome might. The cauldron of all being, the promise of
tomorrow. Majestic sunsets mark the end of days, and glorious crimson
sunrises wake us from our starlit dreams to again march off for tasks

We build our lofty edifices to scrape the very skies, in honor of
this blinding deity above. And we have named it after all our best of
warriors, Kings and Gods.

How is it then that the Moon in all its cold and barrenness can engulf the very essence of the Sun under occasional brief and
right conditions? Is it because the Moon is all illusion? Its tiny size is
less than insignificant compared to that of Heaven's furnace. Is it all our
failed perspective? We hold so much importance in these secret shadows. These
can and will consume our spirit light as well.

Strive to maintain the right perspective. The Sun will refill your
reservoir with all the gold within its fiery heart and you will know true
light and creative fire.

One of the subtle difficulties is that one can often see the Moon in
daytime, but there is never any Sun at night. Its transience is much more
rigid in its rhythmic cycles. The blindness of the gulf of darkness is but a
period of rest. One in which it's best to contemplate the fast approaching
break of day. The cause and trial of hope; to bolster courageous hours upon
the other side of possible despair.

But, yet again there is winter to consider. The blessed, and yearned
for, kiss of light and warm; much too weak to cast away the cold for three or
four long months. But this is again perspective. Another land, beyond our
mind's immediate and tentative grasp, is hailing rebirth. Other climbs not
far away from ours have reflected, mirrored cycles, yet all are
interconnected fast with ours.

What is this Golden Spinning Disk? It might be only a reflection of
our individual intensity. It might burn like our desire. It might provide all
the reason needed for our transitory eye-blink life. It might be reminiscent
of the scorching desert questioning of, "Why?" and "Who?" and "How?" A baron
stretch of bleached white sand comes to mind; one with long ago evaporated
tears. And here the buffeting of sirocco winds blow grit and sand against
everything; anything which dares to stand up proud and self important. And
all will be eventually worn away.

Millions of miles away, the Sun will yet blaze on. And on."
Phil Naunton

"Sons, fathers, babies, twins, birth a lightbulb going on in your head. Live,Love, and be happy. Existance, opposite of extinction. A years time, all twelve signs in the zodiac. Growth. Non-exclusive. We are all one."
Lisa Lovejoy

"The sun I think reminds me of a new start. A way to think about the things that are important to you and to others. A way to see life in an energetic way."

"The sun often appears to me as the reward, or the reason of physical and mental discipline and suffering."

"love: the best situation
in business: good news
in work: improvement"

"The interpretation to me means a partnership/ relationship situation that gains its energy from a higher source (i.e. spirituality, religion) Each person isn't seeking validation and/or living their life through the other. It is the ultimate self-esteem and self-worth card; and represents the ability to love another unconditionally, without losing a sense of self."

"Travel abroad, new beginnings, happiness."
sian watt

"The root, the origin, the inner force, on earth as it is in heaven, kind of orgasm."

"This was the desert were TOTH found the moon goddess after he left egypt. The people were all sad. When he found her in the desert she became a lioness and asked him why she should not kill him. THOTH  used his powers of logic and knoledge to enlighten her and she decided to go back to egypt and part of the agreement was to return love and dance which made the people happy again. All work and no play makes people unhappy:(                 So TOTH is teaching us to know when to apply heat and when to cool it. Sometime you must go into the sun to help others see the light."

"The marriage card.
Success and happiness.
All riches in life.
Teamwork, partnership, collaboration.
Energy, motivation, inspiration to others.
Greatest challenge is fear of ruin."

"Marriage, sudden death,unplaned birth, lovers being friends. expansion of awareness. Herbrew letter means Head."
Walter Cassidy

Monday, February 21, 2011

Atu XVIII - The Moon

The Moon

Ah, here we have the "dark night of the soul".  After receiving the Star's light, we now go through the portals of the conscious to the deep underlying subconscious, and come face to face with our motives, our fears, our ego.  Carry the light that's within your grasp (scarab beetle holding Sun) and come out safely the other side.  This too will pass, a transient experience leading to great inner growth, a necessary step on the path, confronting our shadow side. Ruled by Pisces, here we are healing these darker aspects for new growth.

from the original website:

 XVIII - The Moon.
"This card is more than just the dark night of the soul. It is part of realizing that all we use to interpret what is "real" are also senses of illusion. It is all illusion. It symbolizes Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Also the Hebrew letter Qoph. The howling of the dogs confuses our ears, and the darkness blinds our eyes. But remember that darkness is only the absence of light. The darkness of our own souls is only the illusion that any part of us is dark, or evil. The scariest part isn't the darkness, or even ourselves, the scary part is realizing that our beliefs of what is right and wrong (Light and dark) are merely safe ways of trying to find a 'niche' in society. Until we are willing to acknowledge that anything we know is false, we realize that the only thing we can know is ourselves. Our dark side is not dark, but merely part of us we hide from the light. As long as we give ourselves a bad side, we don't have to accept the responsiblity for the implications of knowing. Pass through those gates, but make sure your heart is as light as a feather."
Zach Owens

"Your soul is shining through brightly; you are being yourself and know it. It's as if your soul has become your skin, or an object you could pull out of your pocket, instead of something deep inside you."

"I feel that the moon represents things that are hidden or mysterious, mostly pertaining to emotions and thoughts or experiences. It could represent a person burying true feelings, or some one who is thinking about or experiments with the occult. It could warn of a person who is sly and not what they appear, usually I believe the interpretation is only negative if the card is reversed. If it is beware of deception."

"The moon is signalized that there is a time for found the TRUE self. If you want fill you'r destiny (XXI. card), you must live in the harmony with your spirit. There's the gate in the card. That is the gate to new ways of reality and new world where is not place for old systems you have been living by. Maybe this part of way is about researching the clear of child (The Fool). You must be yourself if you want to go to another part of way, The Sun."

"Choosing to reveal or conceal your authentic self. P.M.S., Deception within ourselves, or the brunt of someone else."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Strong night energy....psychism is a strong force....magnetism...and animal-like instincts....may or may not be used or acted upon...strong energy field surrounding the earth and activities...a good time to get in touch with oneself and to focus on what is going on around you..power"
Lisa Lowder

"On the Initiate's cyclical journey, the Moon is the Dark Night of the Soul, after the old world is destroyed at the Tower and s/he has glimpsed the new one at the Star. It is the arduous process s/he must go through to arrive at the Sun."
Frater K

"The Sun, The Moon, and The Star cards are important in the Torah because they are -more than anything- that with which we associate Astrology and our fates. They are the most familiar governing bodies of the Universe that we know. The Moon is the most ambiguous of the 3. It is with the darkness of the night that the Stars can be seen and its is without the sunlight of the day that our physical world becomes shadow. The sun and the moon both affect how we percieve and the enviroment in which we see. They are opposites of each other.

The Moon is a feminine card. It is the Temple of the High Priestess -a female archetype. This card is to do with receptive energies, shown by the blue colour of the card (echoeing the colour of the High Priestess). It is also to do with change, a cyclic change; a development that is slow and subtle. An indirect approach or influence. The cycles and phases of the moon affect womens menstruating cycles and hence this is a card of the womb and hormones. Visually, this card could be seen as depicting an internal view of the entrance of female genitalia. This is a card of getting both the creative and receptive lines in harmony (red and blue lines in the bottom foreground). The later cards of the Arcarna continue to deal with this idea of the womb (Aeon, for example).

The scarab beetle is the symbolic God of Transformation ‘Khepri’ of Khemet (Ancient Egypt). He labouriously rolls his dung before him just like the Sun rolls on to rise at the beginning of a new day. Hence it is a card of renewal. But a continuous one. This renewal has taken place before. This leads the card to dealing with past life and karma. There always retains an element of the unkown in this renewal, though it is familiar. There is a feeling of having encountered this before and a use of your intuition. This intuition and the dark factor of this card mean it deals also with mystery and the subconsious. The moon is a magick mirror where the reflection is shallow deep but put your finger to the water and you will find much more underneath. It is a card of intitiation, cults and the occult/eclipsed. It is also the mythical underworld of the Greeks called Hades, which was guarded by Cerberus dogs (they are inculded in the Hermit card). We each have a guide to protect us and direct us through this potentially perilous place. In The Moon is suggested an often sexual nature of these intitiated mysteries. It can indicate the perverse side of sex; S&M, and adversely, even rape. It can also be a sentiment of feeling, ‘left in the shadows’ -when applied to sex, virginity or inexperience.

Positively, The Moon card represents a deep, romantic relationship -one of those unusual and special experiences, and indeed relationships in general. When applied to a particular person, this could be someone who has a store of talents waiting to be discovered. Or it can indicate deep changes in the subconscious which will result in a difference in personality. It can be the slow release of deep rooted fears which dominate your psyche or an indication to let go of them and to be aware of their falsity. When applied to the material world, the card can represent something mysterious that youre already suspicious of. It may also represent deceit in an area of your life, particularly as regard people and relationships. Beware of house burglary. And often in readings I personally have found this to be a card of moving, stock, lock and barrel, to another country and particularly different culture. A move of house as opposed to travelling and one that will affect all areas of your life for long to come."

"The moon represents the threshold between you true and authentic self and the false you of the expected and worldly projections. Gaurding the threshold are two jackals ( anpu, anubis, opener of the ways), in the egyptian book of the dead(which is actually about becomming awake), anubis gaurds each secret doorway and the only way to pass on through is to know his name, and to know his name is to know your TRUE self. 'get me onwards, anpu, onwards to ausar (Osiris)'."

"The moons creates the urges to procreate life itself.It creates occilations and undulation. It is the goddess of love and dancing and also THOTH's love. That is why she is always represented above his head or as the rounded IBIS bill.The egyptians like natural symbols."

""chapel perilious" itself, initiation."

"Emotional and intuitive. A very emotional person. Not hearing, self-deception. Lies and deception is revealed or concealed. A balancing of emotions to get where you want to go. If balance does not occur, deception will."

"Encountering the aspects of self that have presented what seemed real, but which turn out to be illusion based on what is desired, but not yet brought forth into concrete reality. For whatever reason. Possibly a more deeply rooted 7 of cups."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Atu XVII - The Star

The Star

The Divine Conduit, streaming from the Source, the Star represents being in the flow of consciousness, bringing that through oneself and spilling it forth through the clear channel to the world.  Being in the vortex as an expression of conscious manifestation, channeling from the Divine, recognizing that we are merely vessles for Spirit.

from the original website: 

 XVII - The Star.
"Ah, this card IS the future, it is our hopes, our dreams, aspirations and wishes. It shows that the seeds have been planted and encourages us to go ahead and believe that all is possible and allow the blessings of the divine to assist in the manifestation of all that we desire. It suggests as well that faith and optimism will overcome all adversity in surrounding cards. All that one dreams of and hopes for can be reality."

"Your Guardian Angel is watching over you now. Let your inherent talent flow from you. Independance, don't give up hope- there is much reason to have hope right now. Others recognize your natural talents, meeting someone famous, being around someone famous, becoming someone famous."
Lisa Lovejoy (

"stars can be seen at night, in the dark. they always seem so small, but you know they are big. very big. so big that people started to feel small. stars became a simble to the unknown, something far (from your body and understanding). they represent your hopes and dreams, mixed with your smallness against the universe. "in the dark it's less dangerous." inspiration. currage. action. hopes. prairs. wishes. destiny."
gimenie c. kor

"Shining brilliant peaceful beauty. Serenity and solitude. Alays brings a smile of contentment."

"Sister, why are you singing? The perverted moon will surely come and spoil your calm."
"No brother. The moon; she lies. I'm the greater: I'm really the sun seen from far away."
"And then?"
"Then. Yes then. The leaping laughter that my smile betrays will bless the world!"

"Your ship has finally come in.  Money won in such areas as lottery and certainly with the help of divine intervention."
signed by email only

"Our beautiful Star embraces every man and every woman, warmly accepting them into her fold, immersing her loves with pleasures, purple and gold. She provides whatever will bring pleasure and comfort in an often unhospitable world. Whether seeking the safe seclusion of her womb, the sexual rapture of her touch, or a caring embrace, she provides. Her pleasure resides in that of her loves, and she will greet warmly all those who seek solace in her treasures and who can withstand her undying affections."
Clay Fouts

"Found this to be a good card especially in troubled times to me it has always represented that light at the end of the tunnel. Also the expression of the grace and beauty within."
T. Roger

"Cycle of hopes and dreams. Generous & giving. Self esteem and confidence. Look within and trust what's there. Radiance...Express who we are. Clarity and spontaneity. Light. Talent recognized by others. Things moving quickly."

"Alligned with Aquarius she is a muse; offering inspiration and spiritual guidance."
C. Tucker

"The Star card has special meaning to me. Although the general meaning is positive, I always see this being hiding behind his or her abilities, afraid of the light. It always spurs me on to come out from whatever place of fear I am in. The message: Let your star shine!"
signed by email only

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Atu XVI - The Tower

The Tower

Inevitable destruction of that which no longer serves.  An external change in circumstance, generally unavoidable, but always to the good, if we allow ourselves to see it.  An experience to learn from, upheaval, relocation, cataclysm, shaking to the foundations.  Well, if they were built right in the first place, they wouldn't need to be rebuilt, so always a mandate to look within and take responsibility for the construction, those decisions that brought one to the place that doesn't work.  Generally only necessary when we are blind to what needs changing.  Dove brings peace of mind in the aftermath, should we open our eyes to see it.

from the original website:

 XVI - The Tower.
:Now, doesn't it seem obvious?
The burning crumbling tower destroyed by fire on a Tuesday (=Mars-Day) The people jumping.
see the dove in the upper-left corner? Bird of Peace. a white non-military Plane is the cause of all disaster.
And the outrage that follows is: WAR!

"The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty"
The Tower of Babel. It had to fall.
The new Aeon. Opening the Eye of Shiva.
All is being consumed by Flames.
Even Consumer Creed.
Burn to Ashes WTC !"

"the tower fml 1
under the moon it has dogs and wolfs to be differred
by the time it gained an empirical proof.
collect all papers and tv movies about the tower, mansion dieux empirally definied
new york, sept 11 2001
some kind of programmed de ja vu.
the thumps cards may be waiting for the next
the worst seems to has been passed (?)
part of some one peace convention and consciouness real examination?
it has been annouced, dont it?
who is the king which break down? what a great door!"

"You are on a hard path with many dangers that lie ahead, these can be self-inflicted (as most are). There is a light at the end of this tunnel though, keep your eye on the will defeat those demons eventually."

"Tearing down walls, Destruction of Falseness and Restoration of Truth, Breakthrough, Force, Emotional/Mental Breakdown, Disaster, Catastrophe, The principle of having to hit bottom or lose everything before you can break destructive patterns and move forward"

"The Tower gives us that flash in our lives, the white light that shines upon us all for the better, whether we like it or not. It is the truth that we are afraid to see, the one in which we run from willingly pulling the wool over our own eyes and the gods are forced to pull it off and show us the truth. It deconstructs that which we may have worked hard to construct, yet it wasn't right therefore, must be broken and rebuilt in the right manner."

"something ends and starts back again without ending at all (opposite meaning of death): you've got to build up again what is already builded up but destroied - very often a moving in a new home - a change in life, career, it could be to get separeted or moving away"

"The serpent fire has risen up the spine to the third eye, the eye of Shiva or the pineal gland. The destruction wrought by Shiva's eye breaks down the walls of the tower if illusion, and brings enlightenment."
Magistus Djehut

"By far my most prevalent card in the readings i do for myself as my life is ever changing as are my friends and acquaintances as well as my state of mind.
The lightning strikes the tower instantaneously, very much the way we feel when someone tells us something about a situation we've been pondering. our views change quickly as the tower crumble to the ground. we can never rebuild things to be the way they once were, what has happened has happened and we must deal with it accordingly. the tower was selected by nature to fall usually because of the people within, i call it fate. it calls for a change of surroundings and friends. the eye allows us to see more clearly after the tower crumbles the reality of our situation"
quentin green

"Like Mr. Bowie sang to us: "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes"! You might also desire to remember that it is lightening that strikes "The Tower" creating change, This to me sybolizes something of great importance that will be seen upon your Computer Screen very soon, So pay attention when online!"
Namaste, JimmiRae (A Happy and Grateful Person!)

"Significant Changes - generally internal rather than external. Changes relative to other suit cards nearby - e.g. paired with cups would suggest emotional changes. The need to reevaluate interal structures, either self-created/imposed or accepted. Also, environments or situations that are conducive or facilitative of significant internal change."

"You have built a strong house ( your life )and you think it's a good one. You might be right, but did you notice, wrong people are living in it? Shake the house; get rid of the wrong people, old ideas and habits. It hurts; nobody promised, life will be easy! This looks bad, like if you're destroying everything, but when you know what you're doing and you know you're doing the right thing, everything will be all right in the end. You can see clearly, what's going on in this process( the eye in the sky ) and a better tomorrow will come ( the dove )."
Alli Mäntymäki

"Swiftly the tower will fall whatever it might be.
You have built up a fortification, which is going to break.
Plans will fall, intentions will break down.
This is not neceassarily bad, new things can only be born when old things die."

"The fabric falls!
The lies burn in the sun.
It all comes crashing down; your desperate icon!
The burning of cities, the vicious roar of the enraged lion.
He broke out of the web, he broke out of the web.
Hurt. End. All.
e(g o-d)e a t h"

"The war-engine; Hadit rolling, cutting, burning his way to be in another number (another lover holenyohead)."

"The ability of mankind to use the epiphisys or pineal gland to generate more dimethyl tryptamine thats allow visions and other unkown powers that the MAYANS concepted using psychedelic musrooms. They predict the year 2012 we will all know how:) I know thi to be true!"
THomasOTH (

"The mystery of the rising of the Kundalini. A sudden dispersion of the creative energy or the opening of the third eye, which can have destructive potential."
Gerald del Campo

"Sudden changes without choice. "Finger of God". Changes could be good or bad depending on other cards. Restoration & Renovation. Destruction of old forms. Expression of new self. Awakened to a greater self"

"The greater the belief, the higher the tower. The lightning that blinds also illumines the falsity of that belief and so the tower crumbles to a time before its origins."
-signed with email only

Friday, February 18, 2011

Atu XV - The Devil

The Devil

Another of those largely misunderstood cards, the Devil can represent that which bedevils us, and also "devil" people in our lives, but more to the point, it represents how we create our own chains, and use the shadow side of our souls (ego) to justify our repressions.  The creative force is suppressed here, blocked by Saturn's rings, while the horned beast smirks at our self-created trap.  The beast is in fact a neutral force, judging nothing, but affirming Crowley's basic tenet "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law".

from the original website: 

 XV - The Devil.
"The Devil is not to be feared but rejoiced. The card is no doubt phallic and sexual but is mostly depicting the harmony between man, beast, earth and spirituality. The third eye tells us that we must see the infinite possibilities within our perceptions... thus the magic of creativity. The goat is also the Scapegoat, labeled and shamed by those who don't understand and refuse to explore their own spiritual side. Smiling and coy, the goat is fearless and confident in being himself. You cannot be fooled as you are more clever than opposition. Peace."

"This is laughter, humor, reality. It is human nature accepted, recognizing your own faults as well as those of others and bringing them to light. Natural instincts, desires, and needs are there for the good or the bad and they cannot remain hidden, if they do, they become our worst enemy. Making friends with our darker side."

"nuisances, hassles, bedevilments, interference, interruption, the need to maintain your sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously"

"The Devil card, raw power unleashed. The sexual graphic depicts the moment when creativity is unrestrained. Electricity sparks in the background, and webs of creation and change are at their most primitive state. The spheres contain developing creations. This card represents creation and conception. It has already begun."

"Earthly passions are turning you inside and out. The sign of Capricorn is about being reserved, patient; however, the nature of lust and sex is too overbearing sometimes. Not a bad card. However, could be if natural urges are extremely surpressed willingly. The Devil is not to be taken literally, as most people like to personify this entity. But, the Devil is inside us all and does need expression to a great degree. What we tend to forget in all this confusion is that there is a Higher Power at work here (notice the "Eye" between the goat's head), and that everything eventually returns to this source. So, relax and do not deny our earthly urges; but, at the same time, don't let them consume you either. If this card comes up, your logic(mind) is trying to align up with that higher source to manifest here in physical reality (Earth)...don't give up..."

"The horns on the goat, central to this card, are spiral and rising infinitely to the heavens. The card, to me, represents (among other things) unbridled creativity. Improvisation is the key as the type of creativity suggested here is not cognisant of the result. What will be will be. A free spirit is able to tap into the energy of this card and experience inspiration in the field of the arts and music, or indeed any area. It is not coincidence that at the centre of life's reproductive and replicative nature is the molecule DNA which is also based on a double helix or spiral. In this one molecule involving a code of 4 bases (spiritual significance of 4) life's infinite variety is found."
Tom Adams

"And what is the symbol of Capricorn? It is a picture of the WOMB, united with the sperm: Solve et Coagula."

"The devil card is clearly the representation of the phallus. This card represents the sexual aspect of a person. It can be contrived as the devil controlling our sexual urges by some but merely represents Pan, the demi-god who was mischevious but not evil, merely being natural."

"The Devil is the creation of man. He is the obsession that has taken over and is now the master. It is the CHOICE of his creators to remain captive or to break free."
Sheila Holloway

"A card with a number of meanings: that which we reject and therefore imprisones us. Integration is the key. Integration and analysis. To look without bias, without fear. To see with the eyes of God. There is no enemy anywhere."

"On the bottom of the card one finds people trapped within the cells, mechanized, organic robots. In classical Tarot tradition, Pan squats over two people in chains around their necks, which they could throw off at any moment. Thoth Tarot takes this to the next level and shows people trapped within their own bodily cells (selves) as domesticated primates (robots). This represents the programmed condition of 99% of the people one meets, but by the realization of this programming, such as a shock to the mind (as seen in the previous card, The Tower; Magical Tarot runs in reverse) one finds the way beyond it, Pan. A programmed nature or rigid mental mindset or routine that one should challenge and change(Art) in order to destroy it (Death), and this must happen repeatedly, magickally (The Hanged Man). A mirror that shows you that you must change in order to lead your own path."
The Fool

"Time of introspection and caution.
Questioning spirituality; reexamination of beliefs.
Can be initiation into new realms of discovery.
Can be renewel of faith.
Conflict with environment and people.
Can indicate stress or fear of something.
Trial that must be overcome."

"The first being to first cut a path through some black new jungle can be forgiven almost anything. Those who come after, to widen the path, do well to show more caution and respons- ibility. There is some kind of appropriative curiosity here, like when you get a new tv and your cat just has to explore the box it came in. The deepest meaning of this card is to be the first in a new dark place, and compelled by necessity to establish for oneself and those to come the idiom of that place. It speaks of a responsibility which has no recourse to peers, or to a culture, or to the divine, wholly unad- vised, and wholly alone, yet wholly commited."

"The devil is mans practical side. RA=light=knowledge=GOD Osiris is dark or the earth and is the devils turf. A living man is the devil until he gets enough enlightenment to leave his Natur behind. Pot nature is the egyptian way of saying the mind. It's symbol is the pentagram inside a circle. We all start here on earth devils. If you want to go to heaven then work hard by knowing all:)"

"Raw nature. No limits. To do what you want to do, without care for what anybody else thinks, weather they are wrong or right. To be free."

"A creative, progenerative, active principle. The goat and the laurel wreath are both fertility symbols; the two spheres and the column rising behind the goat create an embarassingly obvious phallic symbol; and has anyone noticed that the two spheres depict a pair of cells undergoing mitosis (or possibly the first stage of meiosis), with the chromosome strands lined up down the center?"
Michael S. Gentry

""What matters creative endless toil, when at a snatch oblivion ends the coil".
These are the words of the devil; misleading, discouraging and untrue. Beware of the devil's deception."
Steve Elliot

"The master of illusions: Loki. Voluntary Bondage. The trap of the lazy and insincere: ignorance is bliss. This card illustrates the pathetic human condition of choosing an illusion over that which is true when finding that truth requires effort."
Gerald del Campo

"As you can see the people are trapped in the sphears at the Devil,s hoofs. The sphere is greatly cracked though.
The Devil's interpritation is that of a binding that is unnessary. One you that can be gotten out of."

"Stress & humor. Temptations of the world. Face your problems with tenacity. Laugh! Don't take problems so seriously. Sexuality & sensuality = Attraction & resonance. Finding your spiritual self and looking from that viewpoint will conquer stress."

"The creating force in it's most chaotic form."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Atu XIV - Art


Here we see the pair from Atu VI (The Lovers) fused into one being, having transformed into the color and form of the other.  It is the alchemist's art, fusing two disparate items into something new.  In this case, it is the image of the Divne Masculine and Divine Feminine (fire and water) fused into a single complete being.  For this reason, this card is sometimes referred to as the Soul Mate/Twin Flame card.  The rainbow signifies the energy of the single, light, manifest in all its glorious individual componets, the light of the two, now one, transmitted to the world.  As we approach the New Golden Age, the energy of twin flames coming into reunion on a soul level will lift the vibration of the planet, creating the alchemist's gold out of Earth's current vibratory "lead", and the dross of negativity is left behind.

from the original website:

 XIV - Art.
"To temper, to combine, to exercise self-restraint Patience, bringing together two opposites carefully blending, this is an "Art" to be able to do this skillfully."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Samech, 60, 120, XIV, Prop, Arrow, Rainbow, Angel & Egg Girt with that alchemical serpent of Equation V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
Six points (in-a) reflected triad. Tiphareth-Samech intersected from; and-as seen from Earth/SALT.
Angels reflection caught in the double suns mirror of perception.
To the Sacred Girt Serpent's Egg. Caught You-H.`.A.`."

"the life projected and the prop and voice conjoined as shown in pairs and triads of 93.
That sulpher and quicken thought by way of virgin bride and vibration in friction and natural movements of the sun and the moon and reflected and back to Gemini-the other Voice ( a universal expression in colour and action expresses the anhilation of the opposites and the mystery of transmission in flesh the concecration of the Egg and Seed.) Portents of the Angel a like similie for the H.G.A.`.
Drink from the Holiest of Grails and practice between with all chalice of reflection. Be thyself transfixed and atwonder of the elixir of Life, and the medicine of Stone."

"This card clearly sets the mood for the conversation with the holy guardian angel.the middle pillar ascending upward like the white serpent. Crowley even had a Liber dedicated to this divine intervention! the angel is always being tempted either by the devil or by the fates of death, but it can overcome these by ascending to the top like a brillant blue flash!"

"The name for this card comes from the passage in Liber AL: "Unite by thine art so that all disappear." What is being united here are the two faces of the alchemist depicted --- the man and the woman. (Note that they're the same people as in The Lovers, now fused into one.)

This is the equation of Nuit: 2=0 ... or, better yet, the process enumerated 210, by which 2 become 1 and pass together into the v0id"
Frater K

"In the procession of the Torah this card represents the point at which transformation (XIII Death) is adapted and integrated into our lives on a very manifest, physical level (XV Devil). It is also our good little angel battling with the forces of evil and coping with the demands of change.

The zodiac symbol of this card is Sagittarius with its ruler Jupiter. Many components work hard together to create this angel. This is symbolized on her dress by the industrious bees (which both create honey and indirectly pollinate flowers) and infinite worms (which indirectly regenerate the soil by their burrowing). The colour green is commonly associated with new growth and expansion.

The majestic cloak of steam which she wears around her shoulders is created from the alchemical process of combining fire and water. The three primary colours used in art; Red, Blue and Yellow abound. The cup in the left hand of the angel symbolizes her love for her actions as opposed to the fire wand of will in her right hand. In every transmutation there is a little death, symbolized by the skull and the bird on the brewing pot. The arrow shooting up from her solar plexus with the steam shows how spiritual, noble and far reaching her spell-working is. Spells are the combination of factors and elements which create a desired effect. They are an art unto themselves. Art itself is in a sense a spell cast upon the subject to perceive the artistry before them in a way which bears some relation to reality and the physical world (Devil), -although its roots lie in illusion and the intangible (Death). This could been seen as the dual nature of art but really they are just different sides on the same coin of perception.The Art card is the law of creation. There is no personal involvement and no personification/archetype. We are provided with the golden rule: "Visita Interiora Terrae, Rectif-cando Invernies Occultum Lapidem". We are shown the magic ingredients: fire (creative)/ water (receptive). Combine these when the stars are aligned correctly (sun behind angel and double crescent moon), using the witches cauldron and hey presto!

This card is closely associated with the number 5 (14, 1+4=5) and hence the cards; V Hierophant, Defeat, Strife, Disappointment, and Worry. Art is the external expression of the internal state of V Heirophant or higher self. Both cards complement each other in a reading and can be used in advice as ways of combating the 5 cards of the minor arcana. The balance and integration of Temperance reflects the balance of the number 4 cards which is lost in the 5 cards of the minor arcana. Art can be indicative of the inner realization of the higher self and likewise, the Hierophant can indicate a need to express and utilize the higher self in a more tangible way. Art is an expression of our gift and talents, our ability to mold existence. When personified this becomes the Heirophant whose art it is to motivate and inspire others in a way which is expressive of the higher self.

In readings, I have found this to indicate that that something is brewing, whether for good or for bad depends on surrounding cards. Can also indicate that someone in a higher position is working hard to give you a lucky break! Great talent and creative involvement."

"Everything we can see is based on what we know therefore this cards means human perceptions. A stone can be penetrated with the power of the focused mind It is also a warning to see everything as it is not what you are told it is. Learn and know for your self don't follow others."

"Alchemy. The union of opposites refined by the fire of the Will.
This card contains the formula to The Stone of The Wise: The Philosopher's Stone, and that Elixir known to be "stronger than a lion, and sweeter than honey.""
Gerald del Campo

"Mixing fire with water creates gold= Manifestation.
Electric energy = idea + thought.
Integration and synergy.
Light & dark together to express our wholeness.
2 oppositions to make a better whole.
Clear focus will bring gold (good things) into your life. If the mind babbles, you cannot focus.

"Transmutation. In the words of Frank Herbert, "creating perfection from imperfection". Striving for Transcendence through works. This card is aligned with Sagitarius."
Jarl Anderson

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Atu XIII - Death


Seldom does the appearance of this card signal physical death, but rather a dramatic, inevitable life change.  While it ,may seem "out of control" this is more a return to one's original alignment.  The idea of "what is death to the caterpillar is birth to the butterfly" a transition to a more appropriate way of being, a freedom in being released from ways that no longer work.

from the original website: 

 XIII - Death.
"I believe that death does not mean dying in the physical form. I think that death means a part of your life that wasn't good for you will die. Maybe a relationship that worried me and wasn't good for me...maybe a part of me that has become what I don't like...either way, death is good. It means the dying of a less desirable part of my life, and allowing room for growth in that part."

"My personal interpretation is that the daeth card is positive. It relates to relationships and that the ones were stagnated or not meant to be or all over. It's time to "Clean the room" and allow space for something bigger and brighter to lighten up my life, rather than hanging onto the dark past that shadows the future. It's now time and something is coming, something better."
Liz Tyrrell

"Harvest of matured thoughts, acitons, behaviours, patterns. Clearing away the old to allow the new some space to develop. The earth may be fertile or exhausted, but in any case, it cannot hold any more. The natural time has come to reap and put an end to the old. Compared to 10 swords and the Tower, which can be arbitrary in nature, this card calls the querant to undertake the task of harvest."

"Death- It is best card in the deck. It fortells of transformation, from the end or leaving of the lower realm into the beginning or entrrance into the higher realms. It often tells that old forms of destruction which we inflice on ourselves are at an end a new infusion of spirituality is born. Those who really desire the Higher Planes must experience death and attachment to the things of the earth. Most people fear that the dearth card means someone is going to physically die. I have never had that in a reading but my instruction was that physical death in a reading would be the Nine, Ten, and Death card all touching. So we welcome the Death card as the card of transformation and a giant step along the path of life."
janice cottrill

"DNA! - Each strand of DNA is unzipped by death so that it can recombine in the egg and the sperm. Death creates anew. Pretty obvious really, and quite interesting as it was painted before the double helix was elucidated."

"This card is about the circle of life. Everything in life dies and is born. Death and Rebirth, cycles. This card does represent the end of something, but with that begins another. I suppose it depends on the situation for each person. It is all in how you look at the world and how you look at life. If you are negative this card can have negative conentations...if you are possative the same."

"Death,,the first card i dreamt about,,laying on the floor, i saw wild dogs coming to eat me,,i felt them biting and chewing my ears and cheeks,,then i raised my right hand knowing that death was coming to take me , he was flying towards me , dressed in pale grayish blue. he took my hand,surprisingly,his hand felt warm and fleshy,, took my hand and lead me, first we went pass a luminous ladder leading downwards, then on the left was a second ladder, totaly dark and he lead me in and sat at the entrance.Well the rest of the dream only counts for me and i wont explain.. But as far as i could understand,, death has a meaning for each person,,i thought i was going to feel an icy cold hand instead of a warm one,, i could also see that there is a physical death and a spiritual death,, and that one doesn't imply the other,death is change ..change in jewish is jave,, jave is a way to name god ,,it means the one who is always changing,,or the one whos always dying??"
carla smith

"Men fear death, as if unquestionalbly the greatest evil, and yet no man knows that it may not be the greatest good."
-William Mitford
Lisa Lovejoy

"For starters this card doesnt refer to physical death. Its external meaning refers to the end of something: whether it be a relationship, job,..etc. (it is dramatic,swift and abrupt end). Internally, it refers to the different levels of death experienced by the mind. The highest form coming in the shape of a complete shcizophrenic crackup, (the shamans experience) here the individual is opened up up to the experience of the larger forces of the mind.(very dangerous)
I dreamt last night that a skeleton walked into the room I was in and asked:
"Are you ready to die" so i am preparing for it. "Should be interesting."

"Death represents a balance to the universe. All things must be in balance or the unverse would be chaos. Death is the counterweight to life."
Sheila Holloway

"One way to think of this card is as the Reaper routine in Tom Ray's "Tierra" artificial-life simulation. Roughly, the Reaper clears out the old matter so that evolution can take place.

If you see the Trumps in order as representing the cycle of initiation, then it's of some importance that Death follows the Hanged Man. As Gautama Buddha discovered, sometimes it is the process of sacrifice that needs to be cleared out of one's mind! Death can represent the clearing-out of old Osirian/Piscean sacrificial concepts of Illumination in favor of something else --- but, remember, the "something else" is not defined in Death".
Frater K

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is just a dream."              

"Death is an entrance aka a portal to the next level once someone dies they release enough DMT so their brain can achieve communication with the superior entities in the next dimension aka once able to be their metaphysically with the natur(BODY)they are allowed entrance to the hall of tests. If you can pass,the being THOTH will grant passage to the after life:)
So death is actually new life for the one that KNOW and are ready for the tests. HINT faith is not required,only in your ability;)"

"Life and experience bring about pattern and consistency. We do this because it is useful and one of the few ways that we may extract meaning from the chaos. After an unspecified period of time, the pattern, the ties to the environment, may bring about more restriction than utility. Death makes it his duty to sheer off these ties when they reach the point of stagnation. He frees the Hanged Man from his suspension over the abyss, wherein he plummets. The event is usually catastrophic, given the radical change from suspension to free-fall, but it serves to loose him who is bound, thereby once again creating the possibility of change."
Clay Fouts

"Death represents natural change. Evolution from one state to another. A counterpart to the divisive and conflict-ridden change of The Tower, Death can be seen as the shedding of one of the layers of hubris and ego in the Magus.
Leo (

Samadhi. This card represents the obliveration of the ego. The Pheonix myth applies here, as something more glorious and beautiful rises out of the ashes of the old."
Gerald del Campo

"Unlike the Hanged Man, this is transformation without control. Rebirth. Doing away with the past...move to a new beginning. Changes cannot be controlled. Expanded consciousness. Let go and move on. No debating. Never means physical death."

"Something or some part of your existence is over. Change is eminent. This may be a good thing. Life is change. For life to continue, there must be change."
Connie MacAlpin

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Atu XII - The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

I used to really resist this card, seeing him as stuck.  It wasn't until my second Hanged Man year (when the dates of my birth and the current year add to 12) that I recognized the surrender aspect of this energy.  It is a willing surrender, and this time is much like the cocoon for the butterfly.  It is the pause before the XIII transformation.

from the original website:

 XII - The Hanged man.
"Although this card can indicate some kind of loss or a disturbing situation,you have to remember that this situation can be a huge posibility for you to get a revelation or a illumination and more wisdom! From Norse-mythology the chief-god -"ODIN" let himself be hanged updown on the tree of "Yggdrasil" to receieve is wisdom and illumination. Remember that in the shadows of your problems there is always light and many greate posibilities -and huge wisdom!"
Brother Neo

"Change of heart, having your world turned upside down, owning up to your mistakes, admitting wrong, accepting responsibility and consequences"

"Choice requiring contemplation. Choice of a cosmic or spiritual nature. Choice with long term effects. The need to ponder choices - neeed to illuminate the area of life where chaos/confusion lies."

"Contrary to many other Tarot decks, the Hanged Man in the Thoth Deck doesn't seem pleased. There's no cunning smile on his face. The formulae of self-sacrifice and martyrdom which were one of the highest in the Old Aeon, is no longer valid. Self-sacrifice has become an abomination.

On the card we see a tortured man hanging from an inverted Ankh, the Egyptian Symbol of life. It symbolises the God's power to "go" as he please, to enter whatever portal he may like. No doubt that the card shows initiation, if however of an ancient kind. The legs are crossed, symbolising the Cross of Light. The torso and the arms of the figure is in the shape of a triangle. This is the triangle of matter and darkness. The card shows the descend of Light into Darkness, which is the very essence of all kind of initiation. Suggested interpretations would be compulsory sacrifice leading to new insight or initiation through tribulations and ordeals."
Bjarne Salling Pedersen

"In the buddha dharma this srotapanna, the streamentrant, i.e. he or she who is now wholly immersed in the stream of developing spiritual awareness, which runs through all the three times. It indicates an about face for the whole being. A deep commitment to the means of progress."

"Whenever this card is drawn it means that there is a feeling of punishment or loss or sacrifice but what usually is happening is there is some area in your life that you can't let go of and until you do you will remain in a state of limbo.
Letting go of behavior patterns or thought patterns (this card is rule by air) can be helpful towards growth."                

"This is some kind of transformation which comes with control. A doorway to pass through. Anxious and frustration. Imprisoned by emotion. Self-imposed limitations. Move beyond who you are. DO IT! Surrender. Break old patterns."

"Willfully destroying yourself, or a part of yourself, so that a new and better thing may take it's place."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Atu XI - Lust


The authenticity of the true self, shown in all its glory, being an uninhibited expressor of life, no censorship of self, taming the ego, holding the reins in the receptive hand, holding the grail in the expressive hand, transmitting divine essence outward, loving life in all its aspects (especially love of Self), celebrating authenticity, embracing passion for all things (beings) Divine Feminine in her unbridled beauty.

from the original website:

 XI - Lust.
"Ecstasy, Lust, Passion, Desire, Longing, Drive, Physical Prowess, Athletics, Personal Magnetism and Radiance, Charisma, Dynamic Leadership"

"It's with the feeling in our hearts of lust that drives us to that which we desire to obtain. You have conquered many things in life of material wanting, whether it be love or money or egotisical ambition. However your cup is never full you want more! You draw more with your lust"
ian pennington

"Babalon is seen pulling at the tenuous membrane of the interface of I and O, drawing forth the ardour of I. This card lies in the centre of the abyss, at the tightest turn of the spiral forces where I and O meet. This is the clarion call of desire, where massive strength (the beast) are coupled with the receptive power of the queen of stars. Between them - the sweetest thing: The great work."

"In response to geoffrybrooks(see below) Id say your a genius except that you quoted almost verbatim from Robert Anton Wilsons book "Prometheus Rising". A great book by a great writer."

"A very old desire to acomplish some very deep feelings. Consequence of that, the persecution of a sort of anguish that try to find in itself a kind and reasonable justice."
EM Horsten

"This card to me requires The Strength to tame The Lust. So when I see it I think of Inner Strength, as well as, outer. Faith in your own abilities. When we see a huge, muscular boxer fighting with a petite karate expert, many times we will see the karate expert win the fight. True strength in mind and emotion.
This card also implies patience at times. Hang in there, you've got the Strength and desire to prevail!"
Lisa Lovejoy

"A lust and passion for life. To take all that is 'out there' and experience it to the fullest. Enveloping and intoxicating."

"In the Finnish translation of this card the name is INTOHIMO, which actually means PASSION. There is a difference between these two words. Even the picture tells more than the name of the card, for many years I was always thinking about 'passion', when I held this card in my hand. I don't know if my friends are upset about this false interpretation, maybe they would have preferred 'lust' in their lives !! ;-)"
Alli Mäntymäki

"This card to me has the meaning that one can or must aproach a thing with out guard or reproach, naked of all but self with open mind and heart and with the knowledge of our gods and with that and by that we can obtain that which we desire.
It's with the feeling in our hearts as lust is that drives us to that which we desire to obtain."
Vilas Finvarra

"The nude, laid back atop of the beast, represents the rapture inherent in the name of the trump. This is not a submissive image, for we must remember that the original name of the trump was 'Strength.'
The four main heads of the beast represent the four neurological circuits of Leary, which are in turn derived from the 'centres' of Freud and Jung:
1.) Oral Bio survival security.
2.) Anal emotional territorial conflict.
3.) Semantic ability and coding.
4.) Social and sexual imprints.
I believe it likely that the trump is indicative of the result of the transendence of the four above circuits, into neuro-somatic splendour.
The tail of the beast, coursing along the back of the nude, most likely represents the 'Kundalini' power normally associated with the spine."
Gary Brooks

'In response to Diane's interpretation of this trump card, I agree that it is a valued symbol that the woman is in control.... but we are dealing with wild beast here, and feel that another aspect of this would be that the control is only temporary, after all if it is only lust will the relationship hold out? I see this card in many readings where the inquierer is unsure of his/her outcome with a particular person... And how many romances last forever? The fire dies the beast goes free.'

"ATU XI is the bridge between Chesed and Geburah on the Tree of Life. This is the second of the three horisontal paths on the Tree of Life. Where ATU III, The Empress, may be regarded as the creative sexuality, placed above the Abyss between Chokmah and Binah, and ATU XVI, The Tower, placed below Paroketh between Netzach and Hod may be regarded as the failure in choosing between the Dove and the Serpent (see Liber AL I.57), ATU XI, Lust, represents a stage between the two of them. The ecstacy is no longer spiritual only, but karnal as well. The love of Chesed mingles with the strength of Geburah.

The card shows Babalon who, euphoricly drunk, rides naked on the Beast 666. The Beast has seven heads: that of an Angel, a Saint, a Poet, a voluptous Woman, a brave Man and a Satyr. The seventh head is the tail and is that of a Lion-Serpent. It represents man's desire fulfilled through courage (the lion) and wisdom (the serpent).

In Christianity the concept of Babalon is distorted in the image of Babylon of the Apocalypse of St. John. She's drunk on the blood of the saints, as told in that book (verse 17.6), meaning that each and every traveler from below and up above the Abyss, must sacrifice each single drop of blood in her cup. Blood being life, the meaning is clear: The individual life is left behind in order to participate in the universal ditto. She's a whore because she refuse no man willing to pay the prize of eternal life. Her Grail is a womb and in that womb each "Babe of the Abyss" is begotten. A new Master of the Temple is born and a new world order follows according to his coming.

Above the Grail is shown ten horns. They destroy the universal order. Ten shining circles are seen, but they are not yet arranged. It is the birth of the new world. It is the coming of a new time where the old times must be destroyed. This is the key of evolution. Likewise the Beast tramples on the Saints below his feet, supporting this symbolism. Old values are destroyed to make way for new ones.

The interpretation of the card is one of strength through joy, one of magical powers applied and one of fulfilling desires, karnal and spiritual. There's something rough in this card for it symbolises not only the fulfilment of desires in the "ever so pleasing way", but break limits and old values down - like suddenly discovering that what you thought were not in your taste, suddenly is the sweetest fruit of them all. There's something "theatrical" and excessive in it (no wonder it's attributed to Leo!), yet something absolutely positive. Every act becomes a sacrament. Everything is suddenly allowed. Guild vanish before the "cruel" image of the Beast who once seemed so horrible, but who's now the cutest little pussy cat you've ever met. In questions of love this card often symbolises the karnal fulfilment of the desire. In practical questions the card often symbolises a turn to the better. Be strong, then canst thou bear more joy ..."
Bjarne Salling Pedersen

"I've found a series of coincidental curiousities surrounding the symbolism of this card for me (this IS my card) Many years ago when first viewing the Crowley tarot, I was drawn to this card immediately upon sight. Learning more, this card is governed by Leo in astrology (I am a Leo), it is numbered 11, ( or "11:11," which appears mysteriously at any non-significant moment so often that I am bound to consider it a "meaningful coincidence," what meaning therein I have not a clue!) -- and more, etc. etc. Anyway......

The vision presented by the picture seems to me to portray a sensation of the state of "ALIVE!" It seems suitable that this card, also having been called, "Strength," would picture a woman in its visual conveyance -- however I am not surprised that this is so, in Crowley's tarot. This sensation, or it's meaning, is almost "uncontainable" for me to put into words.... (in other words....)

Just Look At Her! She Rides!

She is Riding! - not walking! not standing! not sitting! not watching! not worrying! not contemplating! not deliberating! not preparing! not anticipating!

She Rides! She holds the reins, she has control. Whatever the heck anybody says it is that she is holding in her other hand, she is holding it aloft with ease, with as much ease as she appears to have firm hold on those reins. She is strong. (...and enjoys it!)

Each she is holding in one hand alone, with each arm alone, with no indication of strain. Look at her arms!

The picture is drawn to show that she has a firm hold. (it doesn't take her two hands to have a good hold of either!) Look at her legs! Her entire body!

She is riding this wild, fantastic beast gracefully and relaxed, she throws her head back, in regalement of, "the Joy of Strength Exercised," as Crowley describes. (a breathtaking, heart pounding sensation!) She is laughing heartily in pure enjoyment herself! (but some might not see that)

I am far from being any expert on Crowley. However, consider the Victorian attitudes prevailing in his time, and long before... Then consider that here, we are shown "Strength" pictured by Woman. Also consider even the naming of this Card itself! The term, "Lust," in concept or condition carried such an unvirtuous and adverse connotation, "Lust" inferring the awfully sinful --- entirely in contrast to "generally acceptable behaviour"..... which was of paramount importance to "polite society" in Victorian times. This meaning has become typical to the term, persisting so in any era, religion, country or culture referred to as "tradional," perhaps, or "male dominated," or " Western," or "Christian," or similar. In these, woman are particularly inhibited or prohibited in the sense of what is portrayed by this card. (it can be difficult to go ahead and do what we really want to, or live the way we really want to, if we are concerned about what others may think or if others may disapprove...)

(She is such a Bad Girl!) (Tee hee!)

To get to a point, in a reading, this card might mean, "go for it!"

Remember, "the Joy of Strength exercised...."

One can't just sit there and have strength. Imagine just sitting and... "having strength." This creates a silly picture, in my mind.

"Strength" does not exist in the mere possession of the quality.

"Strength" is in the action. In and through the action is where we find "Strength."

STRENGTH IS ACTIVE. Strength inactive, is called "Rest."

Be ALIVE! Be Joyous! ENJOY YOUR LIFE without regret or apology! Don't let "second thoughts" beset you.


"Ride on!" right into whatever! Wherever! ....and Have the Strength."

"A Lion is caged in the heart of the virgin
Beastly Divine! Visions Sublime!
The Lust for Life can you find?!"
Jera (

"Card number 11. 11 is the number of true magick and the truly divine. It is 1 more than perfect (10). Think not in terms of the beast of revelations as the agent of the AntiChrist in the book of revelations. Consider the title, the book of REVELATIONS. It was a log of St. Johns revelations. The beast refered to is the bringer of the revelations. The beast of revelation, it brings revelation to you. It is the intuitive faculty one develops at higher levels upon the tree of life."

"Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the Great, who has ridden the beast of the apocalypse and carried the foul juices of her mating in a cup. Mother of Harlots and Abominations, creator of all that is truly fine and truly foul in the world. Unashamed, brazen in her power. The sacred whore who has been lost in our present world, but is starting to come back."
Babylon )

"Lust for life. Strength to overcome. Learning to indulge and enjoy. Fun. Trusting your strength to tame the beast (within)."
Alison (

"A lustre. The radiant glow of healthy living."

"The whore of Babalon astride the Beast of the apocolypse holding aloft a cup holding the blood of the saints whose withering faces can be seen in the background. Lust represents the breaking of all taboos, the rising above all rules to true enlightenment. The naked force of life unashamed. Freud called would know this card as the "Id" and mistakenly believe that it must be contained at all cost. Lust represents the boldness and gall that are required for life itself to exist. The older name for this card was "strength" and refers to the unfearing will needed to face the status-quo and force ones own brand of order upon it."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Atu X - Fortune


Always an expansive gift of fate, although perhaps not seeming so, depending on where on the wheel you ride.  From the centered place in the hub, the ride is smoother, gentler, but often we just get swept up and hang on.  The cycle through action, completion, contentment/stasis, to the regermination of action in the subconscious.  Great energy available, use it wisely (recall the Hermit's path). New opportunities, perhaps from "out of the blue" but really something prepared long before. Cycles in action.

from the original website:

 X - Fortune.
"You are secure and in power at one time, foolish, powerless and clumsy the next, then fighting or struggling later on. Things change as the wheel of life turns and since it always spins in one direction, dont dwell on past experiences and live for the future. Destiny will guide you, so you might as well let it, or you will make it harder for yourself."

"The wind is blowing, things are changing and landing in different places. Fate, destiny, luck. A gambler, or risk taker. Merry-go-round. Sit back and enjoy the ride. This card may teach us acceptance."
Lisa Lovejoy

"This card represents change - but change is happening all the time, so this card could almost be redundant - but it is telling you to look specifically at changes in you. Are you stagnating? If you get this card, see if you are repeating a pattern without thinking about it. This may be one of the main points in your life where you can break the pattern."

"What Lady Freida Harris didn't illustrate in this card were the wolf, the raven and the lamb. If the lamb becomes evident relating to this card, beware...the most trustworthy are the most treacherous."

Fortune is change, yes, but specifically it is the change between Stasis, Dynamism, and Entropy --- as depicted by the Sphinx (Stasis), the Monkey (Dynamism), and the Typhonian Serpent (Entropy).

A real-world example of this is Darwinian evolution, in which new forms are generated by mutations (Dynamism); these survive through a process of replication (Stasis); while nonviable mutations, as well as old forms which are not viable in new environments, are cleaned up by extinction (Entropy).

Those familiar with the Discordian mythos will recognize the monkey in Chaos & Discord, the Sphinx in Bureaucracy, and the Typhonian Serpent in the Aftermath and the return to Chaos."
Frater K

"Often, when decisions need be made, no one choice, although having radically different consequences, holds preference. The Magus, having agonized over potentialities, throws caution to the wind, casts his lots, and moves on. Alternatively, Fortune sometimes interrupts a gentle affair, bringing with her a profusion of simian influence and chaos. She and Adjustment have a steamy, love/hate relationship."
Clay Fouts

"Things are now turning in your favor. Opportunities show themselves, things become available. Abundance and good fortune. Bringing a wish to your life."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Atu IX - The Hermit

The Hermit

Going within to see our own light, centering in silence, withdrawing from the world.  Yet no matter how withdrawn we get, there is still that light of spirit emanating from us, illuminating creation possibilities.  This centering process is so important before jumping on Fortune's wheel, because riding from the center hub, a much easier ride.  Solitude, retreat, non-communication, could be a rigid sense of holding back based in stubbornness or fear.  Not certain of the balance of VIII, trying to find it in self-directed energies.

from the original website: 

 IX - The Hermit.
"Someone who shows up to help others go through a mazor change, especially when that person is reluctant."
Shirley Duarte

"occult knowledge moving forward"
angelo quinn

"It's about keeping ourself closed off from the rest of the world, protecting our personal space, kind of hibernating while examining who and what we are or have become. Not having the fear of finding out who and what we are and shining the light even on the places which might be difficult or painful to look closely upon. This card always seems to indicate what needs to happen or is going to happen as a result of some kind of emotionally challenging or draining type of experience. Negatively, this can indicate someone in the environment who is oppressive, challenging, emotionally immature and too closed to share or exchange equally in a relationship so they run off and "hermit" themselves away and sometimes never realize that they need to open up, not protect."

Time to reflect and assimilate all the previous experience amounting to past='history' realizing the present as the 'gift' attempting prediction, 'mystery' that the future is.
Living as he sees fit, happily in his own world convincing himself of many truths beyond the commonfolk's capacity. does he know how 'true' his world is, unless he dares to bounce his ideas off others?
Introspective, Holder of Silent Wisdom, Knower of that which is hidden from everyone else, therefore the fear of divulging that knowledge, the consequences of that knowledge falling on ignorant ears, 'pearls to swine'. Knower of the deepest taboos that drive mankind. The Truth and that is why he is the Hermit".

"Introspection, Solitude, Contemplation, Perspective, Wisdom, Patience, Self-Discovery, Isolation, Independence, Self-Sufficiency"

"This is the part of a life of every human.The way where we are getting stronger and better persons. Dark and very hard and painfull period.And then sudenlly the things are coming in their right plase.Some things that look strange in the past now are diferent(it looks to us that they are diferent)."
Jovich Konstantin

"When The Hermit is your "current year" card, it is a year of finally letting go and healing the past. It is a year of tremendous opportunity for growth because of the time spent in introspection. When the year is over and you come out of your cave, it is then said that you are The Guide. In a spread, it usually means you NEED to be alone to proceed."
Lisa Lovejoy

"The hand of God. The path that you should follow."
Lydia Alvarido

"This is the One who holds the Lamp of Trimegistus. So, It has the Knowledge. He carries his bat. This shows his powerfull Will. And finally, this is the one who wears this "suit", wich shows that he masters his passions and emotional matters. According with Eliphas Levi, this is the Initiation Card. Introspection and "auto-searching" are also nice interpretations. The perfect balance between thoughts and actions. The answers are inside of you, instead of outside."
Rodrigo Castro

"The Hermit is the 'Silence' of creation and is associated with the microcosm and macrocosm combined. Represented in the VI. Lovers card also, he is the master of the knowledge of combinations. With the supreme god-head at his side and the Sun in his hand, he has obtained the knowledge to preform the work that is wanted to be completed. As the card for the sign of Virgo, his card is also associated with the spark of humanistic reality...the first human to come from AIN SOPH or KETHER evolved by its surroundings. Holding one of the 'seven keys' of enlightenment, the Hermit is the combination of everyone's unconsciousness in the world."

"Alone but not lonely. The Hermit brings himself joy and immagination, he is the part of us that needs to show its self more and come out of its "shell".
The hermit carries much wisdom, yet either doesn't know what power he posesses, or knows all too much and can be all too greedy, which is why he keeps to himself."
Samantha Sage Lyn

"Sonne, Mond und Sterne
Gehe aus mein Licht, gehe aus mein Licht
Nur meine liebe Laterne nicht
Laterne, Laterne
Sonne, Mond und Sterne
Sun, moon and star
Go out my light, go out my light
Only my dear lantern not
Lantern, lantern
Sun, moon and star
(German children's song for Chinese lantern processions)"

"The ability and unique opportunity to withdraw into oneself for the purpose of self exploration and understanding or to participate in academic pursuits both in regard to spiritual and intellectual personal development.  A privileged and unique gift from the universe!"

"Be cautious of continuing the path you're on, without giving yourself time for introspection and contemplation."
Steve Elliot

"Sperm, secret seed, imagination. The Hermit lives without bounds. He is alone, therefore his imagination and his expression of it effect his world unimpinged by conflicting perceptions. Every experience is his and his alone. All currents, objects, flows, and matrices... every story, painting, and slide-rule... every act of love and every act of war are his designs, his creations, and the ground upon which he treads... All experience is subject unto him, perpetually impregnating the fertile earth with his seed."
Clay Fouts

"Why should not you
Who know it all
ring at his door
and speak
just truth enough to show
that his whole life
will scarcely find for him
a broken crust
of all those truths
which are your daily bread;
and when you have spoken
take the roads again?
W.B. Yeats"

"Alone but not lonely. He brings wisdom to others, could be a teacher. His wisdom is analytical. He is happy with the simple things in life. This card could represent solitude for 9 days, months, years. Contemplation and introspection of one's self. The Hermit is challenged by mental self cruelty and self judgement."

"The hermit can signify a journey into the country (rural) during which time the person will be missed. Also being absent from your usual place of living. On a more psychological note, this could represent denial of a situation. More positively, it represents a mature fool."

"Looking for the truth of the matter at hand when the truth is already with you."
Doug Plexico

"One who has an insight to all that is but does not know how to share it with others. Someone who knows the "answers" that you just happen upon. This persons could also be yourself."

Friday, February 11, 2011

Atu VIII - Adjustment


Respresenting the sign Libra, this card is a perfect picture of the goal we should all strive to attain, perfect balance between extremes.  But as with the balances (scales) on the image, often balance is achieved by going a little too much one way, then the other in order to come to equilibrium.  The call of the card is to balance our thoughts (the Ace of swords upon which she is poised) with no concern for either extreme (the blindfold).  In many ways this card is an energietic mirror of the two of swords (moon in Libra) requiring either/or to shift to both/and.  Additionally this card calls for Justice (as it is known in other decks) having to do with legal issues, fairness, in which the blindfold represents a lack of bias, or "blind justice".  A call to get your affairs in order.

from the original website: 

 VIII - Adjustment.

"it always appears in a spread as a reminder that balance is tenuous, and always in motion. It is not a static ideal that we can achieve, rather a constant state of flux. I always see the image of a sailor on a plank with a can beneath it. Trying to get one's sea legs. If you were to stop focusing on balance, then you would fall. Being attentive to the spinning plates. Deliberately applying energy to maintain momentum, and develop a rhythm".

Making continuos modifications and sacrifices to remain at a balance with relationships which are very important to you, weighing out pros and cons systematically to retain a balance. harmony and equilibrated flow through life."

"Attempting to maintain a balance amongst numerous obstacles,responsibilites or demands placed on you."
Judi Ashley

"The queen presiding upon the brink of the abyss! Her sense of balance and justice is absolute, and will always find you wanting. You are judged and struck down with immense force as you are not truly innocent. You must follow the prescribed course, and this means driving your chariot over the edge! Ahead is loneliness, striving and the deeper mysteries of the interface of I and O. In short, the 'mysteries of the 8th and 9th grades' of the OTO... so dont complain!"

"Are you being fair? If you have not been fair in the past, guess who's coming to dinner? Are you struggling with a decision? Do what's fair and right. Weigh out all of you options, use process of elimination to decide most rational, fair, honest decision."
Lisa Lovejoy

"Things are not as they once were. While a period of evolution is involved, it means a change for in the direction of the positive. Through compromise, a positive change in relationships or aquaintance. Moving forward yet putting the past to rest. Making the adjustment to a new love with and old love. New fire to an old idea."

"Justice,tolorance and matters of the law. divorce, or leagal seperation."
amber tamiazzo

"A movement made in your life leading to stability and balance for you...a change in how you view things or in how you will deal with things....possibly a change in consciousness."
Lisa Lowder

"For me it means you must make a change or changes in your life to maintain a healthy ballance."
ash jonson

"This is KARMA. Seeing harmony. Artistic. Going overboard to keep peace. Can mean divorce/separation. Her challenge in life is that she sometimes forgets to listen and she is always trying to do for everyone."

"In order to keep things balanced certain things must be sacrificed - this naturally calls for evaluation and decision making, now."

"For me, this card represents the struggle to maintain equilibrium, and to make changes in your life accordingly. The fact that she is balancing her feet on the sword highlights the fact that sometimes in order to maintain that balance, you might get cut."
Nick Foreit