Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to Tarot Inspiration

When I was learning tarot in 1998, I discovered a treasury of information and wisdom in the website Tarot Inspiration.  The site was designed as an open forum which encouraged everyone interested in the Thoth Tarot to submit their own interpretation of the cards, which would then be posted for the mutual inspiration of all.  It was the best of its kind and served as a rich resource to tarot afficianados for more than a decade. 
When the host site closed in 2009, I archived the images and commentary for my personal use. I hope that making the archived information accessible here will serve as a valuable tool for those who wish to use it.  This resource served as a primary catalyst of personal growth, not only for me as a reader, but for me as an evolving human as well.  
In these pages, I will post the entire deck, starting with the Major Arcana, then moving through Wands, Cups, Swords and Disks.   Alongside each card will be the archived expressions of those who posted on the original website, along with my own interpretation. Your comments will contribute to the dialogue, continuing the concept of mutual inspiration.  Additionally, the tabs at the top will serve much like those at the original site, an easy access point to resources and information, including links, layouts, recommended reading, perhaps FAQs and Q &A. Feel free to email me with suggestions: tarot (dot) inspiration (at) gmail (dot) com .
Because the relationship between each student and the deck is a unique dialogue, there are as many interpretations of a card as there are readers.  Each voice here represents an original and personal expression, and should be honored as such.  I encourage your comments, both your own interpretation and your comments on the interpretation of others, and ask only that you treat everyone here with kindness. The community of spiritual beings using tarot as a tool is wide and varied.  It is my hope that this blog will help inspire and connect us all.  Be welcome here.


  1. Man, I my glad to see this work continuing. Such an innocent and humble endeavor produced so much good insight into the Tarot. Thanks for keeping this alive.


  2. Thanks, Gerald, I agree with your comments on the original site, and hope that the participation of the tarot community brings life back to the concept here. I appreciate your input. :-)